German Festivals: A Significance of Inheritance

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  • August 3, 2021
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If you’re amongst Xenophiles (one who is interested in foreign individuals, culture, and customs) then Germany is one such country providing an exquisite and varied experience to you.

Although the country has multiple perceptions to be on time, serious, and humorless and plenty believe the Germans to be amongst the few fun-loving individuals on this earth, then let German Language Classes in Pune tell you a secret that guests to the country have already encountered and that is Germany is super fun! From a tangible history, cities with sturdy architecture, a soul-soothing culture, spectacular countryside and fun-filled festivals, this land guarantees you a bag jam-packed with surprises.

German festivals are varied, colourful and they provide you with a novel probability to immerse yourself into the variety essence of their culture. Undeniably, most of the festivals are creative and celebrated with a great deal of vigor and fervor. Be it any month of the year, you’ll be astonished that there are numerous festivals throughout the year. Allow us to take a glimpse into the key ones that additionally stand resolute and could be ‘the must visit’ on your bucket list.

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* The Oktoberfest – Munich

This is the foremost legendary brew fests of the world. This began as a royal wedding celebration and now is considered to be the most important folk festival of the world. Nearly seven million people are a part of this extravaganza and consume eight million liters of beer. The capital town of Munich is fantastically lit up throughout and is populated by castles, palaces, and mountains. Oktoberfest continues for around two weeks throughout the autumn season (Mid Sep to the primary Sunday of October). The town adorns Dirndl and trunks (their ancient costumes) crowds gather where individuals savour international cuisines and drinking. Understand it within German Language Course in Pune.

The Highlights: Parades in ancient costumes, Breakdancer ride, province brew, cooked wild Owen, Wild carnival, and alimentary paste dumplings with creamy mushrooms.


* The Karneval – Cologne

Originated from the town of Venice, Carnivals are currently celebrated everywhere on the globe and are a grand celebration. Cologne is amongst Germany’s oldest cities, settled on the river Rhine. Karneval in Cologne is one of  the most important street festivals in Germany. Within the 2-week long celebration, individuals dress in fancy costumes and attire; there are varied programs organized on artistically adorned boats that pose as the highlights of this Karneval.

The Highlights: Crazy costumes, fancy parades, march bands, and adorned boats


* The Beethovenfest – Bonn

Honoring the legendary music of Ludwig Beethoven, this superb fest introduces you to Germany’s music genre. The year 2020 marked the 250th birthday of remembrance of this legendary musician. The annual competition offers concert performances by the world’s best orchestras, soloists, etc. It’s amazing entertainment for music fans all over the world!

The Highlights: Soul soothing orchestras, live bands.

* The DFB Pokal – Berlin

DFB Pokal is a soccer competition held annually in Germany. The DFB Pokal is a knockout tournament for sixty four of Germany’s highly qualified soccer groups. It’s an occasion for each soccer fan to experience the zest and zeal at the Dortmund sports stadium. It continues year long and the finals are held in May.

The Highlights: most dramatic soccer matches, thrilling crowds, and cheering, and fireworks, etc.

 * Asparagus Fest and Onionfest – Schwetzingen & Weimar

German food isn’t specifically white-haired and most popular worldwide, since it includes largely meat and potatoes. Maybe that’s why there are many ancient festivals in Germany dedicated to the country’s staple crops. Because of Germany’s ancient farmer culture, there are festivals throughout the country to celebrate each harvest, with 2 crops specifically in the ruling domination. The food festivals are dedicated to every food crop and may be found in virtually any region wherever the crop may be a native. The Onion Fest (Zwiebelnfest) in Weimar and Asparagus Fest (Spargelfest) in Schwetzingen are considered as one of the most important harvest festivals within the country.

The Highlights: get the freshest picks of the season; strive lots of dishes based mostly round the vegetable and acquire asparagus- or onion-themed costumes.

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 * Unity Day – Berlin

The largest legal holiday in Germany is the third of October that commemorates the 1989 jointure of East and West Country with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Most cities in Germany organize a political celebration on the vacation, however, nothing compares to the one within the capital town of Berlin, where the consequences of the wall were most encountered. Every year, Berlin celebrates this momentous occasion with fun fairs and concerts at the Brandenburg Gate, a parade marches through the town, and art and history exhibits are displayed right along the remains of the Berlin Wall. A town where the memory of the Wall and separation continues to be alive, the annual celebrations in Berlin strive against a definite character that’s unequalled by any other German town.


Hafengeburtstag –Hamburg

The world-famous Hafengeburtstag competition commences on the primary weekend of May to celebrate the day of remembrance of one of the most important ports in Germany. On Friday huge ships enter the port of Hamburg. The large Queen Mary 2– one amongst the favourite ships of the hamburgers also takes part in the event. On the most spectacular stages, there’s the Hafenrock music competition in which concerts are organized by well-known artists and played in style by famous bands and a spectacular pyrotechnic show in the evening which glorifies the event additionally there are over 1,000,000 tourists on the ships visiting the spectacle, having a gala time and dancing to the live music.


The festivals in Germany exhibit the country’s diverse and vivid history with food, drinks, parades, costumes, arts, and literature, that’s indisputable and one experiences through their varied ways of celebrations. Additionally except the normal aspects, it fosters the culture of innovation and creative thinking that is pervasive. They’re the essence, through which the Germans embrace their pride and grandeur towards their heritage. Learn More at German Language Training in Pune.


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