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  1. How to increase plane size?

Ans- Menu->tools->options->infrastructure->Part infrastructure->Display->Axis size in mm.

  1. What to do if tree size will smaller?

Ans- Press control & scroll mouse cursor.

  1. Definition of Design.

Ans- 1. Creation of New part

  1. Modification in old part
  2.  What Dimensions Are Necessary To Constrain Ellipse?

Ans- Dimension of Major axis, minor axis and distance from origin are required to fully constraint ellipse.

  1. Who Is Developer Of Catia Software?

Ans- A French Company Dassault Systems developed CATIA.

  1. What is the difference between symmetry command and mirror command in CATIA?
    Ans- Symmetry-The original sketch is cut and the new one is pasted about the reference plane.

Mirror command – copy both the new one and the original sketch about the reference plane. Learn more at AutoCAD Course in Pune.


  1. Differentiate between trim and quick trim?
    Ans- Trim – we can extend a line along with trimming.

Quick trim – we can only trim a line or curve but not able expand or minimize it.


  1. What is sketch analysis in CATIA?

Ans- This tool we can use to analyze the sketch whether it is open or closed. We can make changes accordingly.


  1. What is positioned sketch?
    Ans- We can orient a sketch plane according to requirement then you can sketch its positioned sketch.
  2. What is geometrical constraint?

Ans- The constraint which controls the shape of geometry.

  1. In catia V5R21, R stands for what?

Ans- R stands for Release

  1. How we can edit all multiple dimensions of sketch at a time?

Ans- By option in constraint -> Edit multi-constraints

  1. By using which constraint, we can maintain equal dimensions?

Ans- By using equivalent dimensions.

  1. How we can take other side of circle without using arc?

Ans- By option compliment in circle

  1. How we can convert an arc in to a circle?

Ans- By using close arc in circle

  1. Which is first version of CATIA?

Ans- Its CATI-Conception Assistee tridimenssionnelle Interactive

  1. How to select edges from the geometry?

Ans- By using tool “Selection Filter”

  1. How many Degree of freedoms are there?

Ans- Total Number of DOF Are 6

  1. Translational 3.Rotational
  2. What is definition of Constraint?

Ans- To make DOF Zero. We can fix the position of sketch. Read more at AutoCAD Classes in Pune

  1. Types of constraints with Colors.

Ans- Under Constraint, ISO/Fully Constraint, over constraint & Colors are white, Green, Magenta respectively.

  1. What Red Color indicates in Sketch?

Ans- Red color indicates inconsistent geometry.

  1. How we can understand exact Horizontal or vertical lines?

Ans- By color coding of Blue Color.

  1. How we can exit from command? Explain the methods.

Ans- 1. Esc From keyboard

  1. Select on select tool
  2. Selection of same tool
  3. How we can constraint the circle?

Ans- By giving its own parameters like diameter / radius& center distance from horizontal & vertical

  1. What is file extension of Sketcher?

Ans- It is .CATpart

  1. How we can get missing toolbar?

Ans- Right Click on space given for toolbar, there we can get different types of toolbars. Select the missing one

  1. How we can enter Part design?

Ans- Start -> Mechanical design -> Part Design

  1. How we can create a pad using open profile?
    Ans- By using thick option in pad you can extrude any open profile using pad
  2. What are trim ribbons?
    Ans- whenever overlapping material in edge fillets. we use trim ribbons to remove it.
  3. What is Range of Conic In Edge fillet?

Ans- It is 0.1 to 0.9

  1. What is use of Multipad?

Ans- We can extrude two or more profiles of different height.

  1. How we can Create Corner chamfer for Nut/Bolt?

Ans- By using Groove option we can create Corner Chamfer for bolt/Nut.

  1. How we can create sheet metal parts in Part Design?

Ans- We can Create Sheet metal parts by using Shell tool.

  1. Expand CAD/CAM/CAE

Ans- Computer aided Design/Manufacturing/Engineering.

  1. Expand PLM.

Ans- PLM-Product Lifecycle management.

36.What Is Difference between PAD & Multipad?

Ans- PAD- for Single Profile.

Multipad – For different types of Profiles


  1. What kind of profile should be there for creating stiffener?

Ans- It used for Open Profile too.

  1. What is the difference between assemble and add?

Ans- If Pocket is assembled with a padded body it gets subtracted.

But if we use ADD command for the same two bodies then they will get added irrespective of their nature (Pad or Pocket).

  1. What are different types of coupling modes are there in loft?

Ans- Ratio, Tangency, tangency then curvature & Vertices.

  1. What is the difference between Affinity and Scaling?

Ans- Scaling – Resizing the body to the scale that we specify, in all the directions.

Affinity: – Resizing the body to the scale, which you specify in a particular direction only, specified by us.

  1. What do you mean by hybrid modelling?

Ans- Hybrid modelling is combination of Solid & Surface.

  1. How Much the thickness of surface?

Ans- The thickness of surface is Negligible/infinitely less.

  1. Types of Stiffener?

Ans- 1. from Side 2. From Top

  1. How we can change the units in CATIA V5?

Tools->Options->Parameters & measures->units

  1. Expand STEP?

Ans- Standard for the exchange of product Data

  1. Types of Assembly

Ans- 1. Top down 2. Bottom up

  1. What is difference between Top down & Bottom up assembly?

Ans- Bottom up – Call the part from another workbench

Top Down – create the parts in assembly workbench.

  1. What is difference between move & constraint toolbar in assembly workbench?

Ans- Move is temporary toolbar & constraint is permanent toolbar

  1. What is basic requirement for sectional view in drafting?

Ans- The view must be active view of which we need to section.

  1. What is shortcut key of update the assembly?

Ans- Ctrl+U

  1. How to sc ale the view in drafting?

Ans- Right click on required view ->properties->view->scale

  1. What is extension of drafting workbench in catia?


  1. What to do if we want fillet to single line (if it tangent)?

Ans- Edge fillet->Edge fillet definition box->Selection mode->Minimal

  1. What are the hole types using in CATIA?

Ans- 1. Simple 2. Tapered 3.Counter bored 4. Countersunk 5. Counter drilled

  1. How we can extend the surface?

Ans- By using extrapolate option we can extend the surface. Learn more at AutoCAD Training in Pune

  1. What is file extension of assembly design ?


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