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What is an Interview?

The interview is nothing but a professional discussion between the interviewer and interviewee to get the right candidate for doing a specific job.

What are Interview Skills-

Interview Skills are the actions candidates take for performing well and getting selected in the interviews.

If you have good interview skills you will have more job offers than others. 

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Now let’s see what needs to be done for cracking the interviews successfully. 

Before the Interview-

1.Research the company-

Firstly, you should research about the company that means know about the company details and current issues and studies all their products and services. This will help you to understand the company and its work.

2. Go through the job profile-

Secondly, go through the job description or job profile that you are going to apply for. Read it carefully and note down if you have any queries, so that you can ask them after your interview is over.

3.Update your Resume/CV-

Check if all information in your CV is properly updated synchronized as per your job requirements. Neatly arrange and carry your papers like CV, job experience letters, and salary slips in a nice briefcase or a professional handbag. This makes you look organized and professional.

4.Practice Interview-

The best way to learn interview skills is to practice giving interviews. You can practice through mock interview sessions. Try to practice the most common interview questions.

5.Maintain good hygiene- 

Practice good hygiene practices like cutting your nails properly, washing your hair, combing your hair properly, brush your teeth properly. Get the professional haircut done. Make sure you look presentable and smell good. For that, you should use body spray or perfumes, or cologne. But, do not use strong perfumes because some people have allergies to strong smells and it may also irritate the interviewer.

6.Dress up professionally-

Keep in mind that you are going for an interview, so dress professionally. Avoid dark colors. Do not wear fancy clothes or fancy jewelry. For men- wear a business suit or a formal full sleeves shirt, trousers of good quality and proper fitting, a pair of polished formal shoes (with lace), socks, a belt (brown or black), a watch and a professional handbag.

For women- Wear western formals or Indian formals. Indian formals can be a simple saree or salwar suit and sandals. Apply minimal make-up, wear very few accessories like just the earrings, a simple chain, and a watch. Style your hair appropriately. You can keep them open only if they are manageable. Make sure they won’t come on your face during the interview and disturb you. Avoid wearing dark colour lipstick. Simple attire and grooming give you the best professional look.

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1. Be punctual-

Always arrive 15-20 minutes early for your interview. This shows that you are eager and punctual. Don’t bring uninvited guests like your family member or friends.

2. Switch off or Silent your phone-

It’s a basic manner to switch off your mobile or silence it because it shows your seriousness towards that interview and you will be able to concentrate on your interview fully. 

3. During the interview-

Now let’s see what one should do during the interview.


  • Smile gently- It shows that you are happy and interested to give the interview. 
  • Greet the interviewer- Say Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening as per the time of interview. Always remember First Impression is the most important and it is lasting one. So be polite at the time of greeting the interviewer.
  • Maintain good posture- Sit openly when the interviewer asks you to sit. Say thank you. Sit properly with your hands folded in your lap. Sit up straight but slightly lean forward, It gives you good posture and it also shows that you are interested in the conversation. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest as it demonstrates a closed mind. 
  • Maintain eye-contact- Always have good eye contact with the interviewer. It shows that you are confident. Avoid staring as you may make the interviewer feel uncomfortable.
  • Listen Carefully- Active listening is very important during the interview. If you didn’t understand the question just because you did not listen to it properly, you will not be able to answer the question properly. Listen to the interviewer carefully and try to understand what he/she wants from you and answer accordingly.
  • Speak Clearly- Some people get nervous at the time of the interview. And out of that nervousness they fail to answer the question correctly or appropriately. Speak clearly and with a bit higher level of energy to sound confident. Always remember that confidence can be seen through your body language and your voice. Avoid stammering as it shows nervousness, think before speaking.
  • Be honest and Confident- Never lie about your education, work experience, or salary you received in your previous job. Avoid excessive thinking and just be confident. Practice and be prepared for the interview so that you be confident on the day of the interview.
  • Answer to the point- Answer only what is asked by the interviewer. Avoid giving long answers and too short answers. You can prepare some commonly or frequently asked interview questions.

After the interview-

Lastly, let’s see what one should do after the interview.

1. Thank the interviewer- 

Thank the interviewer for his important time immediately post the interview, and then offer a strong handshake and add ‘nice to meet you’ or ‘nice meeting with you.’ Many people believe that the handshake will offend the interviewer. Because the interviewer has been interviewing so many applicants and doing the handshake may be exhausting for him, it’s best to skip it or do it if the interviewer gives you one. It is also dependent on the position for which you are seeking. You can give a handshake if you are looking for a manager or senior management role. If you are looking for an executive position or are a fresher, you can skip the handshake and instead say thank you with a sincere smile.

2. Ask questions if you have any-

Ask any queries that you have in your mind like what are the work timings, what will be the salary, or about any transportation or accommodation facility the company is providing. You can ask such valid questions. 

3. Call back or send emails of inquiry

If you don’t hear back from your interviewer in 2 days or maybe about a week, give a follow-up call. It’s ok to call or send mails of an inquiry about your selection or interview status. But please mention thank you even if you are not selected. It leaves a good impact on them. 

4. If selected, get ready for the next rounds-

 Be prepared to attempt 2-3 rounds at the same company. If you are called back for another round, it means that they are interested in selecting you, so keep up the good work. 

5. If rejected prepare for other job interviews-

In case you are not selected, don’t just be sad or lose your confidence by sitting idle. Take it as a learning experience. If you don’t hear back from them for more than a week, understand that you are not selected and try for the other jobs. And with more energy and enthusiasm try for other company jobs. Maybe your destiny is somewhere else. 

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