ASAP Methodology 

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  • May 6, 2022
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ASAP Methodology 

ASAP Methodology  –

Introduction to ASAP Methodology –

Meaning of ASAP is accelerated System applications and product (SAP)  

ASAP methodology is used in SAP implementation projects. If we adopt this methodology then we will get following advantages 

  1. i) Implementation time will reduce
  2. ii) Quality implementation will achieve

iii) Efficient and effective use of project resources will be happened

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Steps Involved in ASAP Methodology –

There are basically six steps involved in this methodology & these are as follows

i) Project Preparation

ii) Business Blueprint 

iii) Realization 

iv) Final Preparation or Testing 

v) Go Live 

vi) Support 

Now we will discuss all the above steps in detail –

Project Preparation –

This step starts with retrieval of information and various resources. Some important points that can be carried out in this step are 

  1. Preparation of initial scope is to be decided 
  2. High level plans and timelines is to be carried out
  3. Getting the support of higher authorities
  4. Identifying the objectives of project
  5. Efficient decision making process is to be designed 
  6. Identification of project team members are to be carried out and project kick off is to be happened 

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Business Blueprint –

SAP has defined a business blueprint step to help extract the important information about your company that is required for a successful implementation project. Following are the some points that is carried out in business blueprint. 

  1. Business requirement gathering workshop is to be done 
  2. Understanding the existing business process of customer and making (As Is) document
  3. Understanding business requirement and goals of customer and making (To Be ) document
  4. Preparing gap analysis document
  5. Finalizing the scope of the project and getting a sign off 

Realization –

In this step all the functional as well as technical consultant will start working and do the necessary configuration changes as per business requirement by the functional consultant and if any gap is there then technical consultant can fill this gap by writing codes by using ABAP as programming language. Following are the some imporatnt points that is carried out in realization. 

  1. Understanding business requirements
  2. Functional specification is carried out by all functional consultants
  3. Technical specification is carried out by all technical consultants
  4. Coding is to be done for new enhancements by technical consultant
  5. Documentation is carried out 
  6. Unit test plan is to be prepared
  7. Configuration changes is to transported from development client to quality client 

Final Preparations or Testing –

In this step end to end testing of configuration is carried out by all the consultants. If the configured system gives good results then it can move to the production client and if it is not then again we have to move these configuration changes to the development client and do appropriate changes and once again we have to test this changes in the testing client. This process is to be carried out until we get a good result. Training of this software to end user is also carried out in this step.

Go live –

In this  step the customer moves to the production server and also starts their business transaction on SAP. Sometimes in Go live step we will also give end user training as per clients requirement. 

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Support –

In this step post production issues are raised by clients and that can be solve by IT consulting company. Near about 30 days free support is given by IT consulting company after that they can charge an amount if a customer needs support.  


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