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  • July 5, 2021
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We need to be sure that our secret and sensitive data is secure. There are two types of data in general data in motion as it moves across the network and  data at rest,when data is on storage like hard disk ,clouds and servers we should make sure data is encrypted before sending it from networks


Hacking Concepts, Types, and Phases

Hacker is very smart  to steal the information such as Business data, personal data, financial information, credit card information, username & Password from the system he is unauthorized to get this information from unauthorized control over the system using different techniques ,methods and tools. Hackers have great skill, ability to develop tools and explore software and hardware. Their intention can be either adoing illegal things for fun or sometimes they are paid to hack.


Black Hats 


Black Hat hackers are the hackers who have good knowledge in all cybersecurity hacks they hack only for illegal purpose it can be financial,revenge,malware spread task all over world and amany more black hat hackers also pretty famous for protest in digital world famous black hat group all over world is “ANONYMOUS HACKERS”


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White Hats


White hat hackers are the hakers who have good skills for good work for community they working for they never go illegal works like black hat hackers. White Hat hackers mostly work for government, bussiness man, corporate ,investigation departments , law agency and many more places 


Gray Hats


Gray Hat hackers are the one who are positive and negative believers they also have good skills but they only work according to there thoughts they work for llegal and illegal both purpose as the black and white bothe mixture of hackers is Gray Hat Hackers.Gray Hats are those who work with hacking skills using them for both, offensively and defensive. Hackers with ( malicious  — and a —  Security Analyst works is Gray hat)



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Main weapon of hackers :



The payload referrs to the actual section of information or data in a frame as opposed to automatically generated metadata. In information security,

Payload is a section or part of a malicious and exploited code that causes the potentially harmful activity and actions such as exploit, opening backdoors, and hijacking.


Batch file


Batch file programming is a windows version of unix shell programming also known as batch programming these batch files are very powerfull mostly they are FUD = Fully Undetectabel  by any antivirus batch file can be used for good and bad purpose by hackers all around the world the extension of batch file ends with .bat whcich means batch these virus programmed files are opensource on internet hackers just need notepad 

to create batch file virus. These are the ways of social engineering which is used by hackers to manipulate. The target so there work can be done easily like :

Some one sending email from official Instagram support team email address – which means a hacker They will type such an email so any one can get phished  Lets understand what is phished (phishing attack) which means to make a clone copy of website Like original ones so if some one login to fake /clone Instagram websites the credentials will captures And hacker will receive that credentials so after that they can miss use. Credentials can be email/password/debit information/address/identity proof and many more  These is done whit the help of phishing attack by hackers So they can send fake email from Instagram to do phishing like this so any one can be manipulate which is known as social engineering:- 


Hello there, this information is very important:


Due to malware attacks, our staff’s are not be able to provide security to your account for some day’s. So due to this issue. We had created autoresponding bots and server’s in neighbouring countries and we are moving some accounts from our servers. And we apologize for inconvenience sudden changes, And we are requesting you to Re-login your account from the below link.



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(phish link here) —-? here will be phishing link / clone ink of Instagram 

Note:- Don’t change any of your log information for 24 hour’s from your login time because we are changing some settings in your account manually. If you face any issue you can send feedback here ,our staff will be there for you.  These type of social engineering can be done using hackers there one of the main tool is phishing attacks which are common nowdays but there creative of manipulation get enhanced day by day 

 Dos Attack —  Denail Of Service Attack 

Denail of service attack is been  going from long time mostly this attack is done by black hat hackers and some cyber terror community to slow down the website and server all over the country. In dos attack hacker can completely slow down the website an webserver so the website will get hanged and will not worked even they can do shell uploading on website which means the webpage of the website will get disappear and any photo they can upload on the website home page the photo can be a message also like(we the anonymous hacker have hacked you we do not forget we do not forgive expect us ) these type of quotes and message can be return on webpage of the website which is been hacked and even they do dos attack to slow down he website Like every year some government website , court website , ministers website get dos attack 

But now days government and private company are using high bandwith website whith dos prevention firewall to get protect from theses attack going by hackers all over the world


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