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  • December 14, 2021
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HR process Automation using HRMS software or web-based applications –

HR Automation is gaining lot of importance today in all the industry verticals. Some of HR Automation benefits of implementing HR Automation/using HR Software or web applications are:

  • Improving data accuracy
  • Reducing time spent on task
  • Ease of access of information
  • Quick decision making
  • Improving privacy and security of information
  • Improving work efficiency especially with offices in multiple locations

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I am very much impressed with features of some of the HR management software. The software makers are putting lot of efforts every day to bring in more innovative features into their software to make it even more useful, user friendly and more and more stable too.

Management members have started realizing that they do not have the right data to take decisions. Either the data is not captured or the captured data is in hard files which needs to be worked upon and converted into analysable format. Also, the accuracy becomes questionable since there are chances of human errors. 

Those companies who are carrying out the HR functions manually end up wasting a lot of time and other resources in creating and maintaining the employee records. Further they have to employ bigger teams to manage the work. Many a times I have observed that there is a repetition of tasks leading to unnecessary wastage of time. 

If human resource professionals are not spending their time in developing their workforce by getting involved into more and more training and development activities, if they are not spending time working on making the work culture more and more conducive wherein the employees can work more productively, If they’re not spending their time working on the right strategies to align the workforce towards achieving of the management objectives and goals, if they’re not spending their time knowing the best practices in human resource area which are being used all over the world, if they are not spending their time looking at the available data in the organization and trying to make a meaningful picture from the available data and are not taking the necessary actions from the diagnosis or the insights that one gets from that available data, I feel the human resource professionals are wasting their precious time.

wherever possible every organization should invest into software or web applications which will help preventing the wastage of productive time of human resource professionals in doing manual or clerical work.

Whether it be Attendance and Leave management, Payroll, performance appraisals, Training and development, employee engagement, employee communications, employee self-services, recruitment and selection, employee onboarding, employee exit formalities etc., everything can be managed seamlessly using various HRMS systems that is human resource management systems available in the market today. 

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I remember a time when we used to print almost every record and put into relevant files. With that we were also needing more and more storage space. For example, the performance appraisal forms of each and every employee were stored for many many years. Nowadays the human resource management systems are taking care of the entire performance appraisal cycle. Employees are now in a position to fill in their self-appraisal form even from their mobile phones. At each step during the appraisal there are notifications being sent to all the people concerned for their information and necessary actions. After the appraisal cycle is completed one can also see beautiful graphs showing statistical analysis on various parameters.

Every employee has his or her own login wherein he or she can get the complete information whether it be personal information, key result areas and key performance indicators, their leave data or their reimbursement related information. 

Employee communications have also become so easier to manage. Also, the HR department can release periodic newsletters which becomes immediately visible in everybody login accounts. 

The managers dashboards also provide them information on the number of pending approvals on which they are supposed to be taking actions like leave approvals, performance appraisal of their teams or setting the key result areas and key performance indicators of their teams et cetera.  

In recruitment and selection process also, there is lot of automation done. HR executives or recruiters do not have to spend a lot of time screening the resumes. The software makers are also using artificial intelligence technology these days to make things even better. With the use of artificial intelligence, the human resource management systems can carry out the resume parsing which means that the system will automatically pick up the keywords and necessary information using the complex algorithms and machine learning programs of artificial intelligence. Further the entire recruitment and selection cycle starting from creation of a job vacancy, allocating the vacancies to the particular recruiters, broadcasting the vacancies on various job portals and social media deploying various questionnaires and aptitude tests or technical test relating to various positions, displaying the marks obtained by the candidates in the aptitude or technical tests, the remarks of each and every interview round till final selection and subsequently the offer letter releasing, can be handled using human resource management system.

It really makes business sense to invest into the softwares and HR web applications. When a variety of tasks can be handled by the human resource management system, the number of team members required in the HR department also reduces. Therefore, the company saves due to requirement of less people. Also, if one looks at the time that is saved finding the records and analysing the data required for making decisions, it’s significant. 

With the COVID pandemic, the entire world has realised the importance of having good software systems or web based applications. The organizations that had good software systems and web based applications are the ones who did not face much challenges as their workforce was able to work from home and establish and maintain the continuity of business.

At the end, I will again reiterate that the human resource professionals should be spending their time in developing people, making important strategies and aligning the work force efforts towards achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

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