Criticism: How to deal with it

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  • March 30, 2022
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Criticism: How to deal with it

Handling criticism is hard, however, an important part of being an employee. In the workplace, it may be needed by you to pay attention and accept criticism from a superior, manager or different coworkers. To use their criticism to improve, you want to realize the way to listen, understand and practice their suggestions. 

What is criticism? 

The first step in order to deal with criticism at work is to be aware of what effective criticism seems like. Constructive criticism is the approach of providing valid and logical opinions about the work of others, normally related to each tremendous and negative comment. The purpose of positive criticism ought to continually be to enhance the productiveness or overall performance of the individual being criticized. 

Criticism is also likely to come via reliable channels. It is af if there is a one-on-one assembly with better management. It also can happen more naturally, like someone from your team suggesting improvement on a project. Regardless of the source, it can benefit you significantly to recognize the way to deal with criticism of all types, as it could not constantly be positive. 

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How to deal with criticism at work

Criticism is important for a healthy workplace. Acceptive criticism at work is also a crucial step which takes you closer to increasing your performance and professional success. Here are some steps for the way to beware of criticism at work: 

  • control your reaction

Everything concerning your response matters, as your reaction may be taken as an indicator of your maturity and professionalism. Also, maintain in your thoughts that your facial expressions and frame language are merely as vital as your phrases within the method you react to complaints. Between verbal and nonverbal communication, the general public thinks about nonverbal to be a lot of truthful.

The primary reaction you ought to categorically isn’t any reaction. Before you are saying anything, take a deep breath and pause. This seems simple, but it’s able to prevent you from doing or announcing one thing you’ll regret. It to boot offers you a second to regulate your visual communication and facial expressions. 

If the criticism is totally unexpected, you’ll take longer to method it. raise the person if you may replicate the conversation for a small amount at an equivalent time as once that you communicate with them yet again later. 

  • Try to not take it personally

Many of us see their work employment as an extension of themselves. it’s easy to require criticism of your work overall performance personally. attempt to split yourself as somebody from your duties, and take under consideration that errors aren’t any reflection of your character. Criticism is generally double-geared toward your work, not you. 

  • process the criticism

attempt to keep from excuses and defensiveness. Instead, articulate what you propose to do otherwise to improve. Then, follow through and create those changes. Of all the items you’ll be able to do in reaction to criticism, that’s the most indicative of your capability to method it appropriately. It suggests to others that you simply are mature and self-conscious enough to affect criticism. 

  • give yourself some grace

Everybody makes mistakes, and no-one is tuned in to everything. If you notice criticism as the simplest way to assist you discover those areas and move forward, you’ll get the good viable final results of the criticism. 

  • Show appreciation

Although it may be exhausting therein second to urge the words out, you wish to acknowledge the individual’s honesty and their delivery if it becomes kind and constructive. Bear in mind that giving criticism is often as uncomfortable as receiving it, therefore the communication becomes most likely awkward for the chosen individual as well. 

  • Show humility

Ego will lead you to react badly, particularly to poorly delivered criticism. bear in mind that there may be some truth in it, even though it’s hurtful. Your ego can try to guard you with the help of discounting the criticism, now not thanks to the very fact it’s inaccurate, but due to terrible delivery. Remember, if you reply humbly, you’ll be able to enjoy a precious mastering opportunity. 

  • Apologize conservatively

a particular rationalization or a tough conceit to create amends whereby none is asked solely makes the communication additional awkward. Also, if delivered poorly, the phrases might also sound defensive. Apologizing an excessive amount can also convey the uncomfortable spirit of that communication back once more and again and sometimes provides one thing helpful to the interaction. 

  • Do not dwell on the criticism

The temptation is frequently to replay the communication again and again in your mind. You may also second-guess each word and wish you had stated something different. However, this most effectively distracts you from the lesson you may examine from the experience. Throughout your career, you’ll probably have more than such experiences. Give it the time it is due, and then move on. 

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How to change the way you feel about criticism

1.Think the best of the critic – 

When a coworker or manager offers you feedback, consider it as a favor they’re doing only for you. That character became interested enough in you to make the effort that will help you develop and enhance in your selected field. After all, to expand your position, you need to realize wherein you have room for improvement. If a person desires to harm you, they might see your mistakes and say nothing. 

2. Be self-aware – 

Defensiveness is natural, and you could certainly experience harm with the aid of using crucial comments. Give yourself some time to transport beyond that. If something appears too painful, consider why that may be. This will be a reminder

of another time for your lifestyles whilst something else became further hurtful. Understanding this is the important thing to getting beyond it. 

3.Listen –

You must focus on listening carefully rather than going by the words spoken. Remember that energetic listening approaches paying interest and processing, not the use of the time at the same time as the alternative character is talking to put together your reaction mentally. If you are not able to understand something, ask the speaker to clarify until you do understand. Take notes so that you can remember everything later. 

4.Respect negative criticism –

Instead of seeing useful remarks and positive criticism as opposites, find new ways to see them as equals. Although it may seem better to hold onto just one, both constitute a possibility to grow. Positive remarks allow you to increase through reinforcing a selected behavior, while criticism teaches by discouraging a behavior. Generally speaking, any criticism is better than no remarks at all. 

5.Learn –

Though you can experience like you’re losing self assurance or credibility at the same time as you’re taking note of important remarks, do not lose sight of the lesson. You have something to learn from each experience, even the negative ones and the mistakes. If a person is masterful in turning in positive criticism, be aware of the words they selected and the tone of voice. Watch the nonverbal cues and body language. This is precious information for the day you’re the only delivering the critique. You can study yourself via this procedure as well. Think approximately the way you react and the way criticism influences your self-confidence. 

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The keys to efficiently coping with criticism are: 

❖ figuring out the intent of the person criticizing 

❖ Countering the criticism smoothly and comfortably 

❖ Taking action on constructive criticism to improve 

❖ minimizing time with people who always criticize to harm you



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