How To Be Undefeatable?

  • By Prajakta Patole
  • January 4, 2023
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How To Be Undefeatable?

How To Be Undefeatable?

In life we often encounter many situations where we feel entirely defeated, we see the world crumbling down, we lose all of our hope, and we become directionless. How then are we supposed to get back on our feet?  They say ‘When life gives you lemonade, make lemonade’.  Is it that easy? Then how do we end up feeling more and more miserable instead of How to be Undeatable? The reason might be explained as follows:

  • Overthinking – 

Whenever we mention this word, the spiral of thoughts comes crawling deeply into our minds, the good old trap of negative thoughts and emotions ablaze our mind and we get confused. We no more can rely on our own psyche to make any rational decisions. All we do is to go back to the rabbit hole of those negative thoughts and see nothing but only a defeated reflection of our own staring back at us and asking us questions that we are unable to provide answers. This habit of overthinking turns all of our productivity into a huge nothingness. We can no longer function practically. 


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  1. Not being able to control our situations

Very often the world around us does not function on our own terms as many times we are faced up with situations that not only are unexpected but also unfathomable. Forex. The death of a beloved is one such situation that is not in our control but yet is very much painful. Although we are told to expect these things the pain that comes with it is painful nonetheless. No matter how many death we see, it never stops being painful for us at all. In 2020 we all had to go through a universal trauma, a universal feeling of alienation that came with the corona pandemic. All of those deaths, those moments of uncertainty, the helplessness, that was entirely out of our control, we could not bear any of it. Many people lost their jobs, and their source of livelihood; they lost their family members, and their beloveds. Was it possible for us to go back and get everything back in order? No. All we can do was to accept what happened and move on. 


  • Not being able to move on(How To Be Undefeatable): 

We all find it hard to move on from things that are hurtful, memories that are associated with pain. Be it a heartbreaking break up or the death of our loved ones. Goodbyes are always hard, but nevertheless essential. People can’t move on because they cling on to the memories of the past and are unable to move past these memories. All those memories keep people fixed in their own traumas and own sufferings. It becomes hard for them to see past these terrible memories. All they do is reminisce about the past and forget their present. Personality Development Classes in Pune is an art of enhancing your definite skills including your thoughts, perspectives, attitude


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  • Lack of focus : 

With the advent of social media and numerous other reasons, people have lost their ability to focus on one particular thing. With the myriad of distractions, they easily tend to lose their focus and find it very hard to complete any task on the given time. This habit of procrastination in turn creates a backlog of work which then leads to stress and loss of productivity as well as the much-valued creativity. 

With all these aforementioned points we can clearly see how people struggle with productivity and a balanced life. Now the question arises how to tackle all these? How to stop overthinking? How to get things in order? How we can move on? How to stay focused? Well, you here’s me telling you some easy-to-do tips in order to gain control over your life, to become undefeatable. 

How To Be Undefeatable?

  • Embrace the present –

 We all wander through the thoughts of past and future and ask ourselves the fateful questions of what if. These ifs and buts create an air of uncertainty in our minds and at times it is the hardest to see past this. But amid all these uncertain thoughts, all we need to remind ourselves is the present. The earlier we start living in the present, the better. Our present should matter to us more than our past or our future as it is the only thing that you experience. So start living in the present and forget all the worries of past or future. 


  1. Let of things that are out of your control – 

There is a famous quote by the Greek philosopher Seneca, “We suffer more in imagination than in reality”. All our lives we imagine things to be worse than they are and suffer through it. Instead, all we need to do is to accept the fact that it is what it is. Something is always out of our control and they will remain so. We should stop thinking to fix those things that will not be fixed and accept whatever life throws at us. All these struggles will make us stronger than we imagine ourselves to be. We need to condition ourselves to expect bad things along with the good things. We need to adopt a mindset of ‘Worse case scenario’ and always prepare for the worst things that might happen to us. Remember don’t just expect rain but also expect the storm. 


  • Embrace change – 

It is said that change is the only constant therefore we should never be afraid of change. Although it is hard to move on still it can be the most exhilarating experience in your life. All you need to have is patience. You need to have patience to believe in time. Time does heal all of our wounds. Believe in the process, things will become better with time. 


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  • Meditate to increase your focus – 

We have always heard about the importance of meditation. It is something that will help you reinstate your focus. So meditate as it will not only help you stay focused but also will increase your spiritual capacity. Also regulate the time you spend on social media as it does not only kill your productivity but also kills you valuable time. 

 With all these tips your journey of life will surely be smooth and will show you the right way to live. 



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