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Full stack Developer Questions

Full stack developer question


Q.1 Difference between the UI/UX Developer:

Ans.UI developer means he is taking care of design elements with the help of this we will navigate one page to another page.UX developers improve the quality of user experience and product.


Q.2 What we can do to increase page performance?

Ans. We can increase the page performance using the following rule:

  1. Reduce image size
  2. Clearing the cache/cookies
  3. Reduce external HTTP request
  4. Remove unnecessary widgets


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Q.3 Which type of effective methods do we use in jquery?

Ans. Show():It shows/display the elements.

   Hide(): It hide the elements.

Toggle(): It’s working both the methods like the show and hides.


Q.4 What are the default types of Filter available in Angular?

Ans. Currency: Format a number into a currency format.

Date: date to a specified format.

Filter: Select a subset of items from an array.

Json: It will format the data In the JSON object.

Limit: It will Format data in specified characters or number of elements.

Lowercase: It will Format data in the string to lowercase.

Uppercase: It will format data in strings to uppercase.

Number: It will format a data number to a string.

OrderBy: It aligns the orders of an array by an expression.


Q. 5 Can we please tell me the optimization of the website,s assets?

Ans. We have some methods to optimize the assets:

  1. File concatenation
  2. CDN hosting
  3. Refining code
  4. Offloading assets
  5. Reorganizing code


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Q.6 Tell me the difference between a frontend developer and a UI developer.

Ans. Front developer means it creates the client-side web interface and makes sure all website elements work properly. And the UI developer makes everything on the site look like or in user view it is User-friendly.


Q.7) Difference between the document and window?

Ans. Window means it is the first thing that loads into the browser. It has some default properties like inner width, height, and length, and documents mean get loaded inside the window object. It means it is similar to HTML, PHP, and the other documents that are loaded into the browser.


Q.8) Mention some plugins which are available in jquery and bootstrap.

Ans . a. Tab

  1. Scrollspy
  2. Popover
  3. Modal
  4. Dropdown
  5. Collapse
  6. Carousel
  7. Button
  8. Affix
  9. Alert


Q.9) Explain full stack development work.

Ans. Full stack development involves developing the front end and back end of the web application at the same time. In this process we provide three layers :

  1. Presentation Layer
  2. Business Layer
  3. Database layer


Q.10) Mention the name Full stack developer tools.

Ans. GitHub






Visual Studio Code



Q.11) What do you mean by Continuous Integration?

Ans. It is a practice tool where developers integrate code into a shared repository regularly to detect problems early. It is the process that involves the automatic tools that state new codes and correctness before the integration. It will be automated builds and tests to verify every check-in.


Q.12)  What is multithreading and how it is used?

Ans. It allows multiple threads to exist within the context of a process such that they execute individually but share their process and resources and the main purpose of multithreading is to provide multiple threads of execution concurrently for maximum utilization of the CPU.


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Q.13) Define callback in javascript.

Ans. A callback function in javascript passed as an argument into another function, that is requested inside the outer function to make some kind of action. It will be used synchronously and asynchronously and APIs of the node are written in such a way that will support all callbacks.


Q.14) What do you mean by Data attribute?

Ans. It has to be used to store custom data private to the application. It means they allow us to store data on the semantic and standard HTML elements and this stored data can be used in javascript pages to create a more engaging user experience



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