Benefits of Learning the German Language

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Benefits of Learning the German Language

Benefits of Learning the German Language

Origin of German Language:

Germanic languages have a long history of their existence. Old German can be tracked dating back to the first century BCE when speakers of this language were first encountered by the Romans. The Benefits of Learning the German language is a direct descendant of High German and has its most recognizable features. There was only one “Germanic” language at that time and for numerous decades afterward, with only slight dialect variations. One can only refer to a “German” tongue (i.e., High German) after the 6th century CE. Later this language was diversified into several central European languages.

Together with English, Frisian (Flemish), and Dutch (Netherlandic) German is a member of the Indo-European linguistic family’s West Germanic branch. German is a fairly consistent written language; variations between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are comparable to those between composed English in the United States and the British Commonwealth. So it is known that there are several German dialects and the majority of which fall under the High German or Low German categories. The pronunciation structure, particularly the vowels, is the primary distinction between High German and Low German. The formal written speech is High German, which is the dialect spoken in Germany’s southern highlands.


Current Status:

Germany today has more native speakers than Spanish, French, or even English combined in the European Union. In addition to being one of the authorized languages in Switzerland and Luxembourg, it is the national tongue of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. German was the second-most utilized language on the European continent in terms of speakers overall (after English) as of 2012. The German language accounts for more than 90 million people or 16% of the population of the European Union. It was also the most spoken native language in the entire continent by the latest figures. 


German is the most widely spoken foreign language in Eastern and Northern Europe, outside of those where it is a recognized tongue, specifically in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, etc. In those regions of Europe, German was once and still is to some degree the dominant language. Furthermore, German has evolved into a common foreign language all over the globe, particularly in the Western globe. Its growth has been much similar to English, French, and Spanish. Following English, French is the second most popular foreign tongue in the European Union (EU), along with Russia, Turkey, and other countries. 


The German language also comes in third place in the EU and the United States in terms of the total number of students enrolled in all educational levels. Around 15.4 million individuals were studying German at all degrees of education globally as of 2020. The figure has decreased since 2000 when it peaked at 20.1 million.  So we can see there is a solid foundation of history and speakers of the German Language. However, there are many other benefits of learning German in India. Below are some of the reasons and insights into the benefits of learning the German Language:


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Benefits of Learning the German Language

Some Benefits of Learning The German Language

A} Social and Demographic Reasons

One of The Most Spoken Languages:

The majority of people believe that Germany is the only nation in which German is spoken. As mentioned earlier, German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. German is, in reality, the most widely used language in Europe. Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, all have German as a native tongue of their population. Additionally, German is a non-official tongue in many other regions of Europe, such as the country of Romania, the Russian Federation, eastern France, and others. Some have claimed that Italian is a rapidly expanding tongue that could replace German within the next ten years, but that might be dismissing the German language’s influence. German would be at the top of the list of skills to prioritize if you had any plans to visit Europe, reside there, or conduct business there.


German and English Have the Same Linguistic Family Tree:

The Germanic family of languages shares the same linguistic origins as both English and German. Most individuals are shocked to learn that German and English are more identical than French or Spanish and ultimately diverge. It implies that you should theoretically find it simple to learn German. Therefore, even though Germans have a variety of pronunciations, we often use the same terms, which will shorten our learning path.


India Has a Sizable German-Speaking Population:

French is the most widely spoken foreign vernacular in India, followed by German. The “First Move advantage” is a single important factor in this gain of speakers. It is due to our government’s decades-old initiative to support the German language in India. One of the first Max Meuller Bhavan was opened in 1957. It was opened in the city of Kolkata. In Pune and Mumbai in 1914, the initial German classes were taught in India more than a century back. There are numerous educational institutions, such as the Max Mueller Bhavan (connected to the German Embassy), that provide German courses in Pune and additional regions of India. As the next most studied foreign language in India, there is an abundance of study materials and tools available to learn this fascinating language.


B} Education and Career:

The Language of Choice in Academics and Education:

The top priority for anyone who considers themselves intelligent should be studying German. German is not only the second most frequently used language in the scientific world, but some of the biggest innovators have come from this country. We can start with Max Planck, Sigmund Freud, and Albert Einstein and end with current researchers and innovators of Germany. The greatest composers, including Mozart and Bach, both spoke and wrote in German. Learning German might be the first stage if you want to understand these innovators’ creations in their original form. You can also benefit from learning German in your educational and academic pursuits.


Work in World’s Biggest Companies:

BMW, Benz, and Volkswagen are just a few of the German-born companies that are well-known worldwide. As the economic center of Europe (and the world), Germany is experiencing an increase in job possibilities. Perhaps more pertinently, American companies are fighting to advance and recruit German-speaking employees as they attempt to expand into Germany as well as the rest of Europe. It’s one of the best talents you may acquire to set yourself apart from the overflowing job market because you’ll probably be one of the handfuls of people in your workplace who speaks German. The Economist conducted a study evaluating how much more revenue a person can make based on what language they acquire to back this up with concrete data. Germany, with an expected 125,000 euros in incentive earnings, was named #1, which is not surprising.


Work in the Best Salary Hotels, Tourism, and Hospitality Sector: 

Germans enjoy high living standards and six weeks of annual leave thanks to the country’s strong economic development and the low jobless rate. Every year, millions of German-speaking tourists travel to India for tourism but struggle with the language. The hospitality, travel, entertainment, and tourist industries offer more job opportunities for those who are fluent in this west Germanic language. Assume they can communicate with hotels, airlines, vehicle rental businesses, tour operators, and tour guides. If so, their use of words will help them succeed. While it is possible to travel to other Northern and Eastern European nations as well as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with no understanding of a word of German. Travel is more important for everyone when you speak the language. By using the language, you may get the most out of them, gain their respect, and create the opportunity for real conversation and relationship.


Berlin is One Of The Most Popular Entrepreneur’s Hubs:

Berlin, Germany, has been named by Virgin as one of the top startup hubs for business owners and employment seekers. Berlin is diverse, multicultural in nature, and packed with skilled, innovative, and eager competency. The fact that city only has 3.5 million inhabitants and is significantly less expensive than other destinations like San Francisco. So, learn German if you want to expand your business into Europe or if you’re hunting for a job and want to take advantage of new possibilities.


Increase the Possibilities For Your Job Placement:

As we previously stated, there are increasingly more job opportunities both in Germany and globally. As a nation with one of the largest GDPs within the globe, who wouldn’t desire to offer clients that have funds and sources to spend? This is the reason you’ll notice a lot of offices growing abroad or divisions created specifically to cater to European clients. Speaking this widely used language will give you an edge in a world in which almost anything can be bought or consumed online.


C} Lifestyle and Personal Goals:

Gain a Boost in Self-confidence 

Learning German has many advantages, but perhaps even more significant are its secondary advantages. Mastering any new language results in a sense of personal assurance and additionally outward reinforcement. But learning a language that seems to be distinctive, like German, will give you the self-assurance you need to move forward and acquire just about any new skill. You’ll keep this in mind the next time you resolve to take up a challenging endeavor, whether it be learning how to play the guitar, starting a company, or anything else.


Enjoy the Highest Standards of Living:

Looking to enhance your life’s worth now or in the years to come? Germany is one of the best locations in the world to live when you consider its plurality, low prices, and flourishing economy. You can find everything you need in one location, including imaginative thinking, business, science and technology, and more. Also keep in mind that Switzerland, another country that speaks German, is rated as one of the best countries to live in the globe.


Connect with New Online Communities:

German dominates the Internet as the third most popular language after English and Russian. German makes up more than 6% of the Internet. Yes, you can continue to communicate only in English, but learning German opens up a whole new universe for you to explore.


Make German Friends Across The Globe:

If there is one thing we can say about Germans, it is that they enjoy traveling. No matter where you choose to journey, from China to Africa, you will encounter German tourists or inhabitants. Speaking German to these individuals is one surefire method to forge stronger bonds with them. Thus learning the German language to help you at least start the conversation with your fellow travelers.



You have the opportunity to discuss with us the main advantages of studying German. We trust that this compilation helped you decide whether to study German. If you have any positive thoughts about studying German, keep in touch with us. The German language Course from SevenMentor will assist you to get the most out of the course while also assisting you in reaching your ultimate objective. You can therefore enroll in our German language classes in any city throughout India or pursue online study. Whether it be for higher education or employment in any significant German business we have you covered.


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