About C++ Programming

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About C++ Programming

About C++ Programming

C++ programming is the extension of C language. C is a procedural oriented, popular, general-purpose computer programming language and C++ is an Object-Oriented Programming.

Bjarne Stroustrup designed C++ at Bell Laboratories, the USA in 1979. He first worked on the language simulation (Simula) which consists of object-oriented programming concepts and he later involved Simula in C programming without disturbing the originality concepts of C Programming. He added C++ had additional features of C programming hence it was named C++ Programming in 1983.

CPP Object-oriented programming language consists of

Classes and Objects:

With the class concept, we can divide big projects into modules.


Abstraction feature can help to hide the properties (variables, functions, and constructors, etc.) of one class from another class.


This feature will help us to gain bind the properties of a class into one unit. With that, the class properties cannot merge with another class.


Inheritance feature is a major feature that can help any developer to reuse the properties of one class to another class. 


This feature will help us to gain the feature like the implementation of the functionality of a within the class or to another class.

These are the major concepts in oops that belongs to the C++ programming language.

This article is related to “C++ Programming” here I am taking a small application on Bank Management System using C++ Programming.

C and C++ Training in Pune know about CPP language, if someone or somebody wants to start his/her career in object-oriented programming then the base/root oops programming language, is CPP programming language and learn it from C and C++ Course in Pune. Like Java, #.Net, PHP, Python, and Scala, etc. all modern programming languages depends on CPP

According to Google trends report for every one hour, prior an average of 70 people are searching for CPP programming language”.

About Project Software Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10

IDE/Editor: DEV C++

Project Implementation:

Project Modules:

Module1: Accounts.h


Accounts.h 1

This module has an account class with data members like account number, account holder name, deposit, withdraw, total amount and account type, etc. The customer information is stored in a binary file.

Also, this class consist of functionalities like deposit and withdraw the amount in account class. Customers can create, modify and delete account details.

The Functionalities from Module1 are:

void create_newAccount():

The function consists of business logic related to creating a new account while creating a new account we have to provide an account number, user name, account type (it may saving account/current account) and last we need to add some initial amount to the account.

void create

void show_accountDetails() const:

show_accountDetails() display specific account holder information, when we enter the account number of the person then we can get details like an account number with account holder name, the type of account which while we specifying at the time of account creation and finally with some basic funds. 

This method help us to get all the details of customer details with the current amount also.

void show

void account::modify_accountDetails ():

this function will help to modify the account information based on account number are customer name, account type and amount.


void account::deposit_Amount(int money):

deposit_Amount() can change/modify or add some amount to the account number.


void account::withdraw_Amount(int money):

This function will help to withdraw/take some amount from the specific account based on existing funds, but current should more than withdrawing amount.


void account::getReport() const:

getReport() function will help to get the complete account holders list with account number, customer name, type of account and total amount.


int account::getAccountNo() const:

getAccountNo() const: function will help us to gain/retrieve account holder unique number.


int account::getDeposit() const:

The customer who has an account those customers can add/deposit some amount to the account number.

int account::getDeposit() const:

The customer who has an account those customers can add/deposit some amount to the account number.


char account::getAccountType() const:

This function will help us to check whether the given account number what type of account it is, either saving or current.


Module2: Operations.h

The Functionalities from Module 2 are:

This module means Operations.h file consists of all the functionalities those we perform at the bank, those can help us to do some basic level bank operations like create an account, deposit, withdraw, maintain account information of customer in bank application, total transactions, the total balance in the account, update any information.


void write_accountDetails(): Help of this method we can create a new account.


void display_spDetails(int n):

display_spDetails(int n):

This method helps us to gain complete account details. The total account holder information we can view by calling this function. If the account does not exist it displays account credentials do not exist.


void modify_accountDetails(int n): with the help of this method we can create modify account details.

modify_accountDetails(int n)

void delete_accountDetails(int n):

Based on account number we can close an account of a customer the system. All the data of an employee can remove permanently from the binary files.

void display_allDetails(): With the help of this function C and C++ Classes in Pune get all information customers who have an account, by calling this function we can get details of the customer like account number, account holder name, account type, the amount which is available in the account.


void deposit_withdrawDetails(int n, int option):

The function deposit_withdrawDetails() help to deposit some amount into the existing account holder list.

deposit_withdrawDetails(int n, int option)

deposit_withdrawDetails(int n, int option)2

void introduction(): this function is an entry place, we can select the option what type of operation we want to perform on this application.

Module 3: Banking.cpp

The Functionalities from Module3 are:

Module 3

Module 3.2

Module 3.3

Steps to Run Application:

Module 3: it is the main module of an application starting place, it consist operational part which can the customer do like,


This option can help us to create a new account.


With this option, we can deposit/credit amount.


With this option, we can withdraw/debit the amount


This option will help us to get the current available balance/amount.


We can get all account holder account details with this option.


With this option, we can close an account of the customer. 


Option 7 will help to modify the details of the account of customers based on the account number.

  • EXIT: We can logout/stop using the services an application.

Steps to Run An Application:

Steps to Run An Application

If we select 1 Option we can create new account.


If we are selecting 2 Option we can deposit/credit some account.

If we select option 3, we can withdraw/debit some accounts from the account.

If we select option 4, we can check balance in account.


If we are selecting option 5, we can get all account holder list with complete details.

If selecting option 6, we can close/shut down the account permanently.

In the above report, we don’t have account details on 607091

If we select option 8, we can exit from the application.

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