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IELTS Classes In Pune

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Introduction to IELTS Course

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS); is a standardized English evaluation constructed for speakers who would adore research, work and reside in an English-speaking atmosphere. IELTS language certification can open the doors to international professional and academic opportunities in several associations.

IELTS is jointly owned and Operated with Cambridge English Language Assessment by the British Council and IDP Education Australia. Some of the nations like the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and Australia are recognized globally for university admissions. IELTS Classes in Pune provides hands-on instruction methodology which helps delegates for employment experience and training programs in their career. Our experienced IELTS training staff focuses on core areas with vivid and intensive interactive training classes. The experience of our faculties really matters as they can catch your Nerve and target the right spot where you need immense improvement.

Proficiency After Training


Produce formal, academic writing which is clear, organised and concise.


Obtain a customized report in your modular activities indicating your strengths, weaknesses and approaches for advancement by means of a personalized action plan.


Free pre-joining evaluation test for class orientation.


Know the calculations of scores in each undertaking.


Learning Advanced Grammar methods and Language phrasing


Advanced vocabulary building exercises at each session.

IELTS Training in Pune


What is the IELTS all About?

More than 6,000 organizations the world over recognize the IELTS as a language test that is legitimate. These include immigration administration universities, employers, and government agencies. As we’re among the IELTS training centers in Pune, trust us to help you get the score and settle or study! Join us now and enjoy the very IELTS coaching ! The IELTS, or simply the International English Language Testing System, is a test held across countries on earth. It is supposed to evaluate the proficiency of speakers from the English language since they need to operate, settle, or study in states where this is the primary language of communication.


 Why choose IELTS Classes in Pune?

The majority of the time pupils are confused between picking TOEFL and IELTS for securing an excellent band score. Both of these tests can be split up into area-specific for entering top renowned universities and IELTS is fostered in many countries. But the evaluations are conducted prominently for analyzing, integrating with the candidates in a new nation. This score might be beneficial in obtaining a Visa, securing higher education and for securing hefty salaried jobs. SevenMentor is the best IELTS Training in Pune which develops your English and Personal skills comprehensively.

Reasons to choose IELTS test training :

  • We cater to our IELTS training in an impeccable way that is globally accepted.
  • You will be equipped with a professional and qualified team that will deliver specialized training on relevant topics related to IELTS.
  • Improvising your English proficiency by choosing your journey with our IELTS Training in Pune.
  • We stand apart from the rest as we are the premier institute that has a team that works and research for improvising teaching methods.
  • Proving your English language skills with an IELTS test can help you land for a better job or a promotion in your home country.
  • Accepted by organizations that include governments, academic institutions, and employers with 3,000 in the USA alone.
  • Preparing for IELTS with SevenMentor tutors is also an excellent option to tighten up your knowledge and focus on your career.

What are the Components of IELTS Training In Pune?

IELTS Classes in Pune at SevenMentor concentrates to enhance an individual’s capabilities and the English language fluency. IELTS exam preparation is designed into 2 sections. It assesses the candidate’s level of English of non-native speakers who require to utilize the English language in the Academic and Professional context. It is not a qualification certification as pass/fail. Each module of this test is graded as “Band Score” 

  1. Academic IELTS
  2. General training IELTS

Academic IELTS –

IELTS Academic is meant for individuals who wish to attend research programs at other institutions and universities. This Exam is mandatory for aspirants dreaming to study in International Universities.

General Training IELTS –

IELTS General Training is a fantastic option when you are planning to migrate into an English speaking nation and work there. 

These countries take the general Training certification as proof of language competencies on the part of study and immigration visa applicants. From time to time numerous native speakers require English language eligibility to migrate into certain nations.

What is UKVI?

If you are taking the IELTS test to opt for a UK visa application to work, live or study in the UK, you may require to take the IELTS for UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) Academic or General Training Test.

Who can go for IELTS Certification – 

The eligibility for appearing in the IELTS Training can be categorized into three:

Students – Those willing to pursue higher education in foreign countries and universities.

Professionals – There are many opportunities available abroad so if you like to make a career in those countries, you need to crack the IELTS Exams and get ready for your bright career.

Emigration – If you wish to settle in foreign countries, you may have the possibility after clearing this exam.

Major Four components in IELTS – 

IELTS Classes In Pune has been refined by some of the world’s leading language assessors to test the full range of an individual’s English language skills. It ensures that you meet the requirements either in your university placement or for new job opportunities. There are mainly four components for evaluating – 

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Listening –

In this module, four recordings have been given and you have to listen to it first, then answer the questions asked in approximately 30 minutes. The recordings are of native English speakers and candidates have only one chance to hear it properly.

Reading –

The IELTS Reading test requires you to answer 40 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes and is designed to test you on an array of reading skills. 

Writing –

The IELTS writing test requires you to finish two tasks. The first task features a deadline of 20 minutes and the second task has 40 minutes. Both the task covers topics of general interest supported by the module you are taking.

Speaking –

This module assesses your spoken English skills and is taken in the form of an interview with a time limit of 11-14 minutes.

How is the IELTS score calculated?

The IELTS Band score is calculated between 0-9. You will get a separate band score for every skill and also an overall band score of the talents like reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will also get a whole band score for example -5,6,7 or half band score as 5.5, 6.5, 7.5.

IELTS Courses in Pune provides the necessary training for the candidates and skill them to clear the exam. We provide excellent tips that can allow you to score the maximum band score.

IELTS Classes in Pune

SevenMentor provides the best IELTS Training in Pune to the candidates for the IELTS exam and to clear the exams successfully. Our trainers have immense years of experience in this field which will unlock your potential to excel in IELTS. They professionally train the scholars to hone the talents of reading, writing and speaking fluently in English. The Best IELTS Classes in Pune are interactive with their students and therefore the students can be happy to clarify their doubts with the help of industry experts. Due to our high scoring IELTS results at SevenMentor institute for many years, students have shown immense trust in us over the period of time. 

We have also examined the most appropriate for our users concerning infrastructure, instruction, and other services such as one on one interviews, test series, teaching procedures, spoken English, concentrated character development, training and more.In a single click you’ll get all the required details of the most effective professional IELTS training center in Pune. The institutes assist the students in most aspects, starting with assessing the test report form, from locating the best-fit test centers. Enroll yourself at SevenMentor and decode the exam. IELTS is of the prerequisites for global higher education and a popular global language test, job opportunities, and migration.

 IELTS training in Pune are outfitted with highly qualified teachers who design a wise study program organised in a sensible way considering all the advantages and disadvantages.

IELTS coaching in Pune at SevenMentor provides you reliable and thorough study material necessary to prepare for the IELTS examination. This saves a whole lot of time and provides greater clarity about what to concentrate on to you.

IELTS institute in Pune at SevenMentor offer the best of amenities that make a conducive environment to research and learn. Among the substantial advantages of enrolling in an IELTS instruction facility in Pune is that you always have specialists to help you clarify your doubts.

IELTS revolves around the language ability evaluation in terms of writing, reading, listening, and communication. Practice and consistency play an important role. Attending IELTS classes in Pune takes good care of this.

Experienced IELTS training in Pune provide expert tips, research hacks, newest IELTS updates, assistance in IELTS examination enrollment, choosing IELTS test centers, and more help.

IELTS text examines consist of four skills. Every ability calls for a different sort of preparation in terms of implementation, practice, and knowledge. IELTS coaching experts in Pune take care of every small detail that contributes to achieving more bands in the IELTS exam.

Regular IELTS practice tests and evaluations make you conscious of your strong and weak points. Students can boost their functionality and can have a great career ahead.

Lastly, if you are interested in your study abroad plans and are looking for the best sources to complement your study process, enrolling in the Best IELTS classes in Pune at SevenMentor is the best method to begin it. Professional Coaching by instructors of SevenMentor can Help You to Get on the Right Path for IELTS preparation.

As it is competitive in nature, right guidance is necessary for IELTS examination. Professional Coaching by instructors of SevenMentor can Help You to Get on the right track for IELTS preparation

We would be immensely delighted to help you score the desired bands in the IELTS Exams. Also, the tutors offer a subtle explanation to the nuances of the language clearly to the scholars. Enroll yourself within the Best IELTS Courses in Pune at SevenMentor and excel in your professional and academic career aspects under the guidance of  language experts.



What is this IELTS course about?

This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge about IELTS and how to clear these exams which helps you to apply for higher education in many universities and international schools. Also, emigrant authorities and professional bodies, recognize and require this English language test for documentation.

What are the IELTS course objectives?

  • Familiarize students with the arrangement and instructions of IELTS evaluation.
  • Train with a vivid bunch of questions that are asked in every part or four test formats.
  • Build the English language abilities that are essential to pass the IELTS Test.

Why should you go for IELTS Training?

After passing the IELTS Exams from the IELTS Classes in Pune you will be able to study in international schools and Universities and can do your dream jobs in several countries like – the United States, and New Zealand, Canada, UK, Australia and many more.

How will IELTS Training help your Career?

  • This course will help you to improve your writing skills and assist you to speak English fluently to boost your performance in all fields and improve your reading, listening, speaking and expressing skills.
  • This course is offering wide opportunities to have a great career and be proficient in English speaking.
  • It helps you to boost the confidence level for communication. It is imperative to learn and excel in IELTS for a bright career ahead.

Why Should You Learn IELTS from SevenMentor institute?

  • IELTS Courses in Pune at SevenMentor is intended and trained by subject-matter specialists with years of expertise
  • IELTS Classes in Pune in SevenMentor provides the integration of theory and interactive practical sessions to enhance the level of teaching methods.
  • We provide In-depth Course sessions at a reasonable price.
  • Course timings made to match working professionals and pupils

Who is eligible for the IELTS course?

  • IELTS isn’t recommended for applicants under the age of 16.
  • IELTS is needed for working professionals who wish to work overseas.
  • IELTS is compulsory for those intending to emigrate to Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Medical professionals that intend to work or pursue additional research in the United Kingdom, Australia or even the US can opt to submit an application for IELTS.
  • For the IELTS examination, the minimum education qualification is 10+2 or above.

What is the IELTS course duration?

We provide the flexible course duration time which varies from student-types.

What about the IELTS study material?

Yes, we offer Best in the class study material. You get hands-on also with regular Intervals to get more clarification about the subject.

Will your institute conduct the IELTS Exam for Global Certification?

Yes, we do conduct different Exams for Global Certification.

How do I Enroll for IELTS Course?

You can contact our support number at +91-7798058777 or directly walk into SevenMentor.

Who Can Do this Course?




BE/ Bsc Candidate


Any Engineers


Any Graduate


Any Post-Graduate


Candidate seeking this course

Training Module

Fast Track Batch


Session: 4 Hrs per day + Practical

Duration: 3 Weeks

Days: Monday to Sunday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Regular Batch


Session: 2 Hrs per day

Duration: 6 Weeks

Days: Monday to Thursday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Weekend Batch


Session: 3 Hrs per day

Duration: 9 Weekends

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



Sanket Bhavsar

The staff there at SevenMentor is very supportive when I planned my higher studies with IELTS. I did not have any information about education at abroad. SevenMentor supported me from university selection, application and visa. but i got admission into good university because of SevenMentor.

Rishabh Marne

Had a nice experience with SevenMentor. Assist me throughtout my application process for masters in UK. I want to thank SevenMentor to assist me for the application process.

Sharad Kunjire

Excellent Guidance and coaching provided by the finest trainers! I was guided and cleared my each and every doubt for enduring my graduate program in Canada. Very helpful and an awesome experience overall! All the best SevenMentor!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How About the Placement Assistance?

All the Courses Are Merged With Placement Assistance

Is The Course Fees In My Budget?

We Are Committed For Lowest Course Fees in the Market

Do you Provide Institutional Certification After the course?

Yes! We do provide Certification straight after completion of the Course

Do you have any refund policy?

Sorry! We don’t refund fees in any Condition.

How about the Discount offer on this Course?

Yes, this Course has heavy Offer discount in fees if you pay in One Shot/ Group Admission!

I Am Worried About Fees Installment Option If Any?

Don’t Worry! We Do Have Flexible Fees Installment Option

Do We Get Practical Session For This Course?

Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

Is the Course Comes With Global Certification?

Sure! Most of our Course Comes with Global Certification for which you have to give Exam at the End of the Course

Will your institute conduct the Exam for Global Certification?

Yes we do have different Exam Conducting Department where you can apply for certain course’s Exam

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 help Desk

For any inquiry related to course, we have opened our portal, accept the requests, We assure to help within time.

Placement Department

we have Separate placement department Who are Continuously work on Company tie-ups and Campus requritment process

Money for a quality and Value

we have a policy under which we care for 100% job Assistance for each course until you got your dream job, Hence anyone can apply for learning with Quality

In-House Company Benefit

We have US Based In-house Company under SevenMentor Roof, thus candidate will get Live project working Environment.

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