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Revit Architecture Training In Pune

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Career Opportunities

After completion of this course you will be able to apply for a job roles.

Revit BIM Modeler

Revit Draftsman

Revit MEP Designer

Revit Structural Engineer

Most Popular Employer Name for Candidates with a Revit Certification

Universal Solutions




Jacobs Engineering India

Millicon Consultant Engineers Pvt. Ltd


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Introduction to Revit Course

What is Revit?
Design, Analyse, Optimize. Revit is an architectural design and documentation software created by Autodesk for architects. Revit software developed by Autodesk for BIM that is Building Information Modelling of the construction project. Although it can also be used by Civil Engineers for creating Structural Designs including foundation, columns, beams, steel reinforcements, slabs, floors, etc. Revit Architecture Training in Pune supports a compound design process for the multidiscipline design process. The features and tools that are provided by Revit Architecture are specially designed to support BIM that is building information modeling process. It has powerful tools that let you use the intelligent model-based process for designing, planning, construction and managing buildings and infrastructure. The knowledge of Revit is a must for Civil Engineers. Best industry oriented training for Revit will increase the employability of a Civil Engineer. SevenMentor provides complete job-oriented Revit Training Course in Pune fees in Civil CAD.

Proficiency After Training


Autodesk Revit Training in Pune Program helps the CAD Engineer to monitor the engineering design process with the help of a single model for better design communication and coordination between different project teams.


Revit Training in pune helps to understand the CAD requirements and minimize risk and create better quality designs.


The Training course of Revit software enables an individual to speed-up the design and construction process by enhanced visualizations with the help of 3D models.


Our CAD training program permits individuals to create a detailed model in 2D drafting layout, design a building and structure with its components in 3D, and access building information from the building model’s database.


With Revit classes in Pune provided by our Revit course in Pune, professionals will be able to design and document their project by designing a parametric 3D model that comprised both the geometry and non-geometric design as well as Building information, which is also known as BIM.


The CAD training program for Mechanical, HVAC/electrical and piping design helps the user to see the room with distinct color scheme plans.


Learn tools to plan and track various stages in the building’s life cycle, our training helps in designing building concepts to construction and later create documentations and reports.

Revit Training in Pune

Computer-Aided Design for Civil Engineers and Architects
Computer-Aided Design, often known as CAD is the use of Computer-based Revit  Software to assist the Planning, Creation, modification, and analysis or optimization of Design. CAD Software helps to increase the productivity of an Engineer by creating flawless designs and locating the defects before execution. CAD software assists the Designer in improving the quality of the Project, creates better Communication and buildups the project database for execution.

Civil CAD consists of several Revit software and the knowledge of Civil CAD is one of the major requirements of the construction companies and other engineering firms which uses CAD software for their design and development of Projects. Learning CAD software is the best way to add skills to your profile and our Revit Training in Pune is completely designed based on current industrial requirements. By completing the Certification Revit Course in Pune from SevenMentor through our Revit Classes in Pune, we aim to help our students develop technical proficiency as required to get jobs in industry and focus on adding skills to students’ profile and make them capable to handle the real-time projects. 

What is Building Information Modelling (BIM)?
Building Information Modelling is an intelligent 3 Dimensional modelings based system that collaborates the Architecture, structural, engineering and construction professionals with the inside and tools to efficiently design, plan, construct and manage the construction process of the Buildings and Infrastructure. Autodesk Revit is specifically built for the BIM system.

The Revit software allows a designer to design a building and structure along with its components in 3Dimensions view, provide Dimensions and Annotations to the model with 2-Dimensional drafting tools, and use building information from the building model’s data. Each detailed model created with Revit Architecture represents an entire project and is stored in a single project file. Due to this, changes made in one part of the model are automatically updated to other parts of the model and hence enhancing the work process for Revit Architecture users. Revit Architecture is mostly for Building design and the documentation of the model. Revit is faster and produces a complete detailed drawing in a short amount of time.

People who are currently working or are pursuing careers in architectural and other building professional fields will find many benefits of using Revit Architecture. Revit Architecture is used by architects and other building personals to decrease the risk associated with how buildings will perform before the actual construction begins and develop strong and better quality designs to improve project delivery and Design.

Revit works on three stages that are Design, Visualisation, Collaborate. Design is the creation of a Plan with detailed features, specifications, dimensions, and annotations for the construction of a building or structure. Revit is used for building model components, analyze the design of the system and the structure also creates different iterations of the model. It is also useful for generating documentation with the help of the Revit model.

Visualization is another important stage during a project work cycle. Visualization helps to communicate the design specification within the company to ensure the flawless execution of the design. 3D models create high impact visuals with ease to understand the design specifications.

Collaborate project between different departments reduces clashes and rework. This minimizes loses and reduces construction time as well as cost. Revit helps to meet the deadlines by helping collaborators from all building disciplines accessing model details from a centrally shared database.  

Autodesk Revit assists people to work with members of other project teams. It can import and export data between other applications and link models with commonly used formats like DWG, IFC, and DNG. A person working on any design, need to be able to use any Revit software or application from any vendor, at any stage of the project. Revit helps the user to work with different platforms simultaneously. 

Multidiscipline (BIM) Building Information Modelling Platform
In the Multidiscipline (BIM) Building Information Modelling Platform members of multiple project teams can work on the same project at the same time with the help of a commonly shared Model.  Autodesk Revit has tools and features for all disciplines like the Architecture, structural, engineering and construction involved in the building project. So the teams can use the same Revit Training in Pune by putting the model in the middle and easily accessible to everyone. Revit helps to connect everyone working on the project. During the building design and construction process, when members of all disciplines like the Architecture, structural, engineering and construction work on a common platform the risk of data corruption is reduced. This makes the design process becomes more predictable. 

Revit Classes in Pune

Revit for Architects
A person who is currently working or are pursuing careers in architectural and other building professional fields can use Revit to transform an idea from conceptual design to construction and documentation within a single software environment. The CAD training classes on Revit provided by Seven Mentor allows sketching freely and creates 3-D models forms fast. It also manipulates forms interactively. The Revit software helps to create elevations, levels, floor plan, 3D views, Section views, interior as well as exterior views and much more all based on the design requirements and specifications of the model. CAD course on Revit also provides a huge library that includes Materials, Components, different types of walls, windows, doors, and building materials. These can be used to add complete details to the model and create a realistic and impressive design. Best  Revit Architecture Training in Pune also assists the user to optimize the project performance outcome by analyzing different materials, quantity schedules as well as total requirements of the project to calculate the estimated cost of the project. The render engine of Revit provides many light settings for both interior and exterior including the sun setting, position, and solar effects. This CAD Software generates stunning Rendered images, visualizations and Walk-throughs to effectively communicate the Model design.

Revit for Structural Engineers
Revit assists Structural engineering professionals to generate their designs and documentation in an advance BIM application. A CAD course on Structural engineering adds exceptional CAD skills to the profile. Revit is used by Civil Engineers for creating Structural Designs including foundation, columns, beams, steel reinforcements, slabs, floors, etc.  With the help of Revit, Engineers and structural designers can create accurate design intend CAD models and provide the individuals working on the construction project the information they need to execute the development of models to a higher level of quality and accurate installation process.

In Revit, the analytical and physical designs can be generated accurately and simultaneously. The analytical design of the model is required for structural analysis. The physical model, on the other hand, is used for co-ordination as well as documentation of the structural design. The structural loads, Boundary conditions and the different loading conditions can be easily added to the analytical model.

Revit provides tools that are specific to structural design and creates intelligent models for structural design in collaboration with other building components. Revit conducts the structural analysis with the design application to create an analytical model while the user creates the physical model in Revit. Autodesk Revit provides tools for detailers to create 3D models for concrete reinforcements. Revit combines the flexibility and details of the 2D Drawings with the accuracy of 3D modeling to create reinforcement concrete accessories.

Revit for MEP Engineers
Autodesk Revit MEP is (BIM) Building Information modeling application designed by Autodesk for Individuals who work in the MEP engineering field. MEP means mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. These are the three engineering disciplines that can work on the Revit MEP project together. The Revit MEP software is a powerful tool to combine dynamic information in centrally shared models. The Revit MEP software is used to manage the Building design process making product design and development faster and more efficient.

Building Systems Modelling and Layout Design
Revit MEP has modeling tools and layout features, that assists engineers to create mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems more efficiently and easily in a fast way. Automatic routing solutions assist engineering professionals to design the model with the ductwork, plumbing, and piping systems or manually put out lighting and power systems devices. Revit MEP software has a parametric design change process means that any change to the MEP model is co-ordinated automatically throughout the complete model. It also Maintains a single, consistent model design of the building that helps to keep drawings co-ordinated and reduce errors.

Accurate Design with Building Performance Analysis
Autodesk’s Revit MEP produces accurate building information models (BIM) that represent realistic, real-time design conditions, enabling users to make more efficient design decisions during the earlier stages in the design and modeling process. Project team members can better coordinate with each other and meet goals, perform energy analysis, evaluate system loads and produce heating and cooling load reports with software’s integrated analysis tools. Revit MEP also has the feature to export of green building extensible markup language (gbXML) files that are used with Autodesk Ecotect Analysis software and the Autodesk Green Building Studio web-based service and third-party applications for efficient design and analysis.

Duct and Pipe System Modelling
CAD Training on Revit MEP is a necessary course that provides job guarantee in Design Engineering field. User-friendly layout tools enable easier model generation and modifications for Revit users. Revit updates model views as well as sheets automatically. This helps to maintain documentation and project consistency throughout the project timeline. Engineering professionals can create HVAC systems with mechanical functionality and provide 3Dimensional modeling for ductwork and piping as well as modify the model by editing design elements on the screen in almost any view or layout. Modeling process can also be done in both section view and elevation views. All design model views and sheets update automatically whenever and wherever a change is made, generating a more accurate, coordinated and efficient designs and documentations.

HVAC and Electrical System Design
Revit MEP software communicates the design model visually with room color-fill plans. With different color schemes, project team members no longer have to spend time understanding spreadsheets and using colored pencils on printed plans to make understanding easy. Alliterations, revisions, and alterations to color-fill plans are updated automatically throughout the model. Revit MEP creates any number of schemes and maintains better consistency throughout the project. In Revit MEP 3-dimensional model design for specifications of duct model and piping design assists users to create HVAC systems that can be represented using different color schemes for design airflow, realistic airflow, mechanical zones, and other components. Revit MEP Create separate electrical color schemes for power loads designs, lighting required per area and much more. A Professional Certification Revit structure course on HVAC CAD Design provides better job opportunities to the Mechanical Engineers. 

Conduit and Cable Tray Modelling
Revit MEP contains powerful features with layout tools that provide easier modeling of electrical systems and data cable trays and conduit. It has Better co-ordination and it creates accurate construction drawings in a faster way by using real-world conduit and cable tray combinations in the model. New schedule types can report the total length of cable tray and conduit runs, this results in rapid calculation and listing of required materials. Revit also assists the user to get the estimations of the project.

Optimized Design Collaboration and Co-ordination
With the use of Autodesk Revit classes in Pune, Professionals from different disciplines like architects, structural engineers as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers can coordinate together and work more effectively based on work process and project requirements. Revit minimizes design co-ordination errors and flaws among the extended project team and helps to reduce design errors with real-time conflicts and interference detection. Revit Architecture Training Institute In Pune will help students and professionals to use Revit MEP Training in Pune for the development of the MEP design model, product simulation, design communication, schedule creation, estimation and much more. The training course of Revit will help the individuals to master the software application adding their skills and employability to a greater level.

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Sai Bole

I was here for almost 6 months for the Revit course but never felt like I was being dragged to, as the teacher sir was very kind , friendly and there was positive and co-operative nature. I got to learn a lot of things. Trainer always guided me throughout the course and always treated me as a friend. They provided me free placement call and I got placed finally. Trainer helped me to boost my confidence. Thanks SevenMentor

Deepali Khedekar

SevenMentor is the best CAD/CAM course. Staff is very friendly and guide students with expertise and sole attention when needed. Its a complete package experience as communication skills also enhanced during course and help to crack interviews. They provided me free interview calls for placement. With enough confidence I got placed too.

Pooja Shewale

Got placed through SevenMentor by doing Revit Course. Excellent Institute, faculties having great industrial experience. Faculties are very helpful. Nice environment.

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