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  • January 4, 2021
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Now a days, secure our website from cyber attack is very important in an information technology word  as our website  

Your web service security should become a top priority. So, to keep user data safe in 2020, follow  these 4 tips: 




  1. Never neglect security testing:  

While developing a website the security, Test plays a very important role in our website. The  security test we check is there any data leakage in our website. The security test which we will  from it is another manual or automatic. 


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  1. Use website-monitoring tools:-  

While developing our website to use a specific monitoring tool much needed the monitoring  tool will check the entire incoming and outgoing request and notify us according to notification  development team will take appropriate action. 


  1. Carefully choose third-party services :- 

While developing our website we use third-party services are common to achieve. Website  output while using third party services to check its licensing and agreement copy is very  important.


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  1. Encrypt sensitive data :- 

Even if the offender gets to your database, they won’t be able to extract any use from the  sensitive data stored there. Along with these tips, we’ve prepared some of the latest 2020 web  trends to keep your app and data safe. Here, 2 crucial components must be highlighted: 

4.1) AI for Cyber security:- 

Machines are getting more intelligent. Although this fact has both positive and negative  sides, in our report, we will pay attention to the advantages it brings. 

4.2) Block chain for Cyber security:– 

For several years, bit coin and other block chain-related topics have occupied their top  places in tech blogs and reports. In 2020, we would recommend taking a closer look at  it as a tool for web solution security. 

4.3) Database safety:- 

Once you store all your data in one place, you make it perfectly convenient for hackers  to steal it. Block chain is a decentralized database, which means that there is no single  authority or location to store data. Every user is responsible for data verification, and  none of the changes can be made unless everyone approves it. 

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4.4) Protected DNS:- 

Large companies the complete DNS decentralization. When content is distributed to a  myriad of nodes, it becomes nearly impossible for an attacker to find and use sensitive  points as well as attack your domain. 

Use it for your business :- 

No matter what web app you plan to launch, its security is the #1 thing you must focus on. Keep an  eye on the most effective approaches and make sure your development team has proficiency in  security questions and is skilled enough to keep important data safe.

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