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  • May 24, 2021

This really is a Disclaimer our site functions on the grounds of biscuits and revived info.  The cookie is saved in your hard disk.  This document might be consulted and employed to build your browser to know you better. These cookies help us function better to customize the expertise of our customers and let them reach their needs easily.  We improve the participation and solutions foundation of those biscuits.

The cookies help deliver the following:

  • User’s estimated usage pattern
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How do we use your information?

We believe in total transparency and care to allow you to realize how your personal data has been used on our stage. Whenever you’re conscious about people, you expect us more. Listed below are a Couple of things how we use your data at this stage: Together with your cookies, we will collect specific data from the third parties too. We collect this information only in relation with all the purposes mentioned previously. But we like to you personally know the functions shared above isn’t exhaustive. We might apply analytics programs on the information supplied to us too.

  1. To know your needs and deliver so.
  2. To adhere to all contract limitations according to legal standards on our site.

To administer and monitor the safety amounts of SevenMentor. The inner operations which give rise to the security upkeep like information analysis, testing, research, operations, troubleshooting, etc., are better known though your own information.

We utilize email advertising. Your data helps us know what’s of significance to you and supply you relevant information only.

How do we proceed with BILLING?

We make it clear to our customers that information is kept as shared with the consumer through the internet platforms. Upon sharing your private info, you consent to supplying us consent for sharing your data entirely, when and if required under the terms of law. These promotional emails call for the goods and service range accessible with us or those of our affiliates and customers.

Security Norms

If you enroll with us and discuss your individual info with us, we keep a record of your e mail IDs that are subsequently utilized to share promotional material with you from time to time. By sharing your email ID with us, you consent to let us be in contact with you personally for promotional material. But, no programs online are a 100% protected. We try and make sure there is no information lost in transmission maintaining our servers as secure as you can.

How do we retain our information database?

We make it understandable to our users that all information is retained as shared by the user via the web platforms.

How comfortable are you, sharing your personal information with us?

We can update or change this privacy policy from time to time based on the shift in the business. As we keep that the email and other contact information of yours, we will attempt to stay in touch with you and consider your opinion into account before proceeding with any comprehensive modifications, if you can, in the event of any authorized or monetarily successful alterations.


Legal Disclaimer

Upon sharing your personal information, you agree to providing us permission for sharing your information entirely, if and when required under the provisions of law.

Email Database

Upon your agreement, we will exhibit the data agreed upon. By discussing your information and registering with us to your own personal credentials, you consent that you’ve shared with the consent with us for communication with you via email platforms regarding safety, privacy and administrative issues regarding your usage. It’s upon you also periodically review this privacy policy to be able to remain current, about how we protect our information and transmission.

How we connect with our International Users?

Besides some basic personal info, we also request specific financial information from you for the purpose of charging like your mailing address to remit your obligations, your own account/debit or charge card information, your fiscal system use, etc.. We know that net poses numerous safety hazards, therefore we guarantee that the protected servers are so and there’s absolutely not any breach of safety. As a user, you’re privy to your private credentials which enable you to act as a exceptional thing for the training stage which will be, SevenMentor.

E-commerce monitoring

To supply a superior online shopping experience, our shopping cart can use cookies to temporarily save names and email addresses. Cookies won’t ever store credit card info since they’re processed with payment gateways which use Secure Encryption Technology.

Topical Links

Our website may have links to different websites, including third-party websites or resources. We’re not liable for the privacy policies and information practices of third party websites. Please examine the privacy policies of third party websites as each website has different conditions of use and privacy policies.

Course Content

Course content for several of the study programs both online and combined programs is supplied only for the purpose of instruction and advice. The class material is reviewed regularly and is subject to change without notice. SevenMentor reserves the right to alter training material without notice.

Copyright information

You’re able to electronically copy or take print outs of the website pages, just for individual use. SevenMentor retains the copyright to all of the content on this website, unless otherwise indicated. Written consent from the copyright holder must be obtained for any use of the material other than for purposes allowed by law.

Personal Information Policy Picture and Video Capture

Any pictures captured during events arranged and hosted by SevenMentorshouldn’t be misused. Including images ofSevenMentor personnel and coaching participants. If you register in a SevenMentor class your image might also be featured in videos or photos of their SevenMentor classes.

Sharing your private information

In case you’ve obtained a SevenMentor class, we might request to get a testimonial and along with your consent, exhibit your testimonial, photographs or videos on our website or at our social networking channels like facebook, YouTube or Flickr. You must take note that your openly identifiable information can be utilized to send you promotional messages that are unsolicited. We’re not accountable for the private information that you’ve selected to exhibit.


If you don’t need us to incorporate your pictures/testimonials on our website or onto our societal networking stations, it is possible to send an email to