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The moment we are born as human beings somehow our life gets complicated. If we had come here as any other creature on this planet, life would have been very simple— Eating, Sleeping, Reproducing and dying one day. Now, we have to do all these things but after doing all these things somehow we realize it’s not enough. Somehow where we are right now and wherever we may be, is not enough. We always want a little more than what we are right now. If we know only money then we want a little more money. If we know only pleasure then we want a little more pleasure. If power, then little more power and more of everything that we desire. Whatever it may be, everybody wants to be little more than what they are right now. The process of desiring is continuously going on. So, this longing of well being, because ultimately everything that we are doing is in search of well being, Whether we are going to work or going to a bar or we are going to the temple or we are getting married or we are having children or we are studying in colleges or universities, everything is fundamentally our well being.

Different people have different ideas and perceptions about well being. Someone thinks if he/she eats twice in a day that’s well being whereas for someone else it might not be the definition of well being. Our ideas of well being might be different but every human being, consciously or unconsciously, constantly are in search of well being. We all feel happiness by different things, some by playing, some by exploring, some by earning money and the list is never-ending. So, fundamentally well being means a certain level of joyfulness and certain exuberance of life. We all can define happiness by this or that definition but in terms of life, your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens. Depression means your life energies have become very cliché and stale. Happiness means your life energies are exuberant.

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There are various ways to define happiness but only those who are happy know what it means to be happy. There is nobody who has not been happy ever, everybody has been happy but the problem with us is that we are not able to maintain this happiness. All the efforts in life, everything that we do, whether it is education, career, family or business that was all in pursuit of happiness. Everything that human beings have done on this planet is in the pursuit of happiness. In the last hundred years, we have done so many things on this planet, with the help of science and technology we have changed the very face of our planet. Today, we have the kind of luxuries and conveniences that no other generation could ever imagine. What royalty could not afford a hundred years ago, today average citizens have. We are definitely the most comfortable and blessed generation ever on this planet physically. But are we the most joyful generation too?? Might be no. it means it has not worked.

Science and technology have brought an enormous amount of comfort and convenience to our lives, things that we could not imagine 25 years ago, we are living the reality of it today. But are we REALLY HAPPY? NO!!

Every creature on this planet- from plant to animal to everything- including human beings, has paid an enormous amount to create these comforts and conveniences that we are not even happy with. We are literally making a bonfire of this planet, we are burning everything and behaving ecstatic and that too for the things that at the end are not making us happy. It means we really need to think about it. Now, the problem is we are in the pursuit of happiness. It’s enshrined in our constitution also here- in pursuit of happiness. People are talking about inner happiness and outer happiness but there is nothing as such. Happiness is always within you.  The happiness that every human being has experienced has always been internal, never external. So, happiness is internal but the starter button is outside in external.

Now, some amount of inner handling is needed which is not being done. The way we think about us is the way we feel. If we think this is a wonderful person we have sweet emotions towards that person and if we think somebody is a horrible person we have ugly emotions towards that person. We cannot think somebody is horrible and have sweet emotions towards that person and vice-versa. It is because we feel what we think. People think they are different simply because the emotion has a certain amount of drag time. Our thoughts keep on changing from time to time. It changes its direction the moment it sees few things but emotions cannot change so quickly as it has its own drag time. It still continues, but after a few days or months or years emotions will also change depending person to person. Emotions can’t be gathered immediately. It spills all over the place and takes a certain amount of time to gather it.

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So these are the things that are gathered from outside and can be lost or gathered. And when we constantly live with something that is going to be lost or can be lost at any moment, naturally, we will live an insecure and unstable life. So, when we are constantly looking for security and concerned about security, we will not walk the full stride of life. Every step will be a half of a step. We cannot let ourselves go completely in the process of life as we keep on thinking and questioning what will happen if this or that happens. We will never realize our full potential unless or until this problem is taken away. So the spiritual process means bringing the other dimension, which is beyond the physical into your living experience so that this problem of security and insecurity is gone away. Because we totally lost in the instincts of survival, we think everything is in the range of this. If we do not mess with our minds and complicate things by overthinking, living peaceful and joyful will come naturally.

Moreover, knowledge is very important to empower yourself with great things and to guide yourself in a better way. The points of knowledge are to make sure that you can close your eyes and envision your world, open your eyes and then make that world come true. As Vaclav Havel said “work for something because it is good not just because it stands a chance to succeed. If you pursue something in life that matters and you are able to get to the point where you can see it across the finish line or at least advance it or make it a step closer to making it real. It that, we realize how societies really are transformed in that and trying the big, the impossible dreaming that thing that nobody else is willing to talk about in dreaming that it is the crazy ones who are able to change the world because the crazy ones allowed themselves to believe. They believed that against all the odds a world that does not yet exist could actually exist and as it is said, in your most difficult times the greatest opportunities take place. The pain and hurdles in your life are going to give you a strong and successful future. The sacrifices that you make today will be worth being proud of in your future.

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As Einstein said if you want to live a happy and peaceful life, tie yourself to a goal not to people or to things. And the reason why he said so is that people and things change and we got no control over them, at the end of the day the only thing that you really control is yourself. At the end of the day, the only thing that you can hope for is to be going after something that has a meaning, something that has a purpose, something that really gives you a reason for being that directs your actions that becomes the filter by which you judge everything that really becomes the center of gravitational, the center of your own universe and the center of your care and life. Don’t ever let yourself get caught with people and putting happiness in somebody and finding purpose in something else and trying to impress people. Once you are on the path of becoming what you want or what you really care for you to find your eternal happiness. In a world where everyone is trying to be someone else because the road map is easy, you become yourself and create your own identity. Being inspired by someone doesn’t mean to become the same person who inspires you instead it is to understand fundamentally that what is it about that thing or person that excites you and what is its essence and when you can find that essence you can apply that to become the best version of yourself. Empower yourself to see what life has to offer.

‘It is never too late to become the person who you might have been”.


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