Balancing Between Ambition and Comfort

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  • August 27, 2019
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Balancing Between Ambition and Comfort

Balancing Between Ambition and Comfort or Wardrobe Management

With workspaces and work culture now evolving a tremendous pace, what constitutes ‘work appropriate’ clothing is constantly being refined. Being an IMAGE CONSULTANT AND A SOFT SKILLS TRAINER, I experience that “Organizations are becoming increasingly relaxed with their dress code policy. However your attire makes a POWERFUL statement, and others around you it may convey a correct or an incorrect message about how you view yourself in the organization, what your goals are and even much you respect them .clothing can, therefore , play a very important role in establishing your professional identity “ for example PM Narendra Modi’s jacket. Its an extension of his personal brand as Bollywood actor Rekha’s iconic sarees. At workplace wearing the right clothes can affect how quickly you move up the ladder, your own job performance and even your own perception of yourself and your abilities” 

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Dress to Impress: In today’s extremely competitive workplace setup, it is crucial to have an edge and look a class apart, that is what wardrobe management helps you to get to manage your Impression. If managed in the right way, your dressing style can define your personality and gets you a good sense of confidence and has a lasting good Impression On peers and subordinate.

Few Tips to keep in mind!!

Your attire tells your story:

Acceptable And Notacceptable

“Small details in your wardrobe, like the selection of the accessories also the condition the clothes are kept in, can talk a lot about your professional life and personal life. It can reflect how serious can be taken at the workplace.  Keep in mind, no matter what you choose to wear at the workplace the clothing should be well fitted and properly ironed. 

For Important meetings you should dress one level sharper then the people you would like to influence For example if your client is dressed in a shirt and a trouser, you should take a step further and wear a shirt, trousers and Tie to look one level upper. If the client is dressed in casual attire you can wear a pair of denim with a shirt and club it along with a jacket.

Denims And Casual

Different Industries; People working in service industries such as Teachers, Doctors, Financial Advisors, Hospitality professionals, Airlines professional, look the Part. Considering the inputs from a financial advisors on how to manage your money, you may not be able to trust the financial advisor immediately on his/her advice of a person meeting you in ripped denims and a T-shirt with loud logo’s, similarly when you visit the 5 star hotel for Tea/coffee you naturally expect the wait staff to be impeccably dressed and groomed, also you expect them to adhere to the right behavior through the entire process. In this scenario, you are not only paying for the product but the overall service. In creative fields such as advertisement industries, you can use clothes to create a statement and a place for yourself intentionally standing out from the crowd in terms of what you wear can also send out non-verbal cues about your status, power and confidence provide your choice are deliberate. A study by Harvard researchers found that simply wearing colourful socks or ties or even the shoes as compared to your peer group can increase perception of your status and competence, as the red sneakers effects’, these kind of slight deviations signal that you can afford to follow your own path, these traits that is much appreciated in the creative fields. 

Sharp Dressing comes from the silhouette the outline on the garment, which is associated with all kind of attire and especially with professional dressing, straight-line gives sharpness. the outline of the outfits should have straight lines, Example a black T-shirt tucked with a beige or straight fit dark denims with a matching belt and shoes will create a better impression as “business casual “attire as compared to a logo printed Tees un-tucked over a pair of ripped jeans or baggy pants, If your company dress code is not too strict, keeping a jacket handy at your workplace for important meetings will always make you look confident and smart.

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Don’t over Dress!! While your clothing should make a statement you do not want to overwhelm your action and your words especially in a formal setting, you should wear only one bright or loud attention-grabbing element in your outfit. For instance, if you are only wearing a bright pair of socks and also throwing a loud shoe and loud tie can make your outfit distraction instead of getting the attention. 

Keep it subtle; The Morden work ethics is no longer restricted to a basic white shirt and black trousers style-conscious professional can experiments with patterns such as pinstripes and checks with an emphasis on pastel color pallet would be great. The point over here is not to make it look you are too hard in terms of clothing. Suppose you arrive in a meeting with a three-piece suit with a pocket square tie, tie-pin and a lapel pin you will come across as clothes than a consummate professional. Your outfit should look effortless and minimal in order to stand out if the effortless look is what you are trying to achieve the use of fabric that is less rigid in tailored style. Then you can choose and unlined and un-tipped tie instead on a lined one, a cut-away or a buttoned-down shirt collar instead of a standard spread a wool silk-cotton blend instead of standard worsted wool, or knitted over printed silk tie should work the best. 

Over experiment: while using clothes as an extension of your personality can make a statement or , at the end of the day, it is a risk and all risk can backfire, If you are preparing for an important meeting with the investor or the client, it is best to play safe don’t try to experiment something new which you have never tried it  before or else you may select clothing that may deviate too far from what is considered an acceptable company norm, your clothing plays an important role in terms of how accepting the others will be to your ideas and beliefs, when you actually have very less time to make all-that impressive  

Comfort: All professional spend more than nine hours at the office, Comfort becomes the key! At the end of the day, you will spend more than nine hours in the outfit if you are not comfortable in the outfit you are wearing it will show it in your body language and your behavior. A study in Kellogg school of management summarised to that your clothing can influence your job performance In one of the experiments the researchers got to dress the Half of the participants in lab coats and the other half in daily casuals the participants performed a series of test. It was found that those who wore the lab coat made significantly fewer mistake that those who wore regular clothes, hence this study attributes the difference to the symbolic meaning of clothes for example if you associate business suits with position of power, wearing one could help you feel smarter and more confident, it shall consequently  help improve your performance!

Aspiration and roles never try to out dress your seniors if you are trying to make good impression, at the same time under-dressing could also undermine the impact that you make on your team “If you are a manager, you should visually look different from the executive “the next natural step would be “dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have. While clothes are not the only determinant, they certainly play a major role in SOFT SKILLS component that your seniors might consider when mulling a promotion. In 2018 a survey was done by staffing firm Robert Half, in which eighty-six percent of professional and eighty percent of managers surveyed said that clothing choices affect one’s chances of being promoted. The survey also found that while jeans, tennis shoes, and leggings are now considered appropriate workwear by any organization. Hr manager’s stills draw the line at tank tops, tops that expose one or both shoulders and shorts. 

Looking back I can see the habit of wearing formals has served me well in terms of opportunities and even professional growth when choosing your workwear you should pay attention to the following parameters, especially if your organization has no defined dress code policy in terms of what is more expected from you as an employee.  

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In the corporate world, there’s been a shift away from ‘POWER DRESSING’- with international Icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg leading the way – when it comes to choosing what to wear to the office, these head honchos pick the comfort over convention and not without reason, for one’s comfort level can have a direct impact on one’s productivity at the workplace. 

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Geet Chakravorty

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