Angular Interview Questions

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Angular Interview Questions

Angular Interview Questions –

Q.1.What is Angular?

Ans. Angular is introduced to create single page applications. It is a framework

brings structure and constitancy to web applications and provides excellent scalability.


Q.2.Why Angular is introduced?

Ans. It is an open-source, JavaScript framework wholly written in TypeScript. Its is developed by Goggle.

It uses the HTML’s syntax to express your applications components clearly.


Q.3)What is Typescript?

Ans. Typescript is superset of JavaScript. Typescript code compiles down to JavaScript that can run efficiently in any environment.

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Q.4.What is data Binding?

Ans. Data binding is allows any internet user to manipulate Web Page elements using a web browser. Data binding is used for the web pages that

contain interactive components such as forms, tutorials, games, and calculators. It is used for the dynamic HTML. NoT require complex scripting or programming.


Q.5. Explain the Routing role in Angular?

Ans. These applications are loaded just once, and new content is added dynamically. Applications like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail are a few examples of SPA.

routing plays a vital role since it is essentially used to create Single Page Applications.

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Q.6.What do you mean by CLI & explain the role in Angular?

Ans. It is acronym command line interface and used to build angular app using in form of NodeJS.


Q.7.Difference between the constructor and nonfinite?

Ans. constructor is default method in typescript classes which is used for the initialization. In nonfinite method is specific to angular and it is used to define logic or bindings in angular.

Constructor called initially before the nonfinite.


This called after the constructor and after the first ngOnChanges().


Q.8. Name of the lifecycle Hooks in angular?


  1. ngAfterViewInit()
  2. ngAfterViewChcked
  3. ngOnDestroy()
  4. ngOnChanges()
  5. ngOnInit()
  6. ngDoCheck()
  7. ngAfterContentInit()
  8. ngAfterContentChecked()

Q.9. How many async pipe prevent memory leeks?

Ans. Any component gets destroyed async pipe works automatically to avaoid memory leaks.


Q.10.What is lean component mean in Angular?

Ans. It is used to only to display the data.


Q.11. Why we required route guards in angular?

Ans. It is one of the interface which tell her the router to allow or not the navigation on requested route.

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Q.12. What is the reliability injection in angular?

Ans. If there is dependencies on the component like one component depends on another this particular function is turned on off when the functionality is turned on.


Q.13. Different ng commands in angular?


  • ng new
  • ng generate
  • ng build
  • ng serve
  • ng test


Q.14. How many built-in validators in angular js list?


  • min 
  • max
  • required
  • type=”number” or type=”email”


Q.15. What are the ways to create custom directive?

Ans. 1)element directive

    2)css directive

    3)attribute directive


Q.16. What are the advantages of AOT?

Ans. Each and every angular application consists of templates and components which the browser cannot understand. That’s why all the Angular applications need to be compiled first before running inside the browser.

Angular provides two types of compilation:

  1. JIT (just-in-Time) compilation
  2. AOT(Ahead-of-Time) compilation

The compiler sends the external HTML and CSS files along with the application, eliminating separate AJAX requests for those source files, which leads to fewer ajax requests.


Q.18)List of router events?

Ans. On each navigation, Router emits navigate through the router.

  • ResolveStart
  • ActivationEnd
  • RouteConfigLoadEnd
  • GuardsCheckStart
  • ChildActivationEnd
  • NavigationEnd
  • NavigationCancel
  • RoutesRecognized
  • NavigationError
  • NavigationStart
  • RouteConfigLoadStart
  • ChildActivationStart
  • GuardsCheckEnd
  • Scroll.

Q.19)What do you mean by Angular Universal?

Ans. This is available under @angular/platform-server pacakge. This is server-side rendering module which recently integrated with Angular CLI.


Q.20) What are the purpose of common module?

Ans. HTTP the commonly-needed services, pipes. Common module contains services, pipes, HttpClientModule, and directive which provided by @angular/common module.


Q.21) What  so you mean by state function in angular?

Ans. It takes two arguments unique name and style().This function used to define different states to call on each transition.

For ex.

state(‘closed, style({





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Q.22) How many class decorators in Angular?

Ans. Class decorator appears before a class defination.








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