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Front End Frameworks

Front End Frameworks –

Hello Dear students, today I am writing a blog on front end frameworks. In my previous blog I have written about Full stack web development. After understanding full stack development. Let us discuss Front End Frameworks.

What are Front end Frameworks?

For developing  any  website it can be business website  or social networking website or job portal. Website looks plays  very important rule, and user  experiences  also plays very important rule. Website appearance , user  experiences  both are very important. Website  should load very smoothly. So to create user experienced based  web site web developers  can use front end frameworks.

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  • Using front end frameworks  web developers  can  build  modern website  and web applications.
  • Front end frameworks contained pre defined components. So no need to code again.
  • Front  end  frameworks   helps  for  quick, easy application  development. Front  end  frame works  are   easy learn  and   understand.
  • Once  web  developers  is  understanding  front end  frameworks  with less  time he  can  deliver  the project so  development  time  will  be  reduced .
  • Front end frameworks supports   for   rapid application  development. There   are  so many benefits  for understanding  front end  frameworks.
  • Main thing  required  to understand  front  end  framework is understanding  the   core part like HTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript.
  • After  understanding  one  should  do  at least  one project. So same project  he can do  with  by applying front end framework . Then  web developer will make a difference between the both the Web development methods.

The best Front end frameworks are listed here –

Bootstrap – 

  • Bootstrap  is   very  famous   front end framework. Which  contains  pre defined classes, ready made components with less   time  one  can create a website  with very  little  time. Bootstrap is free opensource, CSS, framework .
  • Instead  of  using  css, css3,  java script  web developers can directly  switch  to  bootstrap. In bootstrap we get ready made components   for  menu,  buttons, nav bar, Image  slider  is  ready  available. Image slider is called  carousel  here. 
  • Modal  is  ready  available  only web developers  can understand  the  attributes  and directly implement on a project. With  less css  developers    can achieve    Responsive  Web Page  Design. (RWD), with less code  developers  can  create mobile  friendly   web sites.
  • You can develop  awesome, beautiful  web pages using bootstrap. To understand bootstrap one should  have a knowledge of html, css. Because  bootstrap is completely based on css. You can directly use class and id after downloading bootstrap CDN link. Bootstarp  is  light weight easily  customizable   framework.

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JQuery –

  • Another Front end Framework is  Jquery. It is  a  framework   for  javascript.Jquery  is   javascript  library. This  jquery library   is   designed   for Simplifying   javascript code, it contains  pre defined  methods   for  animations. For implementing AJAX(Async  javascript and XML).for  event handling, for Document  Object Model (DOM). Manipulation. query  is free open source  javascript framework,
  • Jquery is platform independent, rich in library. jquery simplifies the coding  is mostly used for implementing AJAX  in  server  based  programs.
  • Jquery  is rich in library that  contains methods for DOM, Event handling.
  • Jquery  is cross browser based support. You can run Jquery on any  browser.
  • Jquery  contains  JSON Parsing effects   and  Animation  are  pre defined  in jquery. 
  • Very less coding is required in jquery.
  • Lot of jquery  plug ins  are  there  in  market we  can  use  in our  application.
  • To understand jquery  we should  have a  knowledge  of javascript.If  web developer  is good  in javascript same  code  is  converted  in jquery. 

React –

  • React is free open source front end framework and  java script library. React  is  developed  by  Facebook. It  is   considered  one  of the  best  framework for  user  interface. React is based on components. React is also called react  js. Because it is a  java script library.
  • React is declarative, flexible JavaScript library. React is   used   for   building  user  interface.
  • React helps   for   creating  single page Application using  its  own library. React  helps  the   web  developer  to  create  a  reusable   user  interface  called  components. If  certain  tags are   i used   again  and  again  developer  can  make  a  component that  will  be  reuse able.
  • React implicitly    creates a virtual DOM in its   memory.
  • In javascript,  jquery  browsers  DOM  will manipulated. But in react it will  creates  a  virtual DOM.So that  what  ever  changes  are  happening in  virtual  DOM, before  making changes in browser DOM. 
  • React  only  makes  a  necessary changes.
  • Lets us  understand  prerequisite for learning  the  react.
  • Java script , ES6 (EcmaScript 6.0). Some oops  concepts  one should aware about.
  • Variables, Arrays, classes, constructors, Arrays functions.
  • You  should  understand NPM, node js.
  • After installing npm, and node js developer  can create  a web application.
  • React  uses  JSX  coding technique.JSX  is   nothing but  java script  and  xml. JSX  help  us  to  easily  write  and  changes  in  html pages.
  • Html   can  be  written  in  react   using  JSX.
  • In  jsx  no  need to  use  the  create Element()   and  append child()  method. We  can  add  elements   in DOM directly.
  • JSX  uses  very   easy  and understandable syntax. So  coding  becomes  very easy  react.


  • JSX  is  java script  language based on  ecma script 6. The code gets  translated in to  java script  at run time.
  • JSX  is   based  on  expression style. We  can use   curly brackets   for  expressions {}.
  • JSX  reads  all  html tags. JSX  throws   error   if  tags  are  not  correct.
  • Babel  is  a  react compiler  . 
  • There  is  good  career  opportunities  in  react . Because   react  saves  time and money of   web development. Because  it  is  component based . Application  can  easily  break down  into  re use able  components. This  help  the  web developers  to  create a  dynamic user interface.
  • In web development generally  web developers get  a complex problem. The complex problem   can   easily  break down into  components and web developers  can  enjoy  desingning.and web developers  can  implement new ideas  so  react  can be  helpful.
  • React  applications  are  high responsive user interfaces.
  • For progressive  and  good  maintenance  of  a web page one should use react. 
  • Beginners  can learn  react easily. There   is also   a good  career options for  react.
  • Using react one can create Native Apps.Apps can   run on ios,  and android easily.Not  need  to  create separate for different os.


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