A few tips for Students Going to Germany

  • By Jahanvi Abhyankar
  • February 20, 2023
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A few tips for Students going to Germany

A few tips for Students Going to Germany 

It is a known fact that German is not the easiest language to learn, and many people live in Germany without ever trying to speak in German. *There’s even a saying that one lifetime is too short to learn German(Das Leben ist zu kurz, um Deutsch zu lernen) 

But the truth is: 

it doesn’t matter if you like German or not if you are in Germany. German is required, if you: 

– want to integrate well 

– want your daily life to be smooth 

– need a PR/citizenship 

– want to get your official work done without any confusion or delays Many people wish to get jobs in Germany. It is also a known fact that the job process is easier if you have studied in Germany. The German Education, especially the public Universities (courses taught in German) are quite cheap. It is considered best to pursue a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Germany, before applying for a Job. 


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But, are you eligible to do bachelor’s in Germany? 

In Order to study in German University, the students in German Uni complete 13 Years of School education; and sit for a school-end Exam called ‘Abitur’. But, Indians who have completed 12th Standard will have to do one year preparatory Course called ‘Studienkolleg’ to compensate for that one year, and write ‘Festellungsprüfung'(FSP) at the end of the Course before you start Bachelors in Germany. 

This Year of Preparatory Course can only be skipped, if: 

– One has cleared JEE Mains and Advance 

– One has completed one Year Bachelors already in India Unlike Masters Course, most of the Bachelor courses are in German, thus, learning German is a prerequisite to do a preparatory course.There are private as well as state-run ‘Studienkolleg’.While State-run preparatory courses are free, that’s NOT the case of private ‘Studienkolleg’ Looking to learn German in Pune. Look no further! SevenMentor German language classes in Pune are designed to help you develop a strong foundation in the language, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to advance your existing skills.

There are 4 types of courses offered according to your Interest: T-Course – German, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Information M-Course – German, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology W-Course – German, Maths, Business, Sociology and Economics G-Course – German Literature, Statistics, Sociology and German History 

However, living in Germany has its own challenges, especially for newly arrived students, The relatives, friends and well-wishers, after looking at social

media Pictures say, “Tere toh maze hai yaar”(you have such a happening life), the truth is, none of them know the real struggle students go through! – The nights when the people around go to late-night parties, some students will be working to attend a few extra bucks. 

– While people around will be spending lavishly, the students will be counting every cent before spending, sacrificing basic 

comforts,searching for better part-time jobs(some of which will naturally require German speaking skills) and waiting desperately to get a Permanent Job 

– The chilly first time Winters will be especially hard to bear and Study in, the students with Part-time jobs will also be forced to work in order to pay their House rent and Semester fees(more expensive if studying in English, easier to get by if studying in German). 

So, kudos to all the international Students who take this big step, move out of their houses and comfort zones to build their futures. Also hats off! to those who are working Part-time, managing their University studies, doing all the house-hold courses and doing all of this, alone, without help! Especially the students who start their winter semesters, it will seem very easy to doubt your decisions and there will be times when you are at your lowest, but remember, It will be worth it in the end! 

Is there a specific list of items that is required to complete a Masters/MBA for Germany, or even USA? 

Yes, there is 


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1.) Language proficiency 

Both countries require a proof of English proficiency, US universities prefer TOEFL, while the German universities require IELTS or MOI. 



Most of the universities in the US have a preference for either GMAT or GRE, depending on the field of study. In Germany, it is usually optional. 


3.) Statement of purpose/Motivation letters 

This is the most important essay written for any University, be it US or Germany. It highlights the reasons a student has to pursue the course. 


4.) Letters of Recommendation 

Both Universities of US and Germany require at least 2-3 LORs.


5.) Resume

1-2 page long resume is a must in all the Universities. 


6.) Bachelor’s Transcript 

It is a must in all the Universities. When a candidate secures an admission, the transcripts(2) must be submitted in a sealed envelope, sealed by the undergrad school. These copies are not to be opened by the candidate(Even if a scanned copy is required, only 1 of the envelopes should be opened!). 


7.) Proficiency in German 

Proficiency in German is a MUST for all the German universities. The level of proficiency may differ from one university to the other. 


8.) Bachelor’s Degree/provisional certificate 

All the Universities require a proof of completion of Bachelor’s. 


9.) Certified copy of High School Marksheet 

Most German universities require this Document. 


10.) Internship experience letters (if any) 

Can be submitted as additional documents. 


(Always check the University Websites in Advance for extra requirements. The Germany related information is applicable to Public University in Germany) 

And now, super good news! for the students planning to go in Germany Last year, in September, the Government promised a one time payment of 200€ to Students in Germany as a part of a relief package to help against the rising costs. 

There was no further information about this topic for Months! which led to frustration among the Students.

Looking for comprehensive and effective German language training in Pune? Look no further than SevenMentor’s German language training in Pune program!

Our training program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, whether you are looking to learn German for personal or professional reasons. Our experienced trainers use proven teaching methods to ensure that you master the language, from basic vocabulary and grammar to advanced conversation and comprehension.

After Months of delay, the platform to register online is finally here. Students can apply for this 200€ payout from March 15th onwards on Einmalzahlung200.de. Of course, many terms and conditions apply. The Students are also required to have a BundID account for the same which can be only done by Online Ausweis or Elster Certificate. One can also visit this website to have more information on this. 



For Free, Demo classes Call: 02071171747
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Who is eligible for this ‘Energiepauschale’?

The Students who are enrolled in. German University or in a Training institute from December 1, 2022, are entitled to this 200€ payout.(For more information, check the site Einmalzahlung200.de.)



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