Interior Design Small Spaces Tips

  • By Kalyani Bhavsar
  • March 14, 2024
  • Interior Designing
Interior Design Small Spaces Tips

Interior Design Small Spaces Tips

Designing for a tiny space poses unique challenges. With a few clever ideas, you can build something unique and inexpensive.

Interior Design Small Spaces Tips


Storage is one of the most important aspects of creating a compact space. First, determine which portions of the facility are underused or underutilized. For example, the wall space over doorways can be used for shelving, while the space beneath beds can be used to house fitted drawers.

Consider full-height wardrobes that provide additional shelving. Sliding doors are another excellent space saver, particularly in bathrooms and on wardrobes. There are various creative solutions available in stores, but for a particularly difficult location, it is important getting an estimate from a local carpenter.

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Interior Design Small Spaces Tips


Using vivid hues might be intimidating, especially in a small area where you may believe it would make the room appear even smaller. However, I believe that constructing a lovely, warm environment is far more worthwhile than designing a space that appears spacious but is cold and dull.

Be bold with color and follow your instincts, but preserve the balance. A place with all walls painted in vibrant colors may be eye-catching, but adding too many decorative elements will make it appear congested. A vibrant painted wall adjacent to a simple wall covered with artwork would provide a lovely contrast.

Interior Design Small Spaces Tips

Vertical space

Taking advantage of a room’s vertical space maximizing floor space. Start with something basic and elegant, such as ladder shelves. If you have a limited budget, you can buy or upcycle these items.For a more customized look, consult a local carpenter. This may result in something very simple and inconspicuous, nearly blending in with the background, or it could be used to create a true center point in the room.

If the space has a particularly high ceiling, you could even build an altogether new room on the mezzanine level. Designers have been doing this in small city center flats for years. Elevating the sleeping quarters is a simple and effective method of isolating a bedroom from a living area.

Interior Design Small Spaces Tips

Accessories and Finishes

If boldly colorful walls are not your style, consider vividly coloured linens and accessories to bring warmth. Mirrors are another obvious and uncomplicated technique to liven up a tiny room. These can be used as an accessory or integrated into finishes.You can, for example, use reflective wallcoverings or tables and cabinets with mirror tops. You could even cover an entire wall in mirrors. This would undoubtedly brighten a room, but if glare is a concern, try a mirror with a finish. There are thousands of different varieties of mirrors available, including antique, coloured, and smoked.

Even the sort of tile used can make a difference, particularly in a kitchen or bathroom. High gloss tiles will offer brightness and freshness. Consider high gloss cabinets, worktops, and paint for a compact room that requires plenty of light.

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Interior Design Small Spaces Tips


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