Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Training Programs

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  • February 11, 2022
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Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs –

After completing a training, the HR professionals must evaluate the effectiveness of the said training. Unless we complete the procedure of training effectiveness evaluation we would not come to know if the training has been successful or not. 

 In case it is observed from the evaluation methods, that a particular training has not been successful, Human Resource Department team must take a deep dive into the entire process of training starting from deciding the training content, deciding the trainer, deciding the method of training et cetera. 

Training Feedback:

Upon completing the training, HR professionals are required to collect training feedback from the participants. 

1.Overall Effectiveness of training: Through the feedback form, you can ask the participants to provide rating for the overall satisfaction from the said training program. You can also ask the participants to give feedback on ‘if they are satisfied with the training to such an extent wherein, they would love to recommend the said programs to their other colleagues who have currently not attended the said training program’. 

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2.Training content and delivery: You can require the participants to give feedback if the training was relevant to him or her, if the content of the training was adequate or inadequate, If the training has met the expectations of the participant or not, If the method of training delivery and the tools which were used to deliver the training were appropriate or not, If the duration of training was sufficient or insufficient, If the participants are confident that they will be able to apply the knowledge or skills gained through the said training In their work performance et cetera. 

3.Trainers knowledge and presentation style: you can ask the participants to provide feedback on the subject knowledge of the trainer, his or her ability to deliver the training contents in an effective manner, Check if the trainer was able to keep the participants engaged throughout the training and if he was able to elicit feedback from the participants during the training, if he was ensuring that the doubts and the difficulties raised during the training were resolved by the trainer to the satisfaction of the participants in the training. You can also ask questions such as ‘was the trainer able to build an atmosphere during the conduct of training where in the participants were encouraged to exchange ideas and thoughts leading to making the training more interesting and effective’, ‘was the trainer also giving relevant activities to do during the training to ensure that the training doesn’t become monotonous and instead it becomes more and more interesting where in the participants are even more engaged in the training’. 

4.About the training venue: you can ask the participants to give their feedback about the choice of the training venue. You can ask questions such as ‘Was the training ambiance good ‘, ‘was the lighting in the training room adequate’, ‘Was there any Food or Beverages served during the training program and was it satisfactory’.

5.Availability of training tools and equipment: you can ask the participants to give their feedback on ‘weather sufficient and appropriate training tools were available at the training venue, such as whiteboard, markers, tripod stand for the board, projector, chart papers, notepad and pens for the participants etc.’

The human resource members must analyze the feedback on all the above points and decide if there is a need for conducting the said training program once again with relevant changes such as change of trainer, addition, deletion or modification of training content, availability of the training tools, or changing the training delivery methods.

If the said training program has been successful, then the human resource professionals must decide on the methods which they are going to deploy for evaluating the effectiveness of the training.

1.Written Test: You can make an appropriate question paper based on the contents of the training and administer a written examination in a reasonable time after the training is conducted successfully.

In a period of 1 week to 15 days from completing the training, human resource department team members can decide a date and time when the written test can be conducted. The participants can be asked to assemble in the conference hall and made to write the test. 

After the written test, HR team can assess the answers and provide feedback to the participants also. HR team need to evaluate from the marks obtained in the written test, if there is significant learning that has taken place in the participants as a result of the said training program.


  1. Google Quiz Form: Where the participants are literate and can fill up google quiz forms from their mobile or computer, human resource department team members can use Goolge Quiz Form to set the question paper in it and administer the exam:

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  1. Decide the questions to be asked: Make a list of the questions based on the contents of the training and also based on the outcomes that were expected out to the particular training program.
  2. Add questions on the Google form: when the Test questionnaire is ready, add the questions on the google form, go to the settings and make the google form a quiz by clicking on the ‘Make this a quiz button’.
  3. Answer keys: Each question must be given the correct answer key so that the google system can assess if the participant has answered the questions correctly or not. There can be multiple correct answers to a particular question and you can choose the correct answers after clicking on ‘Answer key’.
  4. Decide on the marks: for each question, you need to decide the marks to be allotted for answering it correctly by going to the ‘Points’ after clicking on the ‘Answer key’. 
  5. Reponses sheet: click on Response tab and create a google sheet to collect the responses from the participants.
  6. Add your company logo: you can add your company’s logo and customize the look and feel of the form to suit your company by clicking on the ‘customize theme’ icon on the top of the form, and by clicking on the ‘choose image’.
  7. Share the form: You can then share the question paper on the email IDs of the participants by clicking on ‘Send’ on the top of the google form and asking them to fill up the goolge form and submit it. You can also change the settings in the google form to enable the participants to get their score from the submitted responses immediately after the test is submitted.

Google form will collect the responses in the google sheet and automatically make graphs for the responses.

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