Character Frequency Counting in Python

  • By Karishma Pawar
  • August 2, 2023
  • Python
Character Frequency Counting in Python

Character Frequency Counting in Python

Character frequency counting in Python is a fundamental task in text processing and analysis. It helps to understand the distribution of characters in a given text, which can be useful in various applications, such as data analysis, text mining, and cryptography. In this project, we’ll build a simple Python tool to count character frequencies in a user-provided text input.


Problem Statement:

Create a Python program that takes text input from the user and counts the frequency of each character (including spaces, punctuation, and special characters) present in the input. The program should then display the characters and their respective frequencies.


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Character frequency counting is an essential task in natural language processing, data analysis, and cryptography. By implementing this program, we can better understand the distribution of characters in a given text, identify the most common characters, and even detect anomalies or patterns in the text.

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Complete Python Code:

def character_frequency_counter(text):

    char_frequency = {}


    for char in text:

        # Ignore whitespace characters

        if char.isspace():



        # Increment the frequency count for each character

        char_frequency[char] = char_frequency.get(char, 0) + 1


    return char_frequency


def display_character_frequencies(char_frequency):

    print(“Character Frequencies:”)

    for char, frequency in char_frequency.items():

        print(f”‘{char}’: {frequency}”)


def main():

    print(“Character Frequency Counter”)

    print(“Enter a text to count character frequencies:”)

    text = input()


    char_frequency = character_frequency_counter(text)



if __name__ == “__main__”:




Character Frequency Counter

Enter a text to count character frequencies:

SeveMentor Pvt. Ltd. Pune

Character Frequencies:

‘S’: 1

‘e’: 4

‘v’: 2

‘M’: 1

‘n’: 2

‘t’: 3

‘o’: 1

‘r’: 1

‘P’: 2

‘.’: 2

‘L’: 1

‘d’: 1

‘u’: 1


In this project, we successfully created a Python program to count the frequency of each character in a given text input. The program handles all types of characters, including spaces, punctuation, and special characters. By providing the input text, the program produces a clear and organized output, showing each character along with its corresponding frequency.

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