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1.What is the circuit diagram?

A circuit diagram is derived from a functional layout and It doesn’t generally bear any relationship to the physical shape, size or layout of the parts and although you’ll wire up an assembly from the knowledge given in it, they’re usually intended to point out the detail of how an circuit works.

This diagram shows how the electrical components are connected together and uses by AutoCAD Training in Pune.

1) Symbols to represent the components;

2) Lines to represent the functional conductors or wires which connect them together.

2.What is wiring diagram?

Wiring diagram is the drawing which shows all the wiring between the parts such as:

1) Control or signal functions;

2) Power supplies and earth connections;

3) Termination of unused leads, contacts;

4) Interconnection via terminal posts, blocks, plugs, sockets, lead-throughs.

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3.What is wiring schedule?

A wiring schedule defines the wire reference number, type, length and the amount of insulation stripping required for soldering.

In complex equipment you’ll also find a table of interconnections which can give the starting and finishing reference points of every connection also as other important information such as wire colour, identification marking then on.

4.What is block diagram?

The diagram is afunctional drawing which is employed to point out and describe the most operating principles of the equipment and is typically drawn before the circuit diagram. It will not give any detail of the actual wiring connections or even the smallest components.

5. List the Electrical Templates?

The template files that start with ACE are electrical drawing templates. ACAD_Electrical.dwt and ACAD_Electrical_IEC.dwt are the electrical templates used for creating AutoCAD Electrical drawings.

6.What is Project Manager?

Project Manager is used to list the drawing files associated with each open project.

New drawings can be added, reorder drawing files project settings can be changed.

7.What is %F, %N, %S, %D in AutoCAD Electrical project properties?

  • %F is used to assign Family number
  • %N is wont to assign Serial number to the tag.
  • %S is used to assign Sheet number.
  • %D is wont to assign Drawing number within the tag.

8.What is Installation code and Location code?

The Installation code is used to specify the line or circuit identifier in which you want to add the component, e.g., you can specify line Line1 230V AC as Installation code.

Location code is used to specify the identifier for physical location of the component, e.g., you can specify Sub-Panel 10 Pin as location code for the component.

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9.What is Scooting in AutoCAD Electrical?

Scooting is the movement of the component, tag, wire number etc. along the connected wire.

10.What are Connectors?

Connectors are used to connect wirings from sources to equipment. The tools to add or modify the connectors drop-down.

11.What are Terminals?

Terminals are wont to connect wires to the devices. In fact, terminals are used to connect wires so that they do not cause sparking at high load. Icon menu is used to insert terminals in the drawing.

12.How to insert Terminals from Catalog Browser?

Insert components panel > Icon menu > Select the TRMS category, or any category with terminals. > Specify the insertion point in the drawing > Specify Installation code> Specify Location code. > Specify Tag Strip value. > Click Next >> button every time on the insertion of next sequential Terminal in the Catalog Data area.

13.What is PLC and how to insert PLC [(PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER)?

Programmable Logic Controller executes discrete/sequential logic during a factory environment. It was originally developed to exchange mechanical relays, timers, counters. To insert PLC use plc insert command from insert components.

14.Where are PLCs used?

PLCs are used to execute complicated control operations during a plant. Also watch crucial process variables and adjust process operations accordingly. A sequence of instructions is programmed by the user to the PLC memory and when the program is executed, the controller operates a system to the right operating specifications.

15.Explain Terminal Editor in AutoCAD Electrical.

The Editor tool is used edit the details of terminals present in the current drawing. The terminal information is collected from all the drawings in the current project, it is important to activate the project whose drawing is being used for editing terminal footprints.

16.What is Surfer in AutoCAD Electrical?

This command surfs to related references of an item you decide on. It shifts from source to source across the project drawing set. Used to surf on a component tag, catalog number, wire number or a report cell containing any of these kinds of values. And also used to surf a wire network following source and destination signals. Read more at AutoCAD Classes in Pune

17.What is Fan-in source?

It inserts an in-line, fan in source marker.

18.What is Fan out Source?

It is a Fan Out Destination which inserts an in-line, fan out destination marker. 

19. How to create a customized symbol in Electrical AutoCAD?

  • Draw a symbol using draw tools.
  • Save the symbol as a block.

Symbol Builder –

Select symbol/ Objects > Click on Select Objects > Select Objects Manually > Click on Pick point > Pick Insertion point > Select the symbol and type (Horizontal Parent/Vertical Parent). > Click on ok> Add TAG1/MFG/CAT/ ASSYCODE/ FAMILY > Exit Block Editor and return to drawing > Save Symbol.

20.How to insert multiple wires with automatic connections?

Menu Bar > Schematic > Multiple Bus > insert non visible block > ok > multiple wire bus > Adjust horizontal and Vertical Spacing > Select starting at from (component, another bus or empty space)

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21.How to audit a drawing in Electrical AutoCAD?

Save the drawing file and add to project > Menu Bar > Reports > Dwg Audit > Active Drawing > Ok > Select required audits from the list > Wire gap pointers/Bogus wire number and colour/ gauge label pointers/ Zero length wires/ wire number floaters/ show wires (Mark in Red) > Ok > Drawing Audit will be displayed on screen > Ok > Report: Audit for this drawing > Save/print the report files

22.How does Electrical Audit works in Electrical AutoCAD?

Save the drawing file and add to project > Menu Bar > Report > Electrical Audit > Errors will be detected > Check the details of errors > Save the report > close. Learn more at AutoCAD Course in Pune.


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