10 Most Asked Interview Questions on Kali Linux

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  • May 13, 2023
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10 Most Asked Interview Questions on Kali Linux

A Linux distribution with Debian roots called Kali Linux is made for digital forensics and penetration testing. Offensive Security supports and finances it. In the blog, you will find Top 10 Most Asked Interview Questions on Kali Linux

Penetration-testing applications (tools) are available for Kali Linux, including the graphical cyber attack management tool Armitage, the port scanner Nmap, the packet analyzer Wireshark, the password cracker John the Ripper, the automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool sqlmap, the software suite Aircrack-ng for testing wireless LANs, the Burp suite, and the OWASP ZAP web application security scanners, among others.

Through the rewrite of BackTrack, their prior Linux classes in Pune distribution for information security testing that was based on Knoppix, it was created by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security.[Needs citation]

The Debian Testing branch is the foundation of Kali Linux. Most of the components Kali utilizes are imported.


Technical Interview questions based on Kali Linux

  • Kali Linux: What is it?

It is a Linux operating system based on Debian for penetration testers and includes a wide variety of open-source penetration testing tools. The same company that created BackTrack, Offensive Security, is responsible for bringing it to us. An improved version of BackTrack is Kali Linux.


  • What elements makeup Linux?

Four components make up the Linux architecture:

Hardware: RAM, HDDs, and CPUs all make up the LINUX operating system’s hardware layer.

A crucial component of the Linux operating system is the kernel. It is in charge of a variety of tasks within the LINUX OS. The two different kinds of kernels are monolithic and microkernel.

Shell: It serves as the kernel’s interface with the user.

Utilities: You can use the System utilities to do tasks.


  • How does penetration testing work?

Penetration testing is a security procedure where a cybersecurity professional looks for and potentially exploits holes in a computer system. In order to find any gaps in a system’s security that an attacker might exploit, penetration testing is done.


  • What are the objectives of a pen-testing exercise?

Penetration testing has the following objectives:

evaluating the effectiveness of the organisation’s well developed and put into practise security policies.

Employee proactivity and awareness of their current security environment are being tested.

Preventing a company from suffering a serious security breach.


  • What exactly is BASH?

Essentially a command language interpreter, BASH (Bourne Again Shell) is a shell. This alternative to Bourne Shell was created by Brian Fox for the GNU operating system. While it is comparable to Bourne Shell, it has several extra capabilities like command-line editing that make it simpler and more practical to use. On most Linux installations, this is the default user shell. Basically, it is an interpreted, uncompiled process that can also be run in the terminal window. Scripts written in shell language can also be read by it to read commands.

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  • How to Measure Linux Memory Usage?

Some of the most popular Linux commands for monitoring system memory usage are listed below.

free – Shows the system’s total amount of available and consumed memory.

top – Show the utilization of Linux and currently active processes.

An interactive system monitor, process manager, and process viewer is htop.


  • What command is used to verify the active memory?

To see how much memory is being used on Linux, use the Free command.


  • Which approaches are used in pen testing?

Penetration testing techniques come in three different categories:

A black-box test

Black-Box testing

Testing with Gray-Box


  • What exactly are spoofing and sniffing?

Sniffing is the act of listening in on another person’s conversation or intercepting network traffic to record data such a user name or password, while spoofing involves adopting a false identity. To establish a connection with the victim, the attack in this case transmits phoney packets over the network.


  • How do DDos attacks work?

It is a type of cyberattack in which the perpetrator aims to render a computer system or network resource inaccessible to the users for whom it was designed by temporarily or permanently interrupting its online host’s services.



Although Linux was initially created for personal computers, it is now accessible on a number of devices that do not need operating systems. The Linux operating system, which is the sole OS utilized in the top supercomputers, is a significant player in the smartphone market thanks to the Android OS, which is based on the Linux core operating system.

Cloud-based technologies are becoming more and more popular. Because of the rise in demand for cloud-based solutions among organisations and consumers, the Linux Operating System Market is anticipated to expand. The demand for data security operation and administration is rising day by day, thus causing an increase of operating systems (OS) throughout the sector. The Linux operating system is frequently employed in large businesses to process and store data.


Linux OS being so special and effective in organizations and business companies, it holds an upper rank in the status of technology to operate and establish the activities of organizations.

Learning the demanding concept like Linux OS is a benefit for the candidates to learn and develop their skills in this era of technology.

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