A few ‘Hows’ for the First-Timers in Germany

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  • January 27, 2023
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A few ‘Hows’ for the First-Timers in Germany

Turns out, when returning from Deutschland: the land of Castles, snow, and Mechanics; gifts like Chocolates, Cosmetics, Jackets, and Whiskeys(the 2 Litre packs!) are mostly in demand in India. Of Course, the Clocks, Teas, Cheeses, Sauerkrauts, etc are not far behind! It’s always Entertainment when stories about Foreign countries are told, for example, German Mornings are described with Deutsche Postmen on their Yellow Bicycles, Leaves in Fall, and the smell of Freshly baked bread(innumerable bakeries, as it’s the staple Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) wafting on Streets dotted with colorful and vibrant Farmers Markets filled with fresh Fruits and Vegetables. 

So, How do we reach a ‘Better Quality of Living’? 

Thankfully, Work-Life Balance is one of the best things about Germany. In fact, taking a Sick leave is also nothing to be felt bad about, here. The Professions like Doctors, Engineers, ITsectors, Corporate Consultancies, and HRs are the highest paid! And fortunately, other professions are not undervalued. To Check the Salaries of your Professions; Sites like Gehalt.de, kununu.com, Glassdoor, etc. can help! NOTE – The Salaries given will be the Gross Salaries, and the Taxes in German are quite high! But the Net Salaries can be calculated on Brutto Netto Rechner. 

Of course, traveling to and fro and also, in general, is quite easy thanks to the well-known Public transport facilities in Germany. The German ICE trains are quite luxurious where one can reserve a Seat to travel or sit in unreserved places. Just buy a Coffee or a Beer(yes, it’s that common) at the Station, sit in the less-crowded train, and Enjoy the View! Fun fact: The Germans also travel a lot on Bicycles. Owing to this healthy and Environment-friendly Bicycle Culture, there are special Bicycle Lanes-nice, neat ones, in most of places. Walking on one of these Lanes is quite a Sin!


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How to find a job here? 

There is a Shortage of skilled Workers, not just in Germany, but also in many European Countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Austria, If you want to become a fluent German speaker. Join SevenMentor, a leading German Language Classes in Pune.

Finland etc. Fields like IT, Healthcare, Teaching Work, Natural Science, and Engineering face Extreme shortages. So here are some Valuable Tips to find a job: 

– Portals like LinkedIn and Xing are most useful, also, building your Network helps. Thankfully, the majority of the organizations respond to the Applications, even if it is a Rejection! some even provide you with a Reason (the reputation of Germans being direct and speaking to your face Nature is not for nothing!) 

– If you are applying during the Holiday Season, especially July, August or December, be prepared for some patience, as it will take more than the average time of 2-3 days to respond. The whole application process is quite slow. 

Some helpful Tips to get shortlisted: 

– Try and target Jobs in Germany rather than EU remote jobs to slim down the competition. 

– Try to be in the first 10 applicants, so keep a regular watch on the job posting every day! 

– Make sure, that the resume is ATS friendly and has the relevant keywords (Application tracking system – ATS – is a Software used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process) 

Also, one of the best ways to thrive in Germany is to learn German. In fact, it is possible to get PR – Permanent Residency in 21 Months if B1 level is done! Also, 

– There is less competition in German-taught programs as compared to the English ones. The Tuition Fees in Germany are well-known. So it won’t be a surprise when I say that some of the German-taught public Universities are quite cheaper, while the other German-taught courses are free!! 

– Having German Skills can make you Stand-out among other Applications. 

Plus learning a language, especially German is never a waste, as German is also used in Belgium, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg. 


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How is life in Germany? 

As far as the jobs in Germany are concerned, professions such as mechanics, repairmen, barbers, and cleaners are also highly valued. The

lack of these professions also makes them highly paid. It can be said that though Germany offers a much better quality of Life, it is not super-luxurious. It is quite common in Germany to build your own IKEA furniture, fix taps, furniture and lights, cut your own hair and drop kids at all kinds of classes and schools, as the alternative would be shelling quite a colossal amount of cash. This self-reliant culture has also given rise to daycares in schools so that parents can pick up the kids in the Evenings. A person visiting Germany, even after being fluent in German can face such cultural challenges. Another difficulty can be Food preferences. Germany is famous among other things for its Breads, Beers, Wines, Hams, porks, Sausages, etc, but not for hot meals. It is a common custom to eat bread or cold raw meat sandwiches for all meals. The German concept of Vegetarian Food is also a bit different than that of Indians, an Omelette is served under “Vegetarian Food” with the reasoning that it contains a few vegetables. However, Soups, Bread, Fruits, Salads, Dürüm(Turkish wraps), Indian restaurants and stores, etc help with the Cultural Shock. SevenMentor offers the best German Language Training in Pune in online and in-classroom sessions as well.

Another Negative impact of ‘First time in Germany’ can be Winters. Winters in Germany are quite severe and Cold. The less population also makes the Empty snow-filled roads difficult. The lack of Sunlight and Vitamin D can also affect health and Mood during the months of December and January. Loneliness or ‘Winter blues’ are common complaints during such times and depression is a scary one. However, it can be easily combated with Exercising, Vitamin D foods, socializing etc. Also, Christmas helps. The Christmas Markets in Germany are a must-visit! Every kind of Christmas goodie are seen with Glühwein!(Warm, mulled wine – one of the favorite Winter drinks) stealing the show. The German Christmas Eve is known as Heiligabend when the Tannenbaum(Christmas tree) is placed with Decorations.


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The Weihnachten(Christmas) itself consists of Bescherung(Gift exchange). Funnily, the traditional Gifts consisted of Tangerines, Walnuts, and Chocolates; while the Weihnachtsessen(Meal on Christmas) consists of Goose with Red Cabbage, Kartoffelsalat, Carp fish, and the ever-present Sausages. Carols like ‘Stille Night’ will be heard all over among the Lights, festivities, and Markets. While Plätschen – the Christmas cookies will be sold and made in every corner.



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