Logical Reasoning -Direction Sense

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  • June 22, 2019
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Logical Reasoning -Direction Sense

Logical Reasoning -Direction Sense

Hello all, Being an Aspirant of competitive Exams, now  I start working as a Trainer for Banking , SSC,LIC and Railway Exam, on the basis of my experience sharing Views on one of the crucial topic of Logical Reasoning i.e. Direction sense. In every competitive exam 1 or 2 questions may ask from this topic. Generally questions are based on:

  1. NSEW.
  2. Straight / Opposite.
  3. Left/ Right.
  4. Sunrise / Sunset.

Direction Senses:

In direction sense problems just focus on two points:



1. Direction:  The four main directions – East, West, North and South.

There are four cardinal directions – North-East (N-E), North-West (N-W), South-East (S-E), and South-West (S-W) as shown below:

Cardinal Points

Besides this, the right turn and left turn are conveyed in the questions. The direction of right turn is always clock wise where as the direction of left turn is always anticlock wise.

2. Distance:

To Find the shortest distance between initial point and final point, use Pythagoras Theorem i.e. H2=B2+P2.Where H denotes Hypotenuse, B denotes Base and P denotes perpendicular.

Trick to solve:

1) Draw the diagram with respect to the four directions East, West, North and South.

2) Find the distance from Initial to Final Point.

3)  Solve the question by carefully observing the graphical presentation.

Example: 1 Suppose Rohan start from his house (H) travel 4km to west then take 3 km to north to reach his office (O). Then find the distance from house to office.

By using Pythagoras theorem:

OH2 = QH2+QO2

OH2 = (4)2+ (3)2

OH2= 16+9

OH2= √25

OH2= 5 km

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Example: 2.  A women walks 5 km east and turns left, then she walks 7 km and turns right and walks 3 km, then turns right and walks 7 km. Find the shortest distance she travelled and find the direction she is now from the initial point?

a. 10 km North      b.12 km North  c.8 km East  d.9 km west

Ans:   8km East           

Distance from initial to final point = 5 km + 3 km = 8 km.
In which direction man is from the initial point = East.

Example 3. Sohan After walking 6 km, turned right and travelled a distance of  2 km, then turned left and covered a distance of 10 km. In the end he was moving towards the north. From which direction did he start his journey?

a. North   b. South     c. South-West    d. North-East

 Ans: (b).     

Example 4. From school Meenu walks 20 metres towards north. She then turns left and walks 40 metres. She again turns left and walks 20 metres. Again she moves 20 metres after turning to the right. How far is she from her Initial position?

a. 20m   b. 30m    c. 50m    d. 60m

Ans: (d)

Total Distance = 40 +20 = 60 km

Example 5. A watch shows 4.30. if minute hand points to east, in which direction will the hour hand point?

a. North-West    b. South-East    c. North-East    d. North

Ans: (c) 

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Example 6. One evening, two friends Reena and neha were talking to each other, with their backs towards each other, sitting in a park. If Reena shadow was exactly to the left of her, then which direction was neha facing?

a. North-East     b. North       c. East    d. South

Ans: b North

 Reena shadow fell to her left i.e. towards East (as it was evening). So, Reena was facing South. As neha had her back towards Reena,  neha was facing North. 

Example 7. Mohan was walking on the road early morning after the sunrise and his shadow was failing to his left. Which direction was he facing?

a.East         b. North           c. West                 d. None of these

 Ans: b.

In morning the shadow of any object is form in west.

According to question, to the left of mohan is the west. Therefore, he was facing towards north.



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