Challenges encountered in learning a new language

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  • July 4, 2022
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Challenges encountered in learning a new language

Challenges encountered in learning a new language –


One takes a great deal of patience, enthusiasm, and perseverance to start something new and stick with it. There are many obstacles to get through while trying to learn a new language as an adult who is past the age of efficient acquisition. Learning a second language is frequently necessary, as it is necessary for the majority of the world’s non-English speaking population. A lot of the time, our inner motivation to learn a language comes from our desire to better understand the cultural facets of the language and the nation that it comes from. 

Whatever the case, one often is confronted with obstacles and challenges when it comes to acquiring a new language. The syntax, terminologies, grammatical structures, varying patterns of sentence constructions and last but not the least the pronunciation are just a few amongst the common hurdles faced. We are here referring to other problems that make things complex or come to a halt before they even commence. Why do materials go untouched and online lectures go unattended? Let’s investigate further.


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Anxiety towards learning –

Fear may or may not be experienced by every learner. However, when faced, learning a language is considered a larger hindrance than its intricate grammar rules. People come to a halt in their tracks of the terror of failing to accomplish their learning requirements. How to get past it? Preferably try speaking with your language professional, however, the greatest approach is to always dive in and get going. The most frightening element for learners is imagining something unpleasant may follow instead of coping with what is now occurring. One needs to practice frequently, diligently and learn to admit one’s flaws positively, and learn to make a jest about oneself.


Scarcity of resources –

Thorough practice is the key element when learning a foreign language is considered. Not having enough opportunities to speak and revise can put the learner at risk. This may affect the confidence of the learner in grasping fluency in the language. This can be unfortunate, but don’t let it spoil the thrill of learning and experiencing the advantage of multilingualism. And anyway one who is awakened and committed towards achieving one’s goals understands that it’s important to create your own possibilities in the adversities of life. Also having the digital world at your fingertips you avail a range of resources for practice. Thus, increased exposure to it can open up prospects for language learning and help you strengthen your abilities.


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Adapting to new techniques –

Every language has its distinct structure and is specific in its constructions. It is impossible to decipher languages in the exact same words to that of one’s native tongue unless one understands the unique syntax and grammatical elements. Not being able to acquire and take things in your set methods is a significant roadblock in the process of learning as does failing to admit major characteristics of the language. Several languages employ gender specific endings whereas others have different styles of writing. That’s how they are! This is where the road becomes slippery and one needs to be careful. A thorough understanding and study of the language’s background and origin is essential to adapt to its structure. All languages aren’t straightforward as compared to English. Every learner struggles with the limitations of his native tongue and tries constructing the sentences in his thoughts and then writes them down. Accept and acknowledge these differences. 


Lack of time –

Commonly observed this is a legitimate justification that is difficult to address. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world it is tedious and complicated to find the appropriate convenience to learn a new language considering time to dedicate is the major factor involved. It might be exhausting and challenging yet is not impossible to achieve. One needs to strive in finding convenient ways to practice the language.Certainly, there are multiple methods to acquire grammatical constructions. Because technology is so readily available these days, it is now much easier to learn new skills at the click of your fingertips and to be directed through the language learning process in a fun way. One needs to prioritize the perception of one’s time. This way you will notice how certain things will automatically fall into place when you learn to manage the apt use of the time available in hand. In this manner, one can include the acquisition of the language in the already existing schedule and not crib on excuses of not being able to spare time.


Gaining the confidence –

During the learning period, sometimes your inner self is the demon that prohibits you from achieving your goals. It is the monster that makes you pessimistic in your thoughts and degrades your self-belief. Do not pay heed and dump it into the trash and then watch out for the results. Climbing the ladder of success is only possible with an optimistic frame of mind. Then, the opportunities are unlimited. Always believe your good instincts. Learning is a continual process, just like Rome wasn’t constructed in a day. Practice makes perfect. Being constant is essential for achieving the objective.


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Now that you have discovered and unveiled the whole of your numerous rationalizations for delaying the language acquisition, halfway is the dilemma fixed. Make a thorough analysis for yourself as to what is the most difficult aspect for you to resolve and you will soon be able to set off on your journey with languages.



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