IELTS For Beginners

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  • December 1, 2022
IELTS Introduction

IELTS For Beginners

Speaking and writing are two of those jobs for which you need to be a bit more visionary. Occasionally you need to find a reason to speak or to write. Indeed if you do have a reason to work on them, similar as speaking with associates or writing emails, it’s great if you can develop your skills when you aren’t under pressure because of deadlines or prospects. Also, you can relax a bit more and allow yourself to be creative.

Have you heard the expression “practice makes perfect”? It’s absolutely true! The more you exercise commodity, the better you’ll get. Whether you’re playing a sport or jotting in English, rehearsing will help you enhance your language. Exercise on its own isn’t always veritably motivating or intriguing. That’s why penning down is an excellent system of practice.


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Here are a few tips on how to start writing:


  • Pick content:  What’s it that you’ll write about? (Cuisine? pictures? Your happening life? Learning English?) Suppose why you’re learning English. You should write about a commodity that you enjoy, but it should also match with your thing for learning English. The theme could affect how you design it and what you name it, so take some time to suppose about this.
  • Launch jotting: On the other hand, do not let the first tip decelerate you down. The most important part is to write regularly. So if you can’t think of any specific content, you don’t have to limit yourself to one content. (In fact, it’ll be most helpful if you write about a wide variety of motifs.) Your first composition/ jotting should be on the same day that you thought about writing.
  • Learn authentic English: Rather than depending on the specialized English you’d learn from handbooks, try to also learn and use further casual, and natural-sounding English. It’s the kind you would hear in everyday exchanges and native English media. You can get access to numerous language literacy programs that use authentic English videos made for and by native speakers. 

Super five to start your writing journey:


  1. Incorporate recently learned information into your jotting.

Did you learn a new English word? Use it in your jotting. Did you hear a native speaker use a stupendous new expression? That’s right, write about it.

The sooner you exercise recently learned information, the better you learn it. By using new knowledge in a post, you’re making the connection stronger between the knowledge and your mind. If you are looking for IELTS Training in Pune then, your search ends here


  1. Proofread and edit your jotting.

Nothing is perfect. Your favorite novel was presumably edited and rewritten numerous times before it ended up in your hands. You too will presumably make numerous mistakes when you write. The important thing is that you learn from them and hence proofreading is really important. That means you should read through it precisely and correct any errors you notice. Check for spelling errors, punctuation, marking capital letters, whether the content is too long or too short, and overall grammar. Proofreading and editing will make you more apprehensive of your own work. You may notice, for illustration, that you keep misspelling one specific word every time you write it. Bingo! Now you know what areas you need to work on!

Writing is also an effective system of flashing back effects (this is why we write shopping lists, for e.g.). Writing will be a much more intriguing way to support your literacy than rewriting your notes!


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  1. Use writing prompts.

Writing prompts are ideas and onsets that are meant to get you allowing and writing. They can help you start when you can’t suppose what to write about. But they’re also useful for penning down in general. 

There are many simple witty prompts to get you started – 

  • What would you do with a million bones?

These will help you exercise the tentative (rulings that talk about imaginary situations and generally start with the word “if”). Hint – you might respond with, “If I had a million bones, I would”

  • Write a letter to whoever stole your raincoat on a stormy day.

This will help you exercise formal letter writing, as well as an affront. Affront is when you say one thing but easily mean the contrary like being sarcastic.

  • Start a post with the words “The happiest day of my life was”

This advisement can help you exercise using the tenses appropriately.


  1. Changing up your game

Changing up the style helps you in two ways( 1) It helps keep your creativity alive( nothing kills creativity briskly than reiteration), and( 2) it challenges you to try new ways in writing.

Different styles of writing work on strengthening different ways and putting your thoughts to words. Writing a dialogue, for illustration, can help you learn punctuation rules (i.e. should you put that period before or after the citation mark?), as well as casual English (i.e. would someone say “I’ve to” or “I gotta ” while speaking?).

For further formal jotting practice, you can write a review of an English movie or book. This will also help you flash back and understand the movie or book better.


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  1. Look back and rewrite.

Once you’ve been writing regularly for several months, go back to your earlier entries. Do they feel different now? The further the time passes, the better your jotting will be and the worse your aged entries will feel.

After you’ve been writing for numerous months, pick an old composition every other week and rewrite it with your recently learned lessons. Rewriting old posts shows you how important you’ve learned over time. It also gives you a chance to correct your mistakes. Tutoring someone differently is one of the stylish ways to learn (indeed if it’s just you from many weeks ago).



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