11 Reasons Why To Use Selenium for Automation Testing

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  • November 8, 2019
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11 Reasons Why To Use Selenium for Automation Testing

Selenium for Automation Testing


As we have already seen the “First Step Towards Selenium for Beginners” previous article.(follow below link for previous reference) “https://www.sevenmentor.com/blog/first-step-towards-selenium-for-beginners/” So continue this discussion we are moving towards some reasons why to use selenium as automation testing tool .

When we talk about automation testing, Selenium always finds its best way to the conversation. Being one of the best tools for automation testing, Selenium is well preferred by developers and testers across the globe. But the question that remains is that there are many automation testing tools available in the market that delivers almost the same results. So, why only Selenium?

Well, this is something that we are going to discuss in detail in the article. By the end of these article, you’ll be able to list out all the benefits of automation testing using Selenium and why is it preferred over other automation testing tools.

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Selenium is an automation testing tool which automates a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting test automation. Most Selenium QA Engineers focus on the few tools that most meet the needs of their project, however learning all the automation tools will give you many different opportunities for approaching different test automation problems. The entire whole suite of tools results in a rich set of testing functions specifically geared to the needs of testing of web applications of all types. These operations are so flexible and can easily allow many options for locating elements present on a web page and comparing expected test results against actual application/software behavior. One of Selenium’s key features is that one’s tests support for executing on multiple browser platforms.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an one of the best open-source automation testing tool which is used for automating tests carried out on different web-browsers.

It has a suite of tools which caters to different needs of organizations. It basically has four different tools:

  1. Selenium RC (which is now deprecated)
  2. Selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment)
  3. Selenium Grid
  4. Selenium WebDriver

Currently, Selenium WebDriver and Grid are merged into one and this is what we will be talking about in this Blog.

Why is Selenium Used?

Selenium is mainly used to automate the testing across various web browsers. Selenium supports various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (IE), and you can very easily automate browser testing across different browsers using Selenium WebDriver.

Everyone can see live automated tests being performed on your computer. But the question that we will be answering in this Blog still stands as there are many tools available for automation testing.

Advantages of Using Selenium for Automated Testing

  1. Language and Framework Support

When someone chooses a tool the first thing that comes to mind is: “Does my tool supports the language that I know?”

Well, this is not the case with Selenium , because it supports all different languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl programming languages for software test automation.

You can write test scripts in any programming languages and Selenium converts it into Selenium compatible codes in no time. So, there is no need for knowing Selenium only languages supportive but Also, every Selenium supported language has dedicated to different frameworks which help in writing test script for Selenium test automation. So, when you go for Selenium as a tool for performing automation testing, you do not have to worry about language and framework support (like operating system) as Selenium does that for you!

  1. Open Source Availability

One of the important things that adds to the advantages of Selenium is its open source availability. So, starting with an open source tool, Selenium is a publicly accessible automation framework and is free, with no upfront costs. So, you can save bucks here and use them for other good causes.

The Selenium is a group tools where it is continuously helping developers and software engineers in automating the web browser features and functionalities. Selenium is an open source also helps you to create the code for better code management and enhance the functionality of predefined functions and classes. Selenium has become the most reliable(easy to use) web automation tool because of the ease of generating test scripts to validate functionalities.

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 Multi-Browser Support

“One Selenium test script for all browsers” is the best equation for Selenium community have been working on and improvising every day. As per Stat Counter, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge browsers are the most used browsers worldwide and Selenium script is compatible with all the mentioned browsers. You do not need to rewrite scripts for every browser, just one test script for all browsers.


  1. Support Across Various Operating Systems

Different people use different operating systems and it is necessary that your automation tool supports all of them. Selenium is yet a highly portable tool that supports different Programming language and can also support across different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, etc.

You can create Selenium test suites over any platform like Windows and OS and can execute the same test suite on different platform, for example, Mac or Linux. This enables developers and software testers to easily write test automation scripts without laying much emphasis on the platform on which it will run.

  1. Ease Of Implementation

Selenium automation framework is very easy-to-use tool. Selenium provides a user-friendly interface that helps to create and execute scripts easily and productively. You can also watch while tests are running. You can examine detailed reports of Selenium tests script and take follow-up actions.

And finally, you will never feel alone. A huge Selenium community i.e https://www.seleniumhq.org” team is always available to help you in case of need. You can ask any queries and perform brainstorming in the selenium community team.

Below comparison image will easily show you why selenium is more powerful that other automation testing tool:

Open Source

  1. Reusability and Integrations

As discussed earlier, Selenium automation test suites are reusable code and can be tested across multiple browsers and operating systems. However, the twist is if that Selenium is not overcome all limitations to web automation testing tool. Hence, it required third-party frameworks and add-ons to broaden the scope of testing.

For example, you need to combine Selenium with TestNG OR JUnit for managing test cases and generating test reports. For achieving continuous testing, you wll need to integrate it with some CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Maven. Also, for performing image-based testing, you can integrate Selenium with other tools like Sikuli, and for performing cross-browser testing with grid such as LambdaTest.  also we can integrate Selenium with almost all management tools.

  1. Flexibility

Test management is what which is very important in testing lifecycle. It becomes easier and more methodical with Selenium features like regrouping and refactoring of test cases. This helps developers and testers in quick changes to the code, reducing duplication, minimizing complications and improving maintainability. These features make Selenium more flexible and usable as compared to other testing tools and hence it helps Selenium to keep an edge.

  1. Parallel Test Execution and Faster

The main aim of automated testing is to save time and efforts. With the help of Selenium Grid, we can execute multiple tests script in parallel, to reduce the test execution time. With the help of cloud-grids for cross-browser testing (run one test script on different browser) you can test across hundreds of browsers in parallel using Selenium hence saving time in multiples of hundreds.

  1. Less Hardware Usage

If you compare Selenium with other automation testing tools like QTP, UFT, SilkTest, you’ll find that Selenium requires less hardware as compared to other testing tools.

  1. Easy to Learn and Use

Selenium test scripts are not something like writing hundred-page difficult algorithm. Writing Selenium test scripts is not more than writing a few pieces of codes to automate functionalities of website that you have to automate. Also, documentation on the Selenium website is very helpful for developer as well as testers to start with Selenium automation testing. With the completely growing community, Selenium tutorials, testing, and development support is just a Google search away.

Also with Selenium IDE extension on Firefox browser, you can use record and play back functionality to generate Selenium scripts for future reference.

  1. Constant Updates

As Selenium is supported by a different OS , PL and Browsers  and we all know that an active community does not like to stay stagnant, the Selenium community is also constantly releasing updates and upgrades. The best part about having a community is that these upgrades are readily available and easy to understand hence you do not need any specific training. This makes Selenium is resourceful as compared to testing tools and cost-effective as well.

 Note :

We all know we are very selective when it comes to selecting anything from a lot of options. So ,When it comes to selecting automation tool we become even much more selective, hence you can take your chance here. When you perform automation testing, you will find a variety of tools to help you. But why choose Selenium? Well, I must say, decide for yourself?


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