Four Types of Personality. Which one are you?

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  • September 2, 2021
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As per my knowledge there are four types of personality and they are Amiable, Expressive, Analytical and Drivers. In order to communicate effectively and deal with different people successfully, knowing their personality type helps us in many ways.

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Though we have unique personalities, we are also the same in many ways. This article will help you to understand which personality type you are. To learn more about the same, join Sevenmentor Pvt. Ltd.


The Personalities-

  • Amiable
  • Expressive
  • Analytical
  • Drivers


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Let’s understand them one by one.



  • Amiable-




A person with an amiable personality is patient and well-balanced. They’re quiet, but they’re sharp. They’re sympathetic, kind, and non-offensive—amiables dislike offending others. Everyone likes amiables because they are easy-going. Why do you think that is? They’re easy to get along with because they don’t like conflict. They have a diplomatic and calm demeanour. On the other hand, amiables can be a liability.


The flat-type personality with the most ease. It’s difficult to excite friendly people because they’re laid back. They appear to be at ease all of the time and prefer a tranquil setting over anything else. They will go to great lengths to avoid causing others any discomfort. In fact, their indifference frequently irritates the people they are attempting to satisfy. They will frequently put off making decisions until the last minute and will frequently follow the lead of others. They are highly emotional people who seek peace.


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  • Expressive- 




The expressive is a very outgoing personality. Ambition, charisma, and the ability to persuade others are all qualities they possess. They can be disorganised, undisciplined, loud, and overly talkative on the negative side. Expressives can speak at speeds of up to 200 words per minute, with gusts of up to 300 words per minute. They have the ability to communicate.


Because they enjoy having a good time, we call the expressive the social specialist. They are people who can turn hardships into comedy, prevent boredom, and are extremely generous. They want to be involved. Expressive people are always super-active, they desire to be social, they want to take part in the discussions.


People who are “natural.” They enjoy conversing and socialising. They are excellent storytellers who frequently overextend themselves in an attempt to please others. They’re also good at communicating their vision and enthusing others about ideas and issues. However, they can’t always be counted on to get things done.


“Let’s get this done!”, “It’s possible!” They are energetic as well as a big-picture thinker, an optimist, a visionary, a cheerleader, and a multitasker. However, the Expressives may lose sight of reality from time to time in their zeal. The Expressive has a hard time focusing and is all over the place because he tries to do too much at once. He’s looking forward to the trip, but he rarely makes it there.



  • Analytical-



“Let’s finish the job — but let’s do it properly! He is methodical, precise, logical, and methodical. Nothing slips through the cracks, and slow and steady wins the race. The Analytical dots all of the i’s, crosses all of the t’s, and follows all of the rules. His “over-analysis paralysis,” on the other hand, can quash works and irritate everyone.


Analytical types are always asking questions, almost to the point of overloading themselves with data. Others respect them as gifted individuals with innovative ideas. They may, however, suffer from analysis paralysis, in which they over-analyse situations. You’re an Analytical if you’ve ever made a list of “doing things the right way.”



  • Drivers-



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Drivers have powerful personalities. They usually have a get-it-done or do-whatever-it-takes attitude. They can have a domineering personality and are quick to act. On the downside, they can come across as stubborn or arrogant at times. The personality type can come across as harsh at times, pushing on others to get things done.


“Let’s go!” she says.  Let’s get to work right away!” She is forthright, decisive, and adamant. She enjoys a good challenge, is willing to take risks, works quickly, and is all about getting things done. The Driver, on the other hand, can be impatient, insensitive, dictatorial, and overly aggressive. You want Drivers on your team because they don’t stop working until the job is done, but you’d better be prepared to be one step ahead of them.


As I said earlier there are four different types of personalities, but we are all a mix of them. You should see which is the most descriptive to yourself.


How to influence different types of people?


Drivers and Analyticals are task-oriented, detail-oriented, and thinkers. Expressives and Amiables are people-oriented big picture and a feeler. Analytical and Amiable are more reserved and slow-paced. Drivers and Expressives are outgoing and assertive and much more fast-paced. 


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Now let’s start with the driver. The driver is detail-oriented, but impatient in an organization that typically your CEO types. They like results and the way to influence them is by getting to the point quickly. They like the detail, but they don’t have time for the detail which is a bit of a dichotomy. So, give them the executive summary and bullets and let them drive the rest, let them ask into the details. Tell them that you have it and you must absolutely also have it with you. Never say you have it without having the detail. 


Moving to the next personality type. These are expressive. They are outgoing, fast, but they are people-oriented, they are feelers. In an organization that typically has salespeople and marketing people. They like fun. So, how to influence them? Well, don’t send them long detailed emails because they may never check their email and certainly not read it if it’s a long one. What they would appreciate is that you drop by their desk or give them a quick phone call and when you speak with them make it a bit more fun and outgoing. Make them talk, they like to talk. Inquire about their well-being and how their weekend went. Make it a bit more light-hearted before you get down to business. 


Now, let’s go further and look at the green personality type. These are Amiable. Amiables are more reserved and slow-paced, but they are still feelers. These people don’t like too much change. They are really more about harmony. They are great listeners, great team players and in an organization, they are typically your HR professionals or caring professionals. The way to influence them is to sit down and have a proper one-on-one conversation and ask them how they are feeling and give them time to consider their responses. They dislike being forced to make a decision. Remember, harmony is more important to them. 


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Moving to the last personality type. These are Analyticals. They are driven by compliance and by doing things right. In an organization that typically has IT professionals, accountants, and analysts. They are driven by detail and they are reserved. So, a good way to influence them is through the written media through email and they do appreciate the detail. You can imagine now what happens when someone from a sales department calls someone from the technical department and says can you give me a quick estimate by 4 o’clock. Now, these people don’t do quick estimates. They like to do things thoroughly and properly and that takes time. So, such a message is going to frustrate them quite a lot. 


Now my question to you is what personality type you are. Are you predominantly driver, analytical, expressive, or amiable? That’s important because you will tend to communicate from your own preference, but what needs to happen if you really want to influence people is you need to adapt your style to whatever your stakeholder is, or the senior executive or your team member. Wherever that person is you want to improve, adapt your style.


Katake, Akshaya 

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