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Japanese Language Classes in Pune

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Introduction to Japanese Language Course

Japanese ( Nihongo) is a language spoken by over 130 million people, mainly in Japan, but also by Japanese emigrant communities around the globe. It’s an agglutinative language and is distinguished by a system of honorifics reflecting the hierarchical nature of Japanese society, with verb forms and particular vocabulary to indicate the position of speaker, listener as well as the person mentioned in conversation. The sound inventory of Japanese is relatively small and contains a lexically distinct pitch-accent system.

Proficiency After Training


Japanese language enables the scope to enhance your career as a Translator, Interpreter and Mediator.


Japanese language expert can contribute in the teaching profession, as many people take Japanese as a second language.


There are various MNCs employing japanese language experts and specialists for outsourcing work.


Several KPOs / BPOs are having japanese process and shelling good remuneration for the same.


Japanese is a land of Ideas and Innovations, which will enhance business opportunity globally.


Academic education is free in japanese, thus it has vast scope for start-ups and international education.


Japanese has awarded with some of the great literature, music, artists, theater, and philosophical history to the world. An artist has good scope to enhance culturally

Japanese Language Course in Pune

Attributes of the Japanese Language


In comparison to the other languages, the vocabulary knows very few pronunciations in addition to sounds. Studying the language is relatively easy when compared with other languages, in particular for the students. On the other hand, the Japanese accent is comparatively difficult compared to other languages but simpler than the language.

Degrees of Speech

There are various levels of saying that differ when one talks to a person elder to you and you for the individuals who are younger than you in age. The figure of speech changes when you speak to your friend and when you speak to your family members. When compared with the other languages, the Japanese language is fairly easy when it comes to gender articles and the distinction between plural as well as the singular. The conjugation rules are relaxed and aren’t bound to some exceptions of verbs as well as adjectives.


Like all other languages, the Japanese Classes in Pune could be understood formally as a pair of linguistic attributes or subjectively as a means of experiencing and ordering the world.  Unlike other languages, Japanese is unique to both linguists and into the people. The Japanese large and by believing their speech to be an extremely unique language-some consider it to be unlike any other language in existence.  There is a fair amount of debate among them, although western linguists believe that the Japanese Language Course in Pune is a language related to other Asian languages. It’s a member of the Japonic language family, whose relation to other language classes, particularly to Korean and the language family that is proposed is debated but largely regarded as discredited.

Any person who wishes to master the Japanese has to clear the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).  This examination is conducted by the Japanese Government all around the world on Sunday of July and December every year. It tests the proficiency of disciples over the speech at 5 degrees — N2 N1, N3, N4, and N5; whilst N1 is the most advanced degree of examination in which N5 is the degree. A person may choose the exam based on their degree of learning and type of livelihood opportunities each level can provide. Degree proficiency means that an individual has language abilities and they’re able to communicate or react to both Japanese greetings and words. This kind of proficiency can come handy in jobs that demand basic interaction with all people in the speech such as in the tourism industry. This amount assumes that the disciple would understand 100 number of kanji and approximately 800 words of the language. Japanese language courses and skills and he/she can communicate fluently in the language while level supposes that an individual has advanced. N1 level expects the disciple to understand at least 10,000 words in the language and 2000 amount of Kanji.  Such profiles would require a person to speak or write in Japanese in time with the utmost amount of accuracy and a JLPT certification of N1 level tests and guarantees the exact same.

Japan is among the fastest-growing markets in the world and it prominently features, among the top 5 economies in the world. This is due to the manufacturing capacities of the country and the technological prowess. Japan is also one of the top sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in several growing markets across the globe including India.  Most of the top Japanese MNCs (notably in Electronics and auto sectors) have a presence in India through joint ventures or local subsidiaries in the nation. Popularity, growth and sustained existence of Japanese brands have made learning Japanese terminology a common phenomenon across the country. There is a demand for employees as well as. This tendency has prompted many universities and language training institutes to offer diplomas and degrees in Western Language. Fluency in Japanese speech can’t just assist an individual in procuring a career opportunity as a translator with business or embassies but also in something as creative as writing.

SevenMentor provides exhaustive courses in the Japanese language with faculty. Any individual who wants to develop command over Japanese to pursue a career can avail of these courses. These classes are all well equipped to train a person for all 5 levels of the JLPT. Sevenmentor is renowned Pune and it gives a vast assortment of classes in Indian as well as foreign languages at its Pune campus.

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Training Module

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Duration: 3 Months

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Practical & Labs: Regular

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Duration: 3 Months

Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

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Session: 4 Hrs per day

Duration: 8 Months

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



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Hello There, I belong USA, and Had Done 5 Month Course From SevenMentor with Regular Classroom Training. The Institute Is Excellent Go on for them.

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I have join this Instite for German Language Course Offline Mode and Get the Excellent Training 100% Satisfaction 


Ram Sharma

Faboulus German Training center in Pune got 100% Money value after Training -Best German Language Training 

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All the Courses Are Merged With Placement Assistance

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Yes! We do provide Certification straight after completion of the Course

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Yes! This Course Comes With Live Practical Sessions And Labs

Is the Course Comes With Global Certification?

Sure! Most of our Course Comes with Global Certification for which you have to give Exam at the End of the Course

Will your institute conduct the Exam for Global Certification?

Yes we do have different Exam Conducting Department where you can apply for certain course’s Exam

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