Important Vastu Checkpoints Before Buying A New Property

  • By Shraddha Pachorkar
  • June 19, 2024
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important Vastu checkpoints before buying a new property

Important Vastu Checkpoints Before Buying A New Property

Ensure harmony and prosperity by considering important Vastu checkpoints before buying a new property. Our comprehensive guide helps you make informed decisions for a Vastu-compliant home.

Buying a property is a critical breakthrough for most people and families, speaking to a pivotal and energetically expected choice. The handle of buying a property can be the summit of a long time of arranging, sparing, and difficult work. It is a minute that holds incredible significance and meaning, as it speaks to the achievement of a dream and the fulfillment of a long-term objective. Discover the Important Vastu Checkpoints Before Buying A New Property to ensure harmony and positive energy in your new home. Learn the key tips for Vastu.

Important Vastu Checkpoints Before Buying A New Property

Coordinated Vastu Shastra To Create Your Space

Buying a property is a basic and vital choice that requires careful investigation, keen thought of area, cost, and a master counsel on Vastu Shastra to guarantee a fruitful and satisfying encounter. It is critical to weigh all the alternatives over parameters and make a well-informed choice based on a person’s needs and inclinations which moreover offers the opportunity to personalize and plan the space concurring to one’s possess inclinations, reflecting their identity and fashion. Selecting a Vastu-compliant property is much more than fair to call domestic, it too brings in a sense of security, soundness, and a victory attitude.

Vastu Changes Properties Into Blessed Future

Following Vastu standards guarantees a stream of positive vitality and great fortune to a property. Vastu compliance may incorporate contemplations such as the introduction of the building, the situation of rooms and furniture, the area of entryways and windows, and the utilization of colors and materials. With Vastu holding much significance in forming our lives & businesses, it gets to be judicious to assess the property from Vastu’s point of view sometime recently buying the same. Buying a Vastu-compliant property not as it spares us from mishaps, but moreover takes us to a superior measurement of life where we can optimize victory & success. This web journal will direct you to the wide Vastu tips for domestic which must be considered when selecting a property.


North-East Direction

To begin with, & the first point to check sometime recently when buying any property, a loft or a house, is the northeast heading of the put. The below-recorded focuses will make you mindful of the angles of this heading about Vastu Shastra so that you can check the same when buying a property.

The northeast course, also called the Ishaan Kon, is one of the most imperative and delicate headings of any property.

It is the heading that acts as the source or root of positive energies in that specific put & must be kept flawless, clean & vibrant.

This is a perfect heading to have a supplication room, sanctuary, or reflection space.

A property that has a can, kitchen, store, septic tank, or any other moo vitality action ought to only be bought if one has a viable choice of expelling the aforementioned from the northeast course. If the northeast heading is influenced by any implies, and there is no plausibility of redesign, one must not purchase the said property.

Many individuals need to depend on cures or Vastu medicines, as the property offers to them and they inquire for Vastu compensation. One must be exceptionally cautious and mindful that there is no completely viable Vastu treatment for the surrenders of the Northeast course. Maintain a strategic distance from having a store room, latrine, or kitchen in the North-East Heading.

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Placement Of Kitchen 

Placement Of Kitchen

The kitchen is the major fire movement in any put. The heading or situation of the kitchen things are much as per Vastu. Having the kitchen in the course as per Vastu, is a major advantage and makes a difference to the tenants in various ways.

Firstly, we must know that when we allude to the kitchen, the genuine thing to consider as per Vastu is the arrangement of the cooking stove or warming machines. The fire-related hardware really speaks to the fire component in the space.

As per Vastu Shastra, it is suggested to have fire movement between the South-East & South bearings. This course has a place for the fire component and having a kitchen here guarantees the fire component is balanced.

Also, the second-best course for having a kitchen is the West course. 

Not as it were the heading of the kitchen, but too color plans in the kitchen must be as per Vastu. Having dark, blue or dark colors in the kitchen proved to be lamentable as it aggravates the fire element.

In any case, in some cases due to cutting-edge developments and loft concepts, if the kitchen is not in the above-mentioned headings, it is continuously way better to check with a Vastu Master if the kitchen can be overseen by Vastu Treatment. The perfect Vastu course for the kitchen (fire) is between South East & South. If the kitchen is not in the right heading, skip buying the said property.


Entrance (Main Door / Gate)

Entrance (Main Door / Gate)

It is an exceptionally well-known myth that we must continuously purchase an East confronting property & must maintain a strategic distance from a South confronting property. Be that as it may, we must get that it is not the confronting of things, but the course in which the fundamental entryway is found that is vital as per Vastu.

We must not generalize that south-facing properties are not great as per Vastu. South confronting properties with entrance doors between southeast & south is much auspicious.

Not all east-confronting properties are great. East confronting properties with the fundamental entryway towards the South-East is not good.

The entrance is the mouth of the property. Fair like our body develops and keeps up well-being in understanding what we eat through our mouth, additionally, the development & wellbeing of the property is represented by the sort of energies entering through the fundamental gate.

While buying a property we must be exceptionally cautious approximately choosing a property with the best entrance. Dodge an entrance or primary entryway in the South-West Heading.


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Low Energy And Productive Areas 

Low Energy And Productive Areas

Optimizing efficiency and inspiration in any space includes taking after Vastu rules custom-made to that environment. It’s pivotal to consider vitality dissemination when arranging exercises and arrangements inside a space.

For occasion, zones with lower vitality levels, like toilets and transfer zones, ought to be deliberately situated. In the interim, spaces with a positive vitality stream, such as rooms, domestic workplaces, and considered regions, ought to have beneficial exercises. Keeping up this adjustment is vital.

However, damaging these standards, such as putting rooms or domestic workplaces in low-energy zones, or arranging toilets or dustbins in positive vitality ranges leads to noteworthy challenges. A learned Vastu master will evaluate these variables sometime recently prompting on property buys. This foundational viewpoint of Vastu arranging, known as “Rectify Arrangement as per nature of action or protest,” regularly doesn’t include cures. For illustration, if the ace room is in a low-energy course, an honest-to-goodness-to-goodness Vastu advisor would suggest migrating the room or maybe advertising cures for erroneous bed situating.


Proximity To Nature 

Proximity To Nature

Being near to nature is basic for a solid intellect, body, and soul. Particularly after the challenges of COVID-19, individuals presently recognize the significance of wellness near their careers. In this manner, when acquiring a property, it’s imperative to prioritize characteristic components that can improve our environment and well-being.

Welcoming sunshine or daylight from any course into the property is profoundly energized by Vastu Shastra. The more daylight we welcome through windows, entryways, or overhangs, the more positive vitality streams inside the space.

Ventilation is similarly vital. Guaranteeing the greatest wind current from all headings through cross ventilation contributes to a reviving and stimulating climate inside the property.

Moreover, having greenery, gardens, parks, lakes, or any normal scenes adjacent includes the property’s positive Vastu vibes. Subsequently, it’s astute to guarantee the nearness of nature in a few frames around the property you proposed to purchase.

Properties missing common components like greenery or sufficient daylight may not give the essential positive vibrations. Prioritizing nature’s nearness when choosing a property can essentially upgrade it’s by and large offer and contribute to a more advantageous and more agreeable living environment.


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