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Our Mission

To deliver quality services that delight our clients by ensuring continual improvement of processes thereby adding value to all our stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the International market, providing World class one-stop recruitment solution to our client.

Company Culture

We are open to our Employees, in terms of their personal growth and career wise.

Open Positions

Training Profiles

If you are passionate about teaching and having extraordinary influece power to teach candidates in a way they Learn – Understand -Apply then SevenMnetor Welcome you for the profile of Training

BPO Jobs

Explore the career in Voice Process and be a part of Large MNCs, Yes !!! We are hunting for a passionate people who can serve their Skill and telent with power of immpressive and convincing “Voice Skills”.

IT Jobs

IT field been a competetive and challenging since last few decades and two, If you are Unique in the IT Skill you are working so long, then Sevenmentor has one level up for your career here.

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Available Categories

-IT Jobs

-BPO Jobs

Perks & Benefits


Competitive Salary

Always a highest Salary Employer Ratio in the Market


Monthly Outings

Every Months last Saturday will be Fixed for outing and Fun Activites to Refresh our Minds


Company Parties

We always have bookings for celebrations, Work-Enjoy-Eat-Repeat!!!!


Company Trips

Outing is our passion, Be ready for long trips every 3 Months


Health & Dental

Monthly Health Check-up indoor and outdoor Company Premises.

Paid Vacation

We know how important is a vacation with family and friends matters, enjoy Zero Deducation.

Targeted Bonuses

We always Appreciate and celebrate target meets with cash and Coupon Perks  

401k + Matching

We Care for Salaries and hence provides more than expected matches win Salaries


A step Ahead in Education!

Family – the word itself states the meaning. When we hear this word most of us will only relate to our parents, children, spouse, relatives, friends, etc. The reason why we relate so is just because we know that these people will always be there with us in any situation. These people have been with us in all our difficult times. Some people are there only in our happy times and choose to be apart during our hardships. But in today’s era do we really spend our entire time with our families? Everyone knows the answer to this and that is NO. Then where are we spending our precious time which we will not be getting back again even if we wish. It’s the company that we are working for. What is the reason behind spending our precious time with the company? Yes off course the reason is again our family. Everyone is participating in the race of becoming successful and proving ourselves. We just get 24 hours in a day to complete whatever we want to.. Out of these 24 hours, we are bound to spend a minimum of 9 hours at our workplace. If we are spending these 9 hours in a company where we are not satisfied, are we fare enough with ourselves? No right… Then where is the loophole… Have we ever tried to identify it? And if yes did we work on that.. When a person wants to join any company he first checks the following parameters. 1) Remuneration 2) Profile 3) Location. The general search engine stops here, but I would like to specify one of the most important point which we often miss on and that is none other than the company’s work culture. Because if the work culture is not good then may what come in your pocket, whichever profile you get or even if the location is just next to your door, one will not be able to work in that particular organisation for more than 6 months. If this is the case again you have to kick start your search engine and which will only result in wasting of time and energy. Ever anyone has wondered why the generation before us ie. our parents had such a stress free life and generally retired from the same company they joined. The only major factor for this is Company atmosphere and the growth opportunities they got. In today’s world it is really difficult to get that. Does a company really exists which will provide us good profile, good remuneration to meet our needs, peace of mind, friendly atmosphere and majorly a company that is away from internal politics.
Yes, we exist.. We are SevenMentor & training Pvt ltd.

SevenMentor & Training Pvt Ltd is a US based company located at Fergusson College Road near Shivaji Nagar in Pune. Our company functions in various domains viz. Enterprise Network Solution, Enterprise Security Solution, Network Auditing, Network Consulting Services and HR Services as well. We have various job roles here which allows one to expand their career in the field they desire to.

Job Roles at SevenMentor

Enterprise Network Consultants

Project Manager

IT Engineer

Software Developer

Cloud Architect

Network Engineer

Cisco Voice Engineer

Cisco Security Engineer

Desktop Support Engineer


Education Counsellor


Placement Executive

Account and Admin

Digital Marketing Executive

Business Development Manager

Human Resource Generalist

And many more..

As mentioned above SevenMentor always treats their every individual employee as their family member. SevenMentor has the great working atmosphere because of which every employee takes ownership in whatever they are doing and excels in it. The reason SevenMentor is one of the best company is because of its employees. You get a very friendly environment here. The company has very simple policies which has never played a role of burden on any of their employees. They have always got whatever they wanted in order to develop one’s self and the company as well. The management of SevenMentor is the backbone of the company where they have never choose politics as a medium but have always walked on the way of teamwork. Teamwork is the most essential thing in the company where every single individual gets equal and fair opportunity to reach the sky. SevenMentor & Training Pvt Ltd is such a place where the company not only focuses on the company growth but also helps each and every employee of theirs to fly high and sky is never the limit for them.

5 Reasons Why SevenMentor is The Best Place To Work With.


The most important reason why one spends their precious time within an organization is the salary. These days there are companies who want to have the best employees associated with them and want them to work on the lowest possible packages and also at times work as slaves. This is something which gives a path to attrition and also affects the growth of an organization. SevenMentor is a company that pays the best salary in the market for any desired role. Salaries paid are always on time. This has created a very strong pillars in SevenMentor in the face of employees.

Profile –

SevenMentor as mentioned has various job roles. Every profile in this company is treated on the same level and there is no such policy which will judge superior or inferior. Trainers here are never forced to stick to the same technology and are allowed to spread their wings. The company has not set any fixed protocol or method which needs to be followed by the trainers. The company always encourages every employee to upgrade to the next level.
Counsellors is again one of the challenging yet ambitious profile which will help you to develop your personality and also your skill sets. The counsellors besides their salaries are rewarded with attractive incentives every month. Sales is a profile which is full of pressure but at the same time is you have a company which supports you immediately whenever you require the management is always keen towards it.

Location –

SevenMentor is located in the heart of Pune city. Shivajinagar is a place which has almost all modes of transport and is easy to commute. The connectivity of this location is so good which reduces the travelling time. SevenMentor has another branch near Wadia college Bund garden road which is again connected to Pune station. Joining SevenMentor will reduce your travelling pain. 

Stability –

SevenMentor believes in long term employment. The pillar of SevenMentor have been created in the same way because unless and until an employee will not find the company taking efforts for them the employee will never take ownership. SevenMentor is second home for almost all of their employees due to the work culture the respect that they get and the growth which they look forward to. Timely increments, appraisals and flexibility have played an important role in achieving the peak SevenMentor has reached. 

Management –

This particular word management plays a very vital role in any organization. If the management is supportive and kind in nature, it automatically creates the work environment peaceful. SevenMentor has such a management. They always have time for their employees concerns and motivates them to grow. Being successful is not an easy task. It is possible only when you have positivity around. Mr Pawan Bhosikar is a biggest and strongest back bone of this company. Mr Praveen Baheti is the foundation of SevenMentor who is not physically present in the organization but he is always there for his employees and never takes into consideration about the time gap between US and India. They have an eye to expertise.

The above mentioned things are the most essential to become a successful working professional. Whenever you are looking for such an opportunity to be very useful as it will be the question of your career.


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