IELTs Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample – I

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  • July 4, 2022
IELTs Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample – I

IELTs Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample – I


Is it good for children to start using computers from early age and spend long hours on them? Discuss advantages and disadvantages.

In this contemporary era, kids have access to use computers at their earlier stages and spend maximum time on them. This phenomenon has become a debatable issue and in my opinion, usage at a young age with extra hours may not be suitable for them. This essay will address both its merits and demerits of it.

On the one hand, there are several benefits of providing computer information to a child at a young age. The primary advantage is that children are good learners and they have high grasping power, due to this, it helps them to get familiar with the operation of computers. Second, they work on it for longer hours which enable them to be expert in it. Consequently, they do not find any problem using it when they finish their school journey and may get a chance to earn money with this knowledge. For instance, there are numerous YouTubers, who are gaining monetary benefits by sharing computer software knowledge on their channels that they learned at a young time. Therefore, it has opened a door of opportunity for them.


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On the other hand, despite having a lot of positive sides, there are some drawbacks associated with this. Firstly young minds are vulnerable to bad habits. The early availability of the usage of computers may affect users’ minds if they see any sexual content. Secondly, their body postures might be harmed while spending excess time on it. In addition, they lack physical activity which leads to a weak body in future. To cite an example, as per a survey, many school-goers are suffering from digital eye problems and neck strains owing to the over usage of computers. As a result, they deprive of outdoor games and invite to dangerous diseases, caused by watching screens for long hours.


To conclude, after discussing both views, undoubtedly, computer knowledge has become a necessity for children and it has a plethora of advantages of giving access at an early age since it assists them in their future careers; however, excess hours of usage destroy their precious childhood times.

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Band: 9

Paragraph: 4

Word Count: 343


9 Band – Structure your answers in logical paragraphs

9 Band – Include an introduction and conclusion

9 Band – Support main points with an explanation and then an example

9 Band – Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately

9 Band – Vary your linking phrases using synonyms



8 Band – Try to vary your vocabulary using accurate synonyms

9 Band – Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes



9 Band – Use a variety of complex and simple sentences

9 Band – Check your writing for errors



9 Band – Answer all parts of the question

9 Band – Present and fully explain ideas

9 Band – Support ideas with relevant, specific examples


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