Material Master Data in MM 

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  • July 2, 2022
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Material master data in MM

Material Master Data in MM 


Material master data are a very important element of material management. In this blog, we will discuss how material master data are created at different organizational level and also how different views of the material master is maintained at different departments of an organization. We will also discuss the main attributes of the material master. Material master data are a company’s main source for material-specific data. 


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The transaction codes (T. Code) for material master data are as follows


Transaction MM01 is used to create material 

Transaction MM02 is used to change material

Transaction MM03 is used to display material


Material master data has different views and can be maintained by each department and these are as follows 

  • Basic data 1 &2 – Client level
  • Accounting data – Finance & controlling
  • Purchasing – Purchasing department
  • MRP 1 to 4 – Production Planning
  • Storage data – Inventory (stores) department 
  • Sales data – Sales and distribution 
  • Quality – Quality control 


Material master organizational level data

Material master data is maintained at three different organizational levels and these are as follows

  • Client level data – Examples are material number, short text, material group, the base unit of measure(UOM), etc.
  • Plant level data – Examples are accounting, purchasing data, material requirement planning (MRP) data, forecasting data, etc.
  • Storage location level data – Examples are storage bin, storage conditions, picking area, etc.


Main attributes of material master data 

The main attributes of material master data consist of  the material number, industry sector, and material type


Material number 

The material number is a special 18-character field that can be either alphabets, numbers, or alphanumeric and that can be posted manually or can be generated automatically by the system and that is based on the type of number assignment. If you consider an external number assignment then you have to enter the material number manually. for an internal number assignment, the system generates the material number automatically when you save the material master data.

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Industry sector 

The industry sector is a unique one-character field that can be either number, alphabet, or special characters. The industry sector controls the screen sequence and screen setup of the material master. The SAP system consists of predefined industry sectors, but if any specific prerequisite does not match then you have to create a new industry sector as per business requirements.


Material types 

When similar character materials are grouped together then this is called material type.

Material type is a unique four-character field that can be either number, alphabet, or alphanumeric. 

The SAP has given predefined material types and some of these are as follows 


  • ROH – Raw material 
  • HALB – Semifinisged material 
  • FERT – Finished material
  • NLAG – Non stock material
  • UNBW – Non-valuated material 
  • HAWA – Trading goods 

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Material types have many controlling functions and some of the important control functions are as follows 

  • Screen setup (i.e., allowed views, field selection, and screen sequence) – it controls the field status like display, optional, hide or required 
  • Number assignment – that can be internal or external
  •  Number range -that can be numbers or alphabets 
  • Procurement type – can be internal procurement means procurement of material from another plant of the same company code and external procurement which means  procurement of materials from other company code 
  • Price control – it can be moving average or standard price of material 
  • Account determination – automatic G/L account is triggered when you will do a goods receipt 
  • Quantity and value updating in plants


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