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Language is essentially a system of communication where sound or signs convey objects, actions and ideas. The history of language dated back many thousands of years. In initial era, language was mainly spoken not written. But the improvement of the writing medium and later the printing system went a long way is the indulgence of knowledge and without which individuals would have remained in the dark about the ways of life and the thought processes of their ancestors. Language is the key to human lives. They can eradicate misunderstandings by using it as a tool to transfer communication among people.

Malinowski suggests, language is “the necessary means of communion; it is the one crucial instrument for creating the ties of the moment without which unified social action is impossible.”One Language can thus be said to be at the core of humanity. Language is an amazing gift of God. It is part of what makes man fully human beings. In fact, Aristotle says a man is a balanced animal and that what sets him apart, what raises him above the animals, is that he has the ability to motive, and it is very clear that he cannot motive without language.

“Aristotle was certain, however, that meaning was no less a vital part of language than the sounds which put up with the meaning and that language depends no less on the normal powers of man by which meanings are created than on the two physiological organs by which sounds are formed. “Language is necessary in order for man to be a balanced creature. In other words, language is what made the enlargement of civilization achievable.

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The only way of understanding the great minds of the past is by analyzing the modern written documents of the time. Language is a means of forming and storing thoughts as a mirror image of reality and exchanging them in the process of human communication. Language is combined by nature and therefore inseparably connected with people who are its creators and users; it raises and develops together with the development of civilization.

Stalin monitors about language, “It arises and develops with the growth and expansion of society. It vanishes when society extinct. Apart from society, there is no language. “Much has been said about the association between language and society. In the history of linguistics, it is unusual to find investigations of any language which are entirely cut off from concurrent analysis of the history of that language, or of its regional and societal distributions, or of its connection to objects, ideas, events, and actual speakers and listeners in the ‘real’ world.

It is hypothetical to be that “Man’s relation with the society is so pleasant and close that it is very complicated to disconnect him from the social environments in which he is born, nurtured and grown to be a man.”The legend of the Babel’s tower tells that at the very commencement of the world, the human beings had only one and unique language. Now there are three over 5000 languages in the world but on the other hand around twenty-five languages become extinct every year.

According to Jean A Lap once: “When the protections cost of its language does not have any more adequate compensation in the form of social and emotional earnings then languages disappear”. No one really knows how human speech progressed from animal sounds. But it is true that language the distinguishing characteristic of man and not only differentiates him but also makes him better to other animal species. Influential US linguist Noam Chomsky disagreed that human beings are born with the ability to speak a language. He even went on to say that some very broad aspects of grammar are built into every human mind irrespective of nationality.

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“Chomsky believed that humans acquire language through an inborn knowledge. His consideration that there was deeper meaning to words and that was how people learned them so easily. “Professor Lloyd James on the other hand said that many animals also have the basic speech organs and had they tried to develop the ability to use them like ancient men did, then even they would have developed speech of their own.

Sir G. Elliot Smith has rightly remarked that the invention of speech marked the beginning of man. S.Pit Cordor, a well-known British linguist says – “The first way we can approach language is as a experience of the individual person. It is concerned with describing and explaining language as a matter of human deeds. People speak and write; they also obviously read and understand what they hear.

Established conversation with qualified speaker or dialogue writer, and they will tell you that language plays a vital role in our life. In fact, few of the most important and outstanding lines in American history came from speeches given by American presidents:

Abraham Lincoln speaks softly and carries a big bond, Lincoln’s yarns and stories: A complete collection of the funny and humorous stories that made Abraham Lincoln well-known as America’s greatest story teller

The only thing we have to terror is terror itself. -Theodore Roosevelt

Ask not what your motherland can do for you; ask what you can do for your motherland. -John F. Kennedy

We lose ourselves when we negotiation the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we respect those principles by upholding them not when it’s easy, but when it is hard.

You don’t have to be a president or a famous speaker to use language efficiently. So in this period, we’re going to explore the importance of language. First, we will understand the difference between verbal and written language, then we will speak about some essential strategy for using language, and lastly, we’ll look at six key fundamentals of language. – Barack Obama

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