Batch Determination Process in SAP MM

  • By Saurabh Bapat
  • February 21, 2024
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Batch Determination Process in SAP MM

Batch Determination Process in SAP MM

In SAP Materials Management (MM), batch determination helps identify the right batch for a specific material movement, considering criteria like stock availability, expiry dates, and quality specifications. Explore the Batch Determination Process in SAP MM. Here’s the breakdown of the process:


  1. Condition Tables: Define tables containing data relevant to batch selection, like production date, shelf life, or special characteristics.
  2. Access Sequences: Define the order in which the system checks different condition tables for specific criteria.
  3. Sort Rules: Determine how data within each condition table should be sorted (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, FEFO).
  4. Strategy Types: Define rules for batch selection based on specific scenarios (e.g., goods issue to production, delivery to customer).
  5. Search Procedure: Combine multiple strategy types in a defined sequence for complex selection criteria.
  6. Assignment & Activation: Assign the search procedure to relevant movement types (e.g., goods issue, transfer) and activate the batch check.

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Material Master Data:

  1. Batch Classification: Assign classification characteristics to each batch in the material master record.
  2. Batch Valuation: Set valuation data for each batch (e.g., price, expiry date).


  1. Trigger: Batch determination is triggered during various MM transactions like goods issue, production order creation, or delivery creation.
  2. Criteria Evaluation: The system evaluates the defined search procedure, considering strategy types, access sequences, and sort rules.
  3. Batch Selection: The system proposes the first suitable batch based on the defined criteria.
  4. User Intervention: Users can accept the proposed batch or manually select another based on specific needs.

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  • Ensures stock control based on expiry dates and quality specs.
  • Optimizes inventory management with FIFO, LIFO, or FEFO strategies.
  • Meets customer requirements for specific batch characteristics.

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Additional Notes:

  • The configuration can be quite complex, requiring an understanding of the available options and business needs.
  • Standard SAP offers predefined strategies, but custom strategies can be created for specific scenarios.
  • Batch determination integrates with other modules like Production Planning (PP) and Sales & Distribution (SD).



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