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Even the best PowerPoint presentations are forgotten. Simply put, they should fade into the background to support you and your message. The PowerPoint presentation tips we’ve included below will assist you in putting together an effective presentation.

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Bad PowerPoint presentations, in contrast to good PowerPoint presentations, are a source of distraction. You may recall them, but not in a positive light. It’s possible that they have millions of lines of text. Alternatively, the slides may have a disorganized flow. Worse, some slides have unnatural-looking photos and sloppy design, which detracts from the message you’re trying to convey. That could negatively impact your public image as a professional or speaker.

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Some examples of Bad PowerPoint Slides- Bad Choices of colors and Fonts

Too much Text and Picture as a background-

This article will help you in learning how to make good PowerPoint Presentations.

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What Describes an Effective PowerPoint Presentation?

It is beneficial to know how to use PowerPoint and work quickly within it. But making a good presentation that meets all of your presentation objectives is more important. The following is an example of a great PowerPoint presentation:


Strong enough to win-

Professionally research, plan, and prepare your presentation. It allows you to communicate effectively with your target audience.


Correctly designed- 

Your visual points should stand out without being too distracting to your audience. Your message should not be complicated by a PowerPoint presentation visual.


Perfection in practice-

Rehearse your timing and delivery with a live audience to ensure that your points are delivered perfectly.


Delivered with Cheerfulness- 

Present with a relaxed inner-calm and a self-assured outward projection. Warmth, excitement, and energy should be conveyed to your audience.


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Make No Mistakes-

Avoid errors like spelling errors, funny clip art, and reading directly from your slides. We’ll go over how to prepare your presentation and how to make it look good in PowerPoint. In these PowerPoint presentation tips, we’ll also get through what not to do so you don’t make any major blunders. To become a great presenter, all you need are effective PowerPoint presentation tips. To Get Started Right, Use These Presentation Preparation Tips

Start by addressing these issues before you even open PowerPoint. These Microsoft PowerPoint hints and tips will help you get ready for your presentation:


  • Know your content-

Your presentation’s slides aren’t the only thing to consider. It all comes down to the message you want to convey to your audience. Consider the narrative that will be discussed, why it will be discussed, and in what order it will be discussed before filling in the stats, facts, and figures. It’s a must if you want to learn how to give a good PowerPoint presentation.



  • Generate a checklist-

Begin with a Word or Google document. The entire presentation should be storyboarded or scripted to give you an idea of how the information will flow and how viewers will see it in order. Learn how to write from beginning till end:

  1. For your presentation, do some research.
  2. Determine the Most Important Points
  3. Make a PowerPoint Outline
  4. Start strong, End strong
  5. Say something that makes the audience keep listening (Provocative statement/brief story/something that shocks or surprises them/bring up a problem with a solution) 

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  1. Emphasize the most important points

Only the most important elements are covered in a presentation. Whatever you worked on to get here—a paper, a work project, a new product design—doesn’t have to be shared in its entirety. Choose the most important points and place the rest in an “Appendix” that you can refer to during the Q&A session at the end.


  1. Recognize your target audience

When speaking to a group of medical professionals, you should use a different tone than when speaking to a group of young entrepreneurs. In fact, everything is different. Your choice of topic, the language you use, and the examples you use to illustrate points are all important. The small bits of humour you include should be specifically tailored to your target audience.


  1. Practice! (Yes, I’m familiar with the idea.)

It’s never too early to get used to your presentation’s rhythm and make a list of the points you want to emphasize. You’ll start to get a “feel” for the material if you say it out loud. Some things will work well, while others will not and will need to be worked around.


  1. Send it to a friend

It’s never too early to get feedback from those you trust if the stakes for your presentation are high.


Simple Pointers to Help You Develop Your PowerPoint Presentation-

A PowerPoint presentation can be disengaging or distracting if it is not well designed (regardless of the content quality). To avoid this from happening to you, follow these presentation design tips:

  1. Make Your Slides Simple- Keeping your slides simple is one of the most important PowerPoint presentation tips to remember when creating them. Remember that less is more (effective.) A cluttered slide is unpleasant to look at. It baffles the audience: which part of the slide should I concentrate on? Should I focus on the presenter or read the slide? 
  • Keep the number of words to a minimum-

Continuing on from the previous point, less is more. If at all possible, do not use bullets. Otherwise, condense them to just a few words. Instead of reading, the audience should be engaged in listening to what you are saying.

  • Make use of high-resolution photos and graphics-

Using high-quality photos and graphics is one of the most important PowerPoint presentation tips. You can refer to the given website link for good quality photos and templates.

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If your presentation is visually appealing, people are more likely to take you seriously. Users consider appealing designs to be more usable. They’ll also consider a more attractive PowerPoint to be more effective.

  • Graphs and charts that are accurate and relevant-

If not used correctly, charts and graphs can be distracting. Make sure your information design is simple and clean so your audience doesn’t waste time trying to figure out what your X-axis means.

  • Make Use of High-Quality, Up-to-Date Templates-

Have you ever seen an old PowerPoint template with ink splashes that resemble worn paper? Your audience has, too. If the template is too basic or the design is dated, it can be distracting. You’ll want one with a lot of design options.

  • Select Appropriate Fonts- 

Fonts are a crucial component of engaging your audience. Viewers are subconsciously influenced by font and typography choices. They cause them to either positively or negatively characterise your company’s presentation and brand. Make sure you select fonts that are both professional and contemporary!

  • Choose your colours carefully-

Colour selection is important as is font selection, because colours elicit specific subconscious responses from viewers. Your presentation will be rendered ineffective if you choose an out-of-date colour scheme.

The Popsicle PowerPoint template, which has a modern presentation colour choice, is shown below:


  1. Simple and Clean Formatting Makes a Big Difference!

Just keep in mind that less is more. Not your slides, but you and your message are the centre of attention.


  1. Please Ensure All Objects Are Aligned– 

A simple way to create a well-designed presentation is to ensure that all items on a slide are purposefully aligned. As a result, your presentation will appear to be on an equal level.

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  1. Avoid Using Flashy Slide Transitions-

This is again distracting and outdated. In your PowerPoint presentation, use transitions and subtle animations. However, you must look after and do it correctly.


  1. Don’t Format Your Points Too Much-

This PowerPoint presentation tip is very precise. There’s no need to capitalise every word in every bullet point, and you don’t have to use the title case for all of your bullet points. If at all possible, avoid using bullets. Again, the clearer and simpler, the better!


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