Landed in Germany

  • By Jahanvi Abhyankar
  • March 20, 2023
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Landed in Germany

Landed in Germany

When someone says Germany, we immediately remember our History textbooks, especially the Chapters on World War. If not World War, then we are reminded of Beers, Automobile-heaven, Chocolates, Cosmetics, and Oktoberfest! But while actually preparing for a visit to Germany, and after reaching Landed in Germany there are a lot of other things to be considered. 

First of all, learning the German Language is a prerequisite. It is easier to adjust, get some work done, ask for help, seek a job, make friends, etc if you at least try to understand their language and culture. 


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– Once in Germany, immigrants make a surprising discovery that even when options of Online-payment and Payments by Cards are available, the Germans still make usual day-to-day payments in Cash. Thus it is always beneficial to carry Cash. 

– There is also another belief about German people not used to reading Subtitles while watching movies and that is absolutely true! Most of the popular Foreign-language movies are dubbed in German and the need for subtitles is eliminated.

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Landed in Germany

Landed in Germany

Germans have dubbed many Indian movies and here are a few Indian Movie titles that are dubbed, can you guess their original names? 

1.) Lebe und denke nicht an den Morgen (Live and don’t think about tomorrow) This is a popular Movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan! Can you guess it? 

Yep, it is Kal ho na ho! – written by Karan Johar released in 2003! 

Let’s try one more: 

2.) In guten wie in Schweren Tagen (In good and in hard/difficult days) 

A popular movie starring Shah Rukh Khan(again), Kajol, Amitabh Bachchan etc.. etc.. etc.. 

Easy to guess – it is Kabhi khushi,kabhi Gam! 

And the last one – 

3.) Mein Herz schlägt Indisch 

(My Heart beats Indian) 

Again a popular movie starring Shah Rukh Khan(yes, he is super popular) and Juhi Chawla

– Fir bhi dil hai Hindustani 

On a serious Note though, when you actually reach Germany, there will be many adjustments to be made, like missing the luxurious life in India(not kidding!), getting used to the serious cold and learning to follow their basic Customs like loud music, flushes etc not allowed after 10PM. The phones will be on silent mode and also walking softly is recommended! 

So there are also a few other pointers(serous ones now) that can be useful once you reach: Landed in Germany and don’t know where to start from? 


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Here are five steps to make sure you are doing it right. 

1.) As soon as you have your place to stay, the first thing you need to do is get your Address registered. This process is known as ‘Wohnsitz anmelden’. This process is usually done in ‘Bürgeramt’ or 


Documents needed for this process: – Form 

– Passport

– Rental Contract(Mietvertrag) 

– Confirmation of the Landlord 


(Afterwards, you will receive a 

‘Meldebestätigung’. Keep it properly for later use.) 

2.) Health Insurance 

(Die Krankenversicherung) is mandatory in German. There are two types of Health Insurances: 

– Public(gesetzlich) 

– Private(privat) 

(The costs of treatment without these is quite high) 

3.) Buy a Sim card(die SIM karte). You can either sign a Contract for the same or buy a prepaid card from any of the Supermarkets. 

4.) Family Doctor(Hausarzt) is important. (Without these, doctors appointments will literally take weeks if not months!!) Getting an appointment without Hausarzt is difficult. 

5.) Open a current bank Account.Most of the International students prefer bank accounts like N26, Commerz bank.

(If you are a Student moving to Germany, you have additional steps to follow like activating blocked accounts and enrolment at University.) While doing the above serious tasks, other minor buys can also be: 

– Good Quality Parka or Puffer Jackets (The Winters are freezing) 

– Comfortable warm Boots 

– Scarves(must!) 

– Water filters and Shower filters 

(In Germany, the water is safe to drink and no RO is needed. But the water in some regions is quite hard, and it is sometimes necessary to remove the ‘Kalk’. Many people experience hair fall in Germany due to this fact. The shower filters will be easily available on Amazon!) 

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One other thing to check out once you reach Germany: 


Germany is planning to introduce its own version of green card which is called ‘Chancenkarte’(Opportunity card).

– Because of a critical shortage of skilled labour in the country, Germany is aiming to introduce this card to attract more skilled labour into its Country. 


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This new ‘opportunity card’ will allow a certain number of people to come to Germany and look for a Job. 

– Applicants would be required to fulfil the 3 out of 4 criteria: 

– They have a recognised degree or a professional qualification. 

– at least 3 years of professional experience – German proficiency or previous residence in Germany 

– Younger than 35 

(Although Germany has a Job seekers Visa which enables people from Non EU countries to enter Germany without a Job, it is sometimes not favoured by people because it is a long process and other bureaucratic hurdles.)

This new point immigration system is designed to make the process easier for skilled labor to work in Germany.



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