Drilldown Reporting in SAP

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  • November 24, 2023
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Drilldown Reporting in SAP

Drilldown Reporting in SAP

Drilldown Reporting in SAP is a flexible and convenient reporting technique in SAP in which a user can interactively navigate through a report by clicking certain characteristics to see additional details for any combination of these characteristics.


 Originally developed mostly for the Controlling module in SAP ERP, in SAP S/4HANA, drill-down reports are available and useful in the general ledger. Several standard drill-down reports are available for the general ledger, and you can easily configure additional reports. The necessary configuration activities are located under the menu path Financial Accounting.


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 Drilldown Reports (G/L Accounts). First, you must define a form, which defines the structure of available characteristics and their values. Then, you’ll define reports based on this form, specifying the report layout, selection criteria, and output settings. 


Let’s talk about another topic: Business Partner in sap system.


 Business Partner In SAP S/4HANA,


 The master data for accounts payable is managed via the business partner master data object. Business partners are not an entirely new concept in SAP S/4HANA. In an SAP ERP system, business partners were used to manage certain partner master data objects, mostly in financial supply chain management. However, now in SAP S/4HANA, the use of business partners is mandatory in financial accounting, and both vendor master records (used in accounts payable) and customer master records (used in accounts receivable) are managed via the business partner concept. This new business partner concept enables many benefits, including the following must check. Elevate your career with our SAP Course in Pune. Unlock the power of SAP technology with expert-led training at SevenMentor


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  • Now, a fully integrated relationship exists between vendors and customers when the same company /person serves as both a supplier and a customer of the organization.


  • General data is shared between different business partner roles.


  • Application-specific business partner roles can be created that extend already defined business partners, such as for credit management or collections management.


  • A harmonized architecture now exists between SAP functional areas. A single transaction, Transaction BP, is available for managing all business partner master data processes, which makes the previous create/change/display.

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