MEAN Stack- Next Generation Development

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  • June 25, 2019
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MEAN Stack- Next Generation Development

MEAN Stack- Next Generation Development

Why Mean Stack Developer?
Why mean stack? For this, we need to understand what is mean stack. MEAN stack also called a MEAN.JS is a web development completely based on Javascript.
The word MEAN stands for: MongoDb as database. Express is used for back-end framework. Angular is theirs for front-end framework. NodeJs as a back-end environment.

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3
  • JavaScript / Adv. JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • ES6

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It is an open source No-SQL database which means it consists of collections and documents instead of tables and rows. It saves data in binary JSON format. MongoDb is used while handling tons of data or a huge amount of data. It provides good performance, high availability and easy scalability. MongoDB doesn’t have suffix as Js but it saves data in JSON format and JSON stands for javascript object notation which is written in javascript. Express Express is used to support and host Node.Js projects. The main task of Express is to handle the workflow between frontend and backend and provide data to the user. Many popular frameworks are based on Express. Express.js is a framework used for Node and it is most commonly used as a web application for NodeJs. Angular: One framework…Mobile & Desktop…
[ A MVC frontend Javascript framework for Single Page Application. ]

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Angular is a framework built and maintained by Google. Main features of angular are it is a light-weight framework, it supports MVC architecture, it is open source, it can create single page application, it can handle big data, it gives quick response and mainly it is written in typescript
What is TypeScript ?

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TypeScript is an open-source, easy and free programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript also a strict syntactical and adds optional static typing to the language. Anders Hejlsberg, the lead architect of C# and creator of Turbo Pascal and Delphi, has worked on the development of TypeScript. TypeScript may be used to develop JavaScript applications for the front end, client-side or server-side (Node.js) execution. TypeScript allows you to develop JavaScript the way you really want to. TypeScript is a pure object-oriented language.

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TypeScript can help programmers to write object-oriented programs and have them transpile to JavaScript, both on the client side and server side. TypeScript is used for the development of large applications and compiles to JavaScript. As TypeScript aka a superset of JavaScript, existing JavaScript programs are also valid
TypeScript programs.
Features :
TypeScript starts and ends with JavaScript. Typescript is the basic building blocks of your program from JavaScript. Hence, you only need to know JavaScript to use ES and TypeScript. All TypeScript code is transpile into its JavaScript equivalent for the purpose of execution.

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TypeScript-generated JavaScript we also can reuse all of the existing JavaScript frameworks, tools, and libraries. The ECMAScript [ ES5, ES6 or ES2015 ] specification is a standardized specification of a scripting language. JavaScript is not strongly typed scripting.

NOde.Js is free and runs on various platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS and many more. Node.Js is like an environment which consists of open sources libraries, components, NPM. Node.Js has several NPM module so whenever a developer needs a module they just need to download it and attach it.Node.js can collect the data and it can add, delete, modify data in the database. Now we will discuss Why MEAN stack we should use or Why MEAN is becoming so popular? In the earlier method for creating websites we where using MySql/PgSql for database purpose, PHP was used in server-side and Javascript was they’re in client side. Suppose if there would be on one language it will be very easy to interact between them and quick response will be given. As an angular, NodeJs and Express are written in javascript as there is no suffix for MongoDb but it saves data in JSON format which is written again in javascript. As if we use javascript in the client side and PHP on the server side, when many requests are requested at one time huge load comes on the server side. Now as we have made our client-side stronger so 70% of requests are handled on the client side and load is reduced. Using angular we can create Single page application. We can divide our page into
different components so the whole page is not loaded whenever any action is taken by the user. Angular is written in the optimized code. It can handle big data and it maintains speed and accuracy. Technologies which are used in MEAN stack are free and open source so there is no cost required to create and website or application with MEAN stack. So the budget is reduced and as mean stack developer can handle both client-side a server-side only one person is required to handle a website or application.

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