Mandatory Skill For Any Java Developer

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Mandatory Skill For Any Java Developer

Do You Know the Skillset Required For Any Java Developer

This article is completely centered on Java development perspective and that I assume you’re already sensible at essential stuff like committal to writing, information Structures and Algorithms, and engineering science ideas e.g.

Networking, Protocols, Object-oriented programming, etc.

These tips are equally useful for both Core Java developer, I mean Java guys who write server-side applications but not really involved with web development skills e.g. JSP, Servlet, and JEE, as well as for Java Web developer whose primary job is to write web applications using Java technology. 

1.Git & Github

One of the most popular version control system. It’s simply impractical to measure while not scum bag any longer. 

  1. Linux

Not simply an online developer except for any technologist, the UNIX operating system instruction is incredible, important, and that I powerfully suggest you pay a while to find out them. 

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms

These are the building blocks of any program, and a good knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structure is vital for your next job or doing well on your current situation. You should at least be familiar with essential data structures like an array, linked list, hash table, binary tree, queue, stack, and graph.

  1. Learn Java Better

This is the foremost vital issue for a Java developer right away.Java is consistently updated and current with each new edition in six months, it’s a big challenge to keep yourself up-to-date.

I have been learning features of Java 10 and that I grasp several programmers UN agency hasn’t written one line of code mistreatment Java eight options like lambdas and Stream API.

Unfortunately, most of them square measure full-fledged Java developer with smart seven to ten years of expertise in their belt. I perceive that at some purpose in your career learning becomes slow however if you do not act currently you may be left behind.

Almost all Java development jobs currently needed Java eight skills and if you do not have them, it’d be terribly tough to try to do well and perform well in your Java interviews. 

  1. Learn Spring Framework (Spring Boot)

It’s nearly imperative today for a Java developer to find out Spring framework as most of the businesses choose to do development mistreatment Spring frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and

Spring Cloud for developing an online application, REST genus Apis Microservices.It additionally promotes best practices like dependency injection and makes your application a lot of testable that could be a key demand for contemporary software packages.

If you’re a brand new Java developer then I recommend you to start out with this Java and Spring tutorial to find out the fundamentals of this awing framework and if you are already at home with Spring then you must explore Spring Boot and Spring Cloud for developing next-generation Java application. 

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6.Learn Unit Testing

If there is one common thing that separates a good Java developer from an average Java developer then its the unit testing skill.

A good and skilled Java developer nearly always writes unit tests for his code and if he’s very a Rockstar developer you’ll be able to see that from his code and tests. Testing has conjointly returned a protracted approach currently with many tools for unit testing, integration testing and automation testing available to Java developers. 

You can spend a good amount of time hone your testing skills in Java but those who are new to Java world and unit testing, JUnit is the best library to start with.

The recent version JUnit five is each powerful and versatile and each Java developer ought to recognize that. 

7.Learn APIs and Libraries

If you’ve got worked with nice Java developers you may have noticed their overall information of Java system and arthropod genus forms a serious a part of it.

Java is that the world’s most well-liked and mature programming language and there are heaps of libraries and arthropod genus obtainable

for doing nearly everything attainable. Of course, you’re not expected to grasp all of them however you ought to be conversant in some key     arthropod genus e.g.

JSON process arthropod genus like Json and Gson, XML process arthropod genus like JAXB and Xerces, Unit testing libraries like Mockito and JUnit, etc. 

  1. Learn JVM Internals

If you’re serious concerning turning into a Rockstar Java Developer then you need to pay the time to be told JVM internals e.g.

what area unit completely different elements of JVM, however they work, JIT, JVM choices, Garbage collections, and collectors etc. 

If you recognize JVM well you’ll be able to write each strong and superior Java application and that is what Rockstar Java developers do. 

  1. Learn Design Patterns

If you are writing a Java application from scratch then most of the time you are writing object-oriented code and design patterns are tried and tested solutions of common problems.

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By knowing and incorporating them into your code you create your application a lot of versatile and easier to vary in the future. 

It additionally improves overall code quality and documentation as a result of alternative Java developers are conversant in style patterns and that they can perceive your resolution rather quickly.

But, do not simply concentrate on code half, understand the spirit and be creative. Use Java eight options like lambdas and Streams to rewrite e.g. Strategy patterns. 

  1. Learn Microservices

Architecture is ever-changing perpetually and plenty of corporations are moving from a monolithic application to microservices. 

It’s time for Java developers to find out Microservice design and the way to form Microservices in Java to require advantage of this recent wave. 

11.Java Collections Framework

This is one of the most Important Java API every Java developer should learn. This API supplies implementations of standard data structure in Java-like linked list, set, stack, queue, hash table, priority queue, and others. 

At least you should know about all everyday objects like ArrayList, HashMap, HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet, etc. Each of them has their different property like ArrayList is a dynamic array which can grow, HashMap is a standard implementation of the hash table and can be used to store key-value pairs.

Similarly, HashSet is a set implementation that doesn’t allow duplicate elements.

12.Java Concurrency

After Java Collections, the next, most crucial API in Java is about multithreading and concurrency, and I firmly believe that if you want to be a competent Java developer, you must have a solid understanding and command on Java Concurrency API. 

You not only should have an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts like Thread, Runnable, Object locking, and Synchronization, but also you should be familiar with concepts like deadlock, livelock, race conditions, and how to deal with them. 

13.Java IO

There is one thing is common in java developers is that they all have very little knowledge of Java IO and NIO APIs as compared to Java Collections and Java Multithreading API. I can understand that many people spend a lot of time learning those two APIs, but you cannot leave behind this critical APIs.

If you have to code a real-world, core Java application, you will need to use classes like File, InputStream, OutputStream, Reader, Writer from package, which is the core of the Java IO API. Similarly, you also need to know about ByteBuffer, FileChannel, Selector, and other critical classes from the java.

nio API, if you wish to write down a socket-based application.


  1. Learn Your IDE Better

One of the foremost necessary traits of higher Java developers is that they’re superb on their tools.They do not solely understand additional tools than a mean developer however conjointly they understand their tools well.


Since IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA are the most important tool for a Java programmer, it makes sense to spend some time to learn better.

You can learn about some plugins which make your task easy or some keyboard shortcuts which helps you to navigate better.

You should also learn about advanced Java concepts like synchronizers added on Java 5 and subsequent version, I mean CyclicBarrier, CountDownLatch, Phaser, and CompleteableFuture, etc., along with Futures and how to perform the async operation in Java.

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Even some tiny tips facilitate an extended manner as a result of you utilize them a great deal quite you think that.

If you are serious about taking your IDE skills to next level and use Eclipse, then I suggest you check Eclipse Debugging Techniques And Tricks on Udemy, a perfect course to improve your knowledge of Eclipse.

That’s all concerning a number of my tips to become a more robust Java developer.

I know it’s difficult to follow all these tips and I am not asking to do that, it’s simply not practical. You can focus on more important first e.g.

Learning Java eight and Learning Spring Framework if you haven’t better-known them nonetheless however if you’re sensible at those than you’ll choose alternative topics e.g.unit-testing, JVM internals, and DevOps.To start with you would like to select one e.g.

Java eight and commit therewith before moving to the next tip.

If you are looking for some low hanging fruits then learning your IDE better is a good choice. You already know your IDE and spending some time to learn it better will make you a more productive and better Java developer in a quick time.

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