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Isn’t it nice to dine in a space that’s well-lighted? Well, no one wants to eat in a dining area that’s dark! No one wants to eat without seeing the food and without looking at the person he or she’s dining with.

Dining with family members enhances the quality of health. It’s the perfect time to partake stories and talk to each other about what happened that day. Because of this, the dining area needs to be inviting and gemütlich. It needs to give a positive feeling to those who’ll use the space.

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Do you agree?

With that, it’s an urge to have our dining areas well lighted and well decorated. Most homes would use a single source of light in order to illuminate the area.

Guys, have you guessed that we could really do many things when it comes to dining table light?

Today I would be sharing some ideas on how we could choose the perfect lighting for your dining space. Piecemeal from its function in lighting the space, lighting institutions can also be an added decoration to the home. During the discussion we will also guide you to choose a pendant, chandelier or other lighting.

Before that, then are the introductory effects that you need to consider when you add lighting to the dining area.


Placement of suspended chandeliers or elegant pendant lights look really attractive for the dining area. When you hang your lighting, whether it’s an indoor room or an open plan, you’ve got to form sure that the sunshine institution is placed center over the board .


Many people may arise with the question about the height of lighting placed. Placement of the lights needs to be at a height so that it will not obstruct the view and the placement of light should not be low so that the illumination of the space is low. The institution should be hung 28 ″-36 ″ above the tabletop.

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There are some design guidelines that will help you –

1.Consider table shape and size-

The shape and size of your dining table can help you elect your lighting. For round tables, it’s recommended that you use round or coliseum- shaped or hexagonal lighting fixture.However, you can try using a round or cube or square institution or any direct pendant light, If the table is square or cube. Selecting a suitable table size, a small table would get justified with a huge pendant light. Double Light installation is greatly suited for Long tables.

2.Don’t obstruct the view-

Some dining apartments have a great view from the area or features an intriguing wallpaper or wall décor. However, make sure that your lighting institution won’t obstruct the view, If that’s the case. Choose an open institution like pen chandeliers. You can also hang it higher than usual, above eye position, so that it’ll allow a good view of the area around it.

3.Decide on your room’s style-

Your choice of a lighting institution will also depend on the room’s style. You have to decide if you want a dining area that’s ultramodern, miscellaneous or whatever you want. For a more formal vibe, get institutions that have chargers or use essence on it like citation or gold institutions. But if you prefer a casual look, get an institution with jute, ropes or rustic globules. Using institutions made from natural accoutrements will warm up the space.

4.Get the right size and shape of your lighting institution-

The size and shape of your dining room light institution will have a great impact on your space. An institution should be 30 cm or 12 ″ lower than the table in all directions. This way, it’ll not look too big or too small for your space. Another way to determine the size is to add the length and range of the room together and also use the sum as the periphery of the institution. Use bases for the room’s dimension and elevation for the size of the institution. For illustration, if your room is 5 bases by 8 bases, also the periphery of your light institution will be in the range of 12- elevation. As for the shape, we’ve mentioned this in tip number one. But you can also choose the bones that you suppose will look great for your dining area.

5.Mix with other lighting-

Most homes will just use one lighting for the dining area. Well, this isn’t enough! Try to add fresh lighting to your focal point institution. You can add adjourned or track lighting that’s aimed to a cabinetwork or to a piece of art. Bring in some table lights on a cupboard or a press table to add some gleam in the area. Illuminate your closets with LED strip lighting or you can use glass doors for your closets so it can add sparkle to the space. Selection of Wall scones will also stand looking amazing. 

6.Add a dimmer switch-

It isn’t just the living room or bedroom that would need a dimmer switch. You can change the mood of your dining room depending on the event. However, it would be great to have bright lighting, If you have a family regale. But if you have a regale party, try to make the light a little dimmer. You can also have a romantic regale with your mate by customizing the light position to match the mood. This way, you can achieve a night regale in your own home!

7.Enhancing the room Brightness-

In order to get sufficient light and the perfect quantum of air in your room, see to it that the total wattage of all your light institutions is between 200 and 400 watts. Also, you need to decide the brilliance of the room since this will also affect your selection. However, you can get those with tones like a barrel pendant light, If you want institutions that give a diffused lighting.

8.Choose the type of lighting institutions you want –

There are unlimited options for lighting institutions. You just have to choose one depending on its design, accoutrements, size, shape, color, and others. However, get a barrel pendant or lanterns that are enclosed on all sides, If you want to get subtle lighting. Try bell pendant lights to have a limelight effect. Implementation of a glass chandelier or Elegant pendant light can also help to make it look light and open. You can indeed use lights that can produce patterns on the walls and ceilings.

9.The ceiling matters-

Supposedly, it’s easier to install lighting institutions when the ceiling is flat. But if it’s learned, it would be more grueling. Hence, you have to make sure that you get an institution that has a flexible cord or chain to make it easier to install. However, you need to make sure that it can wheel so you can hang it straight, If you choose one with a stem.

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10.Of course, make sure it’s charming –

Majorly in today’s trends we need to create aesthetics first and later the function. Still, we also need to consider how beautiful the lighting institution is. However, go for a big chandelier with numerous details, If you want it to be the highlight of the space. But if you want the dining room’s background or other features to be the center of magnet, also conclude for a simpler lighting that can enhance your space. Others get institutions that look like mobiles or commodities that’s really cultural. Whatever you choose, make sure that it looks charming, inviting and it adds beauty to your dining area.

Picking the perfect dining room lighting institution is not that hard. In fact, it can indeed be pleasurable to do that! One big factor that you can consider in choosing is your particular taste. Some homeowners fall in love with a certain institution that they buy first before the dining table. After that, they will design the space predicated on the lighting institution. Get an institution that you really like while considering all the goods that we have mentioned over. This way, you will get value for your capitalist! You can also get further tips on how to get good dining room lighting to make sure that your space will look fully fascinating.



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