Genetic Algorithm vs Expert System 

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  • July 5, 2021
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For the wide range of problem expert systems and conventional operations research techniques are effective ,other tasks and complex real-world problems are impossible Or at least it is difficult to deal with this technology. For example, applications involving scheduling and resource planning continue to be challenging subjects of research and development. Common methods are sought that can be easily used  practical problems. Genetic algorithms are receiving considerable attention and are proving to be important in practice. However, the addition of domain information  through rauristic rales can have a positive impact on genetic function algorithm solutions 

Expert systems: 

Expert systems are a clever way to capture tacit information on a specific and limited domain of human expertise. These programs capture the knowledge of skilled employees in the form of specific rules in a software system that can be used by others in the organization. A set of rules in an expert system adds to the company’s memory,or stored readings. 

Professional programs do not have a wide range of knowledge and understanding of basic  principles of human art. They usually do very limited work that can be done by a professional in a matter of minutes or hours, such as identifying a faulty machine or deciding whether to grant a loan. Problems that cannot be solved by human experts in  the short term are very difficult for the technical system. However, by capturing personal expertise in limited areas, expert programs can provide benefits, helping organizations make better decisions with fewer people. Today expert systems are widely used in business in a variety of contexts, with good decision-making potential.

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Genetic algorithms: 

Genetic algorithms are used to find the right solution for a particular problem by examining the largest number of possible solutions for that problem. Their problem-solving approaches are based on the way in which living things adapt to their environment – the process of evolution. They are designed to work the way people solve problems — by modifying and rearranging their parts using processes such as reproduction, genetic engineering, and natural selection. 

Therefore, genetic algorithms promote the emergence of solutions to specific problems, control of performance, diversity, adaptability, and selection of possible solutions using genetic processes. As the solutions evolve and combine, the worst ones are discarded and  the best ones survive to continue to produce the best solutions. Genetic algorithms create problem-solving programs even if no one can fully understand their structure. The genetic algorithm works by representing information as a unit of 0s and 1S. The solution that can be indicated is a long string of these numbers. The genetic algorithm provides ways to search for all possible digital combinations to identify the appropriate thread representing the best problem structure. 

The genetic algorithm comes under random-based classical evolutionary algorithm.. Why  random name is given because the things will be change according to conditions to  generate new one. Algorithm can be called as simple GA because it is simple as compared  to Evolutionary algorithm 

The genetic algorithm is based on Darwin’s theory of evolution. It is a slow process that  works slowly by making changes in making small and slow changes. Also, Genetic  algorithm makes slight changes to its solutions slowly until getting the best solution. 

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What is Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs?) 

We can say that optimism is using evolutionary techniques (EAs). The difference between  traditional algorithms and EAs is that EAs are not static but dynamic as they can evolve  over time. 

Evolutionary algorithms have three main characteristics: 

Population-based: Evolution algorithms add a process where current solutions are bad to  produce better new solutions. The current set of solutions for new solutions is called by the  people. 

Variation Driven: If there is no acceptable solution for modern people in terms of the hard  work calculated per person, we must do something to produce better new solutions. As a  result, each solution will be several different to make new solutions. 

Focus: If there are a few solutions, how can you say that one solution is better than  another? There is a degree of firmness associated with each solution calculated from  physical activity. Such a degree of firmness indicates how good the solution is.

Author:- Kamble, Amol

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