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    Key Highlights of 100% Job Guarantee Program

    • On Paper Job Guarantee
    • Hands-on training program on
    • Networking or Software development
    • India’s top Networking Labs
    • Certified Trainers
    • 24*7 Lab Access
    • Daily 2-3 Hours of Mandatory Practicals on a hands-on project
    • Resume writing sessions
    • Free Personality development & Spoken English Course
    • Dedicated Placement team

    Sevenmentor’s Job Guarantee Program or Courses are designed after a deep research with industry experts, Placement Officers, Technical Heads. These courses are designed and made as per industry standards and are planned with such a way that the job seekers or students must get a job after successful completion of the training course. These training courses are full of hands-on project practicals, personality development and resume writing sessions, mock tests, exams, interviews.
    Industry Demands Skills and these days students do not have required skill sets. The reason is very simple, due to a huge gap between Industry demands and college curriculum.
    This program is intended for people who are stricken by following issues, academic GAP, Career GAP, Low Percentages or Grade, the downside in aptitude and confidence in Interview, Tired of attending interviews but not getting the job, poor technical skills There are so many companies or institutes who Shows So-called “Guarantee” Students or candidates trust an institute among so many or make the right choice? Here Sevenmentor stands out with its distinctive written Placement of 100 percent job guarantee in Pune that provides a 1st-day offer Letter from MNC on change of integrity of the program. Employability isn’t simply a district of the coaching goals however the last word objective of our certification courses.
    SevenMentor key aim is to deliver 100% job guarantee courses in Pune for IT students to make a career in their choice of Technology. or we can assist you with career & technology selection We understand the value of money and thus we trained candidates according to the needs of the industry. SevenMentor coaching ways and customized courses promise employability and not simply certifications. SevenMentor prepares its candidates as per the latest and advanced corporate requirements. Once candidates are given a radical understanding of theory and sensible sessions, they are asked to perform on live projects under the supervision of our mentors the industrial experts.
    We take the utmost care to ensure that whatever candidates learn in the labs gets transformed into practical knowledge. They are trained to figure in real-time environments and on real-time comes so after they are a part of MNCs and MLCs, they realize it simple to adapt themselves within the hard-hitting environment while a variety of them claim to supply a 100% job guarantee courses in Pune, its simply help that’s provided. However, during this world of false promises, a career development company in Sevenmentor assures a 100% job guarantee courses in Pune to its trainees! That makes it completely different from the rest of the coaching and placement facilitators within the market. But then, how to test the genuinity of this one? Well, the factor that Sevenmentor provides a 100% job guarantee courses in Pune not verbally, but on a registered legal agreement in writing, makes it trustworthy and adds value to it. It happens to be the USP of Sevenmentor. A 100 Percent Job Guarantee Courses In Pune is provided for not one, not two, but for all the major domain-specific training and placement programs that are offered by Sevenmentor. Primarily concentrated on Computer courses in Pune and consider as the best computer course provider in Pune. with it we growly focused on TRAINING:- Networking, Software Development, Soft Skills, HR Training, Banking, Big data Hadoop, Digital Marketing, CAD-CAM, Cloud Computing, Job Guarantee Packages, Interior Designing, Languages RECRUITMENT- BPO Recruitment, IT Recruitment, Non-IT Recruitment, IT Services – Network Solutions, Enterprise Network Solution, Enterprise Security Solutions, Network Auditing, Network Consulting Services, CCTV Solutions. A question may arise within the minds of these reading this. How is to give a 100% job guarantee courses, and that too in writing? An answer to the present question lies within the indisputable fact that Sevenmentor has distinctive and result directed offerings for all its trainees. Be it coaching and placement programs connected, or in terms of other aspects.
    All of those summed along happen into one of its kind feature i.e. a 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune to all the trainees. The entire setup is meant in such a way to groom the candidates that Sevenmentor has no hesitation in providing a 100% Job Oriented Courses in Pune. By the top of any of its coaching programs, a candidate becomes absolutely ready to serve the industry or go or self-employment. One of the most reasons why such a factor is obtainable by Sevenmentor to the candidates. We will now take a glance at some of the unique offerings from Sevenmentor. One of a form of coaching and placement offerings from Sevenmentor: LOI (Letter of Intent) is provided to the candidates: Associate in Nursing LOI is provided by the recruiting company to the Sevenmentor trainees. It resembles having a Job Oriented Courses After Graduation in Pune offer at hand. The reason behind stating this is that an LOI is a sort of commitment made by one party to the other. That says about its significance. Especially in case of fresher candidates. Training – a complete package i.e. technical theory + sensible sessions: All domain-specific coaching programs of Sevenmentor are structured therefore on give equal weight to each the idea and sensible aspects. Just like theory, even practical data is important for survival within the period of time business. That’s the explanation for equal concentrate on each component.
    Hands-on coaching is provided as an area of sensible sessions. It is in the form of real-time projects. Domain trade professional and extremely knowledgeable trainers area unit there to coach and guide you throughout the educational program. They train you by conducting interactive sessions. On a median, eight hours of coaching is control day after day. Such is the depth and intensity, in case of majority training programs offered by Sevenmentor. The choice would rely on all the things they require to be told. This explicit format Associate in Nursing the structure of the coaching programs equips Sevenmentor to supply a providing sort of a 100% Job Oriented Courses After Graduation in Pune, to each of its candidates across domains.
    Placement corner at Sevenmentor : – A history of 100% Placement Jobs in Pune – Unlimited interview calls till and unless you’re placed – Placement opportunities at your preferred location – Recruiting company-specific pre-preparation sessions – Sevenmentor has an association with 500+ MNC and MLC companies across various domains – MLC and MNC dedicated placements to candidates – Grooming sessions by HR and mock interview sessions, etc… All of the above Placement Jobs in Pune specific offerings of Sevenmentor play a very important role in making its 100 % Software Development Job Guarantee Course in Pune feature a huge success! By now, we tend to are positive that almost all of you need to have an interest in connection Sevenmentor, and benefit from its 100% job guarantee in Pune policy, to give your career that perfect launch. For all such aspirants, here is that the list of varied domain-specific coaching programs from Sevenmentor, that go with a 100% job guarantee in Pune.

    Who Can Do this Course?


    BE/ Bsc Candidate

    Any Engineers

    Any Graduate

    Any Post-Graduate

    Working Professionals

    Career Opportunities

    After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

    Software Developer

    Networking Engineer

    Network Admin

    Web Developer

    Test Associate

    Tech Support Engineer

    Big Data Developer

    Data Admin

    Duration For the Course Would Be 6 Month

    Job Guarantee Course for Networking

    Job Guarantee Course for Software Development

    Job Guarantee Course for Big Data Hadoop

    Job Guarantee Course for HR

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