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Scope in Digital Marketing | Future is Digital

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Scope in Digital Marketing | Future is Digital

Scope in Digital Marketing | Future is Digital

We live in a time where people use the internet for any search queries. The ever-growing craze of the internet has created many opportunities for business to increase their business. So we introduce Digital Marketing Course at SevenMentor in Pune.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is a rising sector at a fast pace. Many small and big scale business, as well as companies, is using Digital Marketing for competitive advantage. The process of reaching out and engaging with your customers or users through digital media or through digital technology is called Digital Marketing. There are a number of ways to be used for Digital Marketing to benefit their marketing efforts.

The use of Digital Marketing is not limited to only brands but also to market their products and services. In this way, Digital Marketing has become an increased advantage for brands and business. Now a day’s audience can post feedback online through social media sources or through Google reviews on their experience with a product or brand.

Digital Marketing Course in Pune is suitable for fresher as well any of the working employees can join this course. This course will provide a deep understanding and skills of Digital Marketing.

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Once you are done with the certification and completion of Digital Marketing Course, there will be multiple opportunities to start your career with different profiles. We provide 100% placement for the Digital Marketing Course.  You can start your career as SEM, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Digital Marketing Executive / Analyst / Trainee / Manager / Expert.

In order to go one step ahead among all Digital Marketing Certification is necessary. When a company hires, they usually look for certification, usually, students are used to describing skills on their resume, but they don’t have any certifications to show so the chances are likely to drop from consideration. So, it is always good to take a course certification so that you can stand different in all.

For your interview preparation, you can go through our previous blog named as Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers. Question and answers will be helpful for fresher as well as experienced Digital Marketing professionals.

There are different ways of Digital Marketing and these are explained below:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing visibility of your website into SERP (Search Engine Result Page). SEO helps us to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO term can be referred to as Organic Searches, unpaid results. Google always keeps checking for pages that contain High Quality and relevant information about the user search query; the user search query is nothing but the Keywords.

Keywords are the most imp term in Search Engine Optimization. While optimizing any website, it is really important to decide which keywords are important and what your site is all about. Keywords are the user queries or phrases in website content that make it possible for people to find the site via a search engine. Below screenshot will specify what are the Organic or free or unpaid searches.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Social Media Optimization used to manage social media networks to manage and maintain an online presence. In daily life, we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. So, in a Digital Marketing Social Media is used to increase awareness of Products or Services, to connect with customer and to keep customer engaging with product or services. Overall Digital Marketing is all about awareness and visibility. Social Media channels are available in free so it is easy to spread awareness from small to large scale business. We can use Social Media Optimization to keep online reputation of company profile.

We can join different groups on Social Media, so that we can again promote services and products in Facebook or Linkedin group and chances are likely to get organic leads, comments and shares engagement of customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social Media Marketing is another way to keep customers engaged with product or services. Social Media Marketing is basically the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Through Social Media Marketing, we can target markets over the internet via various social media platforms. There are different benefits of Social Media Marketing which are; it helps to Increase Brand Awareness. Social Media Marketing helps to Generate Leads and Boost Conversions and more. SevenMentor helps to showcase you the latest news and trends on the most popular social networks and how to reach and engage your audience with social media marketing best practices.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Pay Per Click is a paid marketing. Every time if someone clicks on ads, we send the user to our site, we have to pay a small fee to the search engine. PPC uses a bid strategy, Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click model in which we bid on keywords and pay for each click. The term PPC can apply to paid ads on social media networks, like Facebook and more. Campaigns are expansive, rather say Campaigns we can say Pay per click is expansive; we need to constantly refine and expand our campaign. We can run a campaign on Google and other Google Partner Website. To run the campaign on the search engine, we use the tool Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a free tool which allows you to market in the Google search engine and its partner sites.

Benefits of PPC –

–        Only Pay for Clicks
–        Faster Results with PPC than SEO
–        Fast results and Constant Traffic
–        Better ROI (Return On Investment)

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is an online sales and making money online marketing skill. So, we can say it the process of earning commissions and increase the sales of the product owner or the company’s product. Affiliate advertising and marketing is one of the oldest types of internet marketing in which you refer a person to any online product and when that man or woman buys the product based to your advice, you acquire a commission. The commission depends on what product you are promoting. Affiliate Marketing works in 4 simple steps:

–        Join Affiliate Program
–        Pick a product to promote
–        Share a link on different social media platforms
–        When someone will make a purchase, you will earn through it.

E-mail Marketing – Email marketing is the form of Digital Marketing, the use of email is to promote services or products. But the main purpose to do email marketing is to develop relationships with potential customers and clients. Email is something that customers look forward to reading and engage. There is two broad types of Email Marketing one email which we get are either for Engagement Emails and another one for Transactional Emails. The goal of Engagement Email is more of the branding by sending welcome emails, tips emails, customer stories, brand stories and more. We can create creative emails to attract the customer, to keep the customer engaged.

While doing online shopping we add few products into the cart and we forgot later to purchase or to look forward. Transactional Emails are relevant to transactions that we left while purchasing the product. We can say, Transactional emails are used to send or request updates on customer orders. In short, Email Marketing is all about building a long term relationship with customers or subscribers.

Video Marketing – Video Marketing is used for the purpose of audience engagement through social activity. Video Marketing can be used for promoting your brand, services or products or to engage customers with product or services. There are different platforms where we can perform video marketing like YouTube, broadcast television, street markets and more. Now a day, Smartphone users are more so customer consumer can access video anytime. With video, we can reach in a more cost-effective way. People prefer to watch more videos than reading facts in textual form.

Through video marketing we can raise awareness of products; we can promote the company, sales. Video marketing is data driven so we can monitor various metrics and track customer management.

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Digital Marketing Certification

We have seen, what are Digital Marketing and ways of Digital Marketing. After the class, we need to earn certification. Certifications are important because when a company hires fresher students, they check out whether they have done any certifications or not. Usually students, who have multiple skills described on their resume, but they don’t have any certifications to show so the chances are likely to drop from consideration. Through Digital Marketing Certification you can build your confidence and can kick start your career growth.

Certification may help you to show the latest knowledge by becoming a Professional Certified Marketer. Digital Marketing Certification may help to learn different skills and can do exceptional growth in Digital Marketing Career. In each certification, there are different levels according to the user he can start his certification from basic to advance and certification will be valid for one year.

There are many benefits of acquiring professional certification in Digital Marketing Training Program.

–        Help to kick-start your professional career

–        Provide an opportunity to get familiar with tools

–        Demonstrate your continuous learning skills

–        Provide a platform where we can check deep understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge

–        Provide an advantage over your competitors at job interviews.

We can earn a number of Certifications but here is the list which is more prior to any certification. Exams will be in multiple-choice formats with four choices. So from multiple-choice formats, you can choose a possible answer from the available options.  Certificates are valid for 1 year after passing the exam.

After the course, SevenMentor will provide high authorized certification for the course which says, upon successful completion of the Digital Marketing course, you will be awarded course completion certification by SevenMentor and another certification you can do that online. To keep updated with trending technology, it is important to keep learning new skills. There are many more certifications you can earn by upgrading skills.


1)      Google AdWords Certification –

Google AdWords Fundamental Exam is one of the certifications and you can choose any one of the following which is related to Google AdWords, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising or Shopping Advertising in Pune. The passing score for each exam is 80% and you can give that exam within a specified time limit. Suppose in case you are unable to clear the exam you can retake the exam after a few hrs or day according to the policy.


Google AdWords has turned out to be successful for associations hoping to support their computerized promoting rate of profitability. The Google AdWords confirmation is an export declaration for individuals ready to show information of Google AdWords.


2)      Google Analytics Certification –

Google Analytics is used to measure the growth of website traffic. It is easy to use for beginners and advanced users. Google Analytics has turned into a basic to advertisers as a free apparatus to use in their advanced promoting toolbox, yet turning into a specialist can be overpowering given how extensive the device is for clients. When you become Google Analytics affirmed, you will wind up powerful at using Google Analytics inside your association and can help other people utilize the instrument. To progress toward becoming Google Analytics confirmed, you should take the Google Analytics test.

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Google prescribes that you have hands-on experience utilizing Google Analytics yet it isn’t required. You can survey the investigation materials and take the test for nothing.


As we said there are multiple tools and certification. You can take as much as you want but among them, we mentioned a few which are more important. There is a more powerful tool, if you are looking forward to doing certification you go for the SEMRush Certification. There are different categories to earn certification; the different categories are SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam, SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Exam, SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam.

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SEMRush Certification – This test is intended for SEO authorities with information of SEMrush. This test is intended for substance advertisers and SEO pros that use SEMrush in their work. This test is expected for PPC and publicizing pros working with SEMrush devices.


Here is a list of certification which you can earn by upgrading yourselves and your skills.

  • The Digital Marketing Institute Certified
  • Facebook Ad Certification
  • Content Marketing Institute Online Certification
  • Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  • Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

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