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Now a days in IT industry Full stack developer is a dream for many aspiring developers/programmers/software engineers. Having an enviable list of technical skills, highly paid jobs/opportunities, they are experts in web development/application development/software development/mobile app development.

Exactly this period of time, the full stack developers are in trending, and if any graduate/post graduate are one of those who are with proper interest, looking for make a career as a Java/.Net/Python/Web full stack developer then this is the right time.

Types of Full stack developers:

  1. Full Stack web developers:

The people who work and develop an applications with full stack technologies and tools are called Full Stack web developers.

  1. Full Stack Dot Net developers:

    The people who work and develop an applications with full stack technologies and related tools are called Full Stack Dot Net developers.

3. Java Full stack developer: An extensive knowledge and expertise in technologies,  tools and reputed frameworks those who works with java programming.

Almost every java software application has these three layers are considered as a java stack, they are, 

  • the presentation/graphical user interface layer-the front-end development
  • the logic or service or business layer-the back-end development,
  • and to store the application data that is the database layer-working with databases.

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Figure: 2021

The java full stack developers who knows and they can work with any of above layers but generally tends to specialize in one or more layers. 

The java full stack developers suite of technologies and tools they have to expert working with Core java, Java Servlet, JSP, JDBC, REST API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular and Ajax and many more real time tools like git, maven, docker, Jenkins and Junit that makes the building of java web apps very easy. 


The way to become Java full stack developer,

These are technologies and tools need to learn any one want become java full stack developer.

From above Figure: 2021

if any person want to expert in Java Presentation or GUI or UI layer, they have to learn and expertise in these layer tools, like HTML, CSS and related frameworks, Java Script and related plugins, frameworks, ajax and indexing tools. 

Same as above, if any person want to expert in Java Business or Service or Login development layer, they have to learn and expertise in these layer tools, like Core Java, Servlet, JSP and related frameworks like Struts, Spring Framework(Core, Context, AOP, Web, JMS, Web MVC, etc), Spring Boot, Spring Security,  Spring Batch, Spring Cloud, etc and other real time tools.

And also, if any person want to expert in Java Business or Service or Login development layer and Middleware Layer they have to learn and expertise in these layer tools, like JDBC and related frameworks like Spring Framework(JDBC, ORM), Hibernate and JPA and Spring Cloud..etc.

Database: Database is separate part of project, also any want to expertise in this area, they have learn DBMS, RDBMS concepts with proper knowledge on SQL(Structure Query Language), if possible also learn PL SQL.

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Salary of a Java full stack developer:

The package at an entry level is 5.4 lakhs per anum on an average. Java full stack developer salary is depending on the requirements of the organization, the job location, set of skills, well known experience and qualified education.

Stack of Technologies Java full stack developer should Learn:

Presentation or GUI or UI tool and technologies:

HTML: this technology much use full while developing user interface of an application. Almost all web site template skeleton are developed with this technology. Now a days HTML 5 version trending.

CSS: Cascading style sheets, we can use to design the page like styling, setting font, setting size of content, coloring, alignments, in simple manner we can we are decorating HTML pages with all tools and attributes of CSS Technology. 

Bootstrap: It has very good framework of CSS Technology. Majority web applications are using this framework. Currently it trending one of CSS framework.

Java Script: Generally we unable to do event handling and logic building on web pages, that is reason we Java Script technology, to do some event handling like calculation, data manipulation..etc. More over this technology has highly demanded frameworks, Angular, React, Vue and Many more.

Angular and React: Now a days one of the most popular client-side frameworks of java script technology, these two frameworks gained high with high packages right now in IT market, it is a very worth-able skill. Angular and React are still very much in demanded, even not only for developing web apps also in mobile app development.

Service or Business or Logic Development Layer tool and technologies:

Core Java: Core java is programming language, heart of java application with JRE(Java Runtime Environment) and JVM(Java virtual machine). Java contains all the building blocks of java application like, literals, data types, variables, operators, expressions, conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays, strings, oops concepts(class, class properties, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism),  inner classes, exception handling, wrapper classes, IO Streams, threading and collection framework, etc. Also Java has editions J2SE(Java Standard Edition), J2EE(Java Enterprise Edition), J2ME(Java Micro Edition) and Java Fx.

J2EE(Java Enterprise Edition): With this edition we can able to develop commercial, banking, insurance, retail, etc web and enterprise application we can build. Which includes Servlets, JSP, Filters, Web-Services like RestFul API and SOAP technology for communication in web services development. Standard API for get method, put method, post method and delete method. These all technologies will help to development dynamic web applications.

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Java Frameworks: 

Spring: The most valuable framework for enterprise java application, with the help of this framework able to create high functional, reusing code in java. It is light weight, can be used to build any java applications.

Spring boot: This Framework is extension to framework for rapid java application development. With the help of this framework we can able build and create a micro services in java. Spring Boot contains inbuilt server and with very little spring configurations.

Spring Security: Spring security module provides authentication and authorization, more features those can help security oriented services to an enterprise java application. Also It is a web application framework, important tool we can able to write security code for a java applications.

Middle ware tool and technologies:

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity): The most important API, java application able to integrate with database server, we use to do manipulation on java application data. This API contains number of interfaces and classes to support integration with database, also for manipulate the data.

Hibernate and JPA(Java Persistence API):  These are the frameworks to middle ware tool called JDBC. These frameworks can help to do java application very way with less amount code development, without manual database connection creation code development. Also we other middleware layer frameworks for java technology those are Spring JDBC and Top link.

Apart from tools and Technologies,

While doing java application development we need IDE(Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ, etc.), Testing Tools(JUnit and Selenium), Web and Application servers(Apache tomcat, JBoss, Web logic, Glashfish, etc), Project Structural tools(Maven), Repositories(Git, SVN), Deployment tools(Docker, Jenkins and Kubernates) and other tools.



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