How to Connect Python with MYSQL Database?

  • By Sagar Gade
  • August 2, 2023
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How to Connect Python with MYSQL Database?

How to Connect Python with MYSQL Database?

In this blog, we will discuss How to Connect Python with MYSQL Database? Python’s rich ecosystem offers several libraries and modules that seamlessly integrate with MySQL, enabling developers to interact with databases effortlessly.

  • The Python standard for database interfaces is the Python DB- API. 
  • You must download a separate DB API module for each database you need to pierce. 
  • The DB API provides a minimum standard for working with databases using Python structures and syntax wherever possible. This API includes the following
  • Importing the API module.
  • Acquiring a connection with the database. 
  • Issuing SQL statements and stored procedures. 
  • ending the connection MySQLdb
  • We’d learn all the generalities using MySQL, so let us talk about and do as follows Windows http// s- 7/ UNIX gunzip MySQL-python-1.2.2.tar.gz navigator- xvfMySQL-python-1.2.2.tar cd MySQL- python-1.2.2 figure install Database Connection 
  • Before connecting to a MySQL database, make sure of the entourages – 

You have created a database TESTDB( see slide DataBase2).

 – You have created a table Hand in TESTDB.

 – This table has fieldsFIRST_NAME,LAST_NAME, AGE, coitus and INCOME.

 – stoner ID” testuser” and word” test123″ are set to access TESTDB.

 – Python module MySQLdb is installed duly on your machine.

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Database Connection( contd) 

  • Following is the illustration of connecting with MySQL database” TESTDB” 
  • If a connection is established with the data source, also a Connection Object is returned and saved into db for further use, else db is set to None.

Next, db object is used to produce a cursor object, which in turn is used to execute SQL queries. 

Eventually, before coming out, it ensures that the database connection is closed and coffers are released. 

/ usr/ caddy/ python import MySQLdb Open database connection 

db = MySQLdb.connect(” localhost”,” testuser”,” test123″,” TESTDB”) 

# prepare a cursor object using cursor() system cursor = db.cursor() execute SQL query using execute() system. (” SELECT VERSION()”) cost a single row using fetchone() system. data = cursor.fetchone() print” Database interpretation s” data dissociate from garçon ()

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