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Android classes in Pune

Introduction to Android Course

Android application development is now very recently been a trending course at SevenMentor. Presently, owing to the boom in mobile sales and the fact that Government of India backing up and encouraging Start-ups, large chunks of openings have started to spawn up around the android technology. Android training classes in pune at Sevenmentor institute is a highly intense and very engaging course where students are taught how to use Android Studio. The course has been aimed to provide highly developed and creatively developed using western holistic training approach. android training at the institute consists of having to work on multiple projects thereby enhancing their basic understandability of android and also ains at creating visionary programming. Also bundled together in the package is android internship in companies through our course Android training institute in Pune. this high standard of training that is provided with hands on opportunistic training facilitates the growth and understandability within the student making them well rounded professionals.

The only durable language for Android development is Java. Large chunks of Android are written in Java and its APIs which are designed to be called primarily from Java. traditionally thought that it was possible to develop android with the help of C and C++ apps using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). Therefore a new application can be easily develop Android apps on Windows, Linux or OS X and the Java compiler converts the base code structuring source code into sizable bytecode. Thereafter is execution which is built on the VM built-in to Android. There are different models being used on by the iOS which uses a native compiler to convert these codes from Objective-C into ARM machine code.(SDK). The Android SDK provides all the necessary API libraries and tools which are needed to build an Android app. Google generously offers the Android Developer Tools (ADT) bundle which includes the required SDK, a version similar to or the one very similar to that of Eclipse IDE with the ADT plugins, and the Android Platform-tools with the functionality of the Android emulator.

Developing a Android based functioning application from scratch is more than just Java, you need to understand right from the basics how the Android UI is constructed (using XML), and how to access the different Android subsystems. How one gets a big career boost by undergoing Android Application Development Training. How can one grow in a well rounded manner after completing a course in android application development? What positions which may be offered to us in a company after completing this course? What can be the average salary one can draw? These questions are some of the few that we have encountered at over the years the answers to these are very simple but a owing to the difficult path in hand we aim to make it much simpler.

The Android OS which is one of the most popular and recently highly advanced widely used operating systems available on almost all smartphones used today. A total of 550,000 new Android devices are activated each day worldwide says recent studies and stats. India and China comprises of a huge chunk of this increased demand for Android smartphones. Opportunistically, seeing the above numbers one can anticipate, understand and also demand for Android Application Developers worldwide.

Mobility is a highly demanding competitive technology and huge companies are looking to cash in on this demand market trend. Thus, they are launching various applications handling multipurpose tasks for these handheld devices. To cash in on this wave companies are hedging on to skilled mobile systems architect to design and developed highly versatile applications, the individuals who understand the technologies will and can suggest the necessary ancillary pathways to get the required solutions to get the job at hand rolling. A career as a mobile system architect can only be pursued after the completion of the android training in Pune from SevenMentor creating waves in the industry with graduates making us the best of all android training in pune, android classes in pune, android course in pune, android training institute in pune. Freshers can easily expect salaries in the range of 2,00,000 to 6,00,000 based on their working knowledge and understanding of the projects which form a part of the curriculum in this course

Thus Android provides for a very bright new future for the upcoming generation to help develop in the field of making new beautiful and much more exciting pathways for creating a user experience which is second best to none and with the added benefits of making these applications creative for the user to interact with and gain the knowledge which would be positively be helpful for the end user making it a very fruitful and also a very creative job that which interests the user enhancing their experience and keeping the creator happy about keep rejuvenating their field of work with they could work on hands on making it a very diverse field with immediate results of measureable success helping the generation in this fast paced world. We at SevenMentor aim at creating such a vivid environment for the students to be groomed and nurtured in with the best possible outcomes which are helpful in work and in life, these differential factors are some of the reasons by what makes us having the credibility of churning out great working professionals and in turn spreading the word of mouth which makes us proud of earning the badges of ranks like android training in pune, android classes in pune, android course in pune, android training institute in pune.

For those who are planning to make an exciting and fast paced creative career in this uncharted arena, getting yourself enrolled in the best android training institute in pune will serve the purpose and help them gather the skills to tackle a brave new world. We make this happen for their students and prepare them for challenging career as a successful Android Application Developer with vision career skills and proper guidance for the road to success and glory.

Who can do this Course ?

Android requires Knowledge of Java


2 Months

Career Opportunities:

  1. Android Developer
  2. Mobile App Developer

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What our Students have to say about the training:

 Shubhangi Randive 

 Software Developer at Predict solution


 It was a great experience at SevenMentor. Here i found one of the best teaching standard, like they equally focused on theory as well practical sessions. Moreover the coaching center environment was quite more flexible and helpful . During the practical and doubt sessions , specially the supporting faculties always trying their best to help students.I am glad to study Android under the guidance of Ms.Sonali mam who always willing to provide his best.

 Monika Datta

 Software developer at Projak infotech pvt ltd


Anyone who wants to be a Android developer can join SevenMentor. Every topic is taught in detail with practical training. All your doubts are cleared. Great faculty members. My experience is so far great. Android requires lots of practice and learning. If you are ready to give some hard work into learning it then only join.

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